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Auto Shows Track-Only 2019 McLaren Senna GTR Makes at Least 814 HP

04:05  08 march  2018
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Just the Custom Work on this Carbon-Themed McLaren Senna Cost $414K

  Just the Custom Work on this Carbon-Themed McLaren Senna Cost $414K Just the Custom Work on this Carbon-Themed McLaren Senna Cost $414KMcLaren will show off five different special-edition cars at the upcoming 2018 Geneva auto show, but only the car seen here will be in physical attendance; the others will be displayed on screens. Tagged the Carbon Theme, this Senna has been liberated of much of its paint, exposing through its gloss clear-coat finish the intricate carbon-fiber weave that makes up the body of the car. The little splashes of color that are applied serve as a reinterpretation of Ayrton Senna's yellow, green, and black helmet. Because naming the car after the late Brazilian racing legend wasn't a big enough gesture.

The McLaren Senna that debuted late last year was already extreme and extremely limited at just 500 units planned. Now, the British automaker has unveiled a faster, crazier-looking track-only GTR variant that will be even scarcer with only 75 copies slated for production.

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a car on display© Motor Trend Staff

For the McLaren faithful, it's likely this new Senna GTR already needs no real introduction. This is the third McLaren to wear the GTR badge, following the mighty F1 GTR from 1995 and the P1 GTR from 2015. Like the P1 GTR, the Senna GTR represents the latest track-only toy for the ultra-wealthy.



In the same vein as the Ferrari FXX K, Pagani Zonda R, Aston Martin Vulcan, and Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, this is nothing more than a tool to carve out mega-low lap times. They don't qualify for any race series, so they're not beholden to any of the FIA's draconian regulations. The Senna GTR is the roadcar, unleashed-packing more power, torque, less weight and an incredible amount of downforce.

Refreshing or Revolting: McLaren Senna vs. P1 GTR

  Refreshing or Revolting: McLaren Senna vs. P1 GTR Which is the hotter track-oriented Ultimate Series?From just about every angle, the two cars look vastly different from on another. The P1 GTR benefits from the smooth, sculpted lines of the standard P1, but features race car bits like a larger front splitter, canards on the front bumper, a more prominent rear diffuser, and a large stanchioned rear wing. Despite a few similarities to the 720S, the Senna's exterior is completely bespoke. Downforce and aerodynamic balance were McLaren's primary goals when designing the Senna, and the resulting shape may not be pretty to all, but it's said to be effective at its job.

  Track-Only 2019 McLaren Senna GTR Makes at Least 814 HP © Motor Trend Staff

The GTR adds a massive front splitter, working in tandem with an absurdly extruded rear diffuser. The car rides on a wider track, housed in the extended rear fenders that are "clipped-on" the cockpit structure allowing for ease of replacement and modification. All this adds up to a stunning 2,205 pounds of downforce at speed, cementing this as the most capable and quickest McLaren around a circuit short of the automaker's Formula 1 cars.

Unsurprisingly, the 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 gets a boost from 789 hp to "at least" 814 hp. Torque is also improved over the road car's 590 lb-ft, but McLaren didn't mention specific figures. Even with all the wild aero work, the automaker claims the GTR is faster in a straight line than the standard Senna, likely thanks in no small part to the extra power and relatively low weight of just 2,641 pounds.

If it's not sold out already, McLaren will only build 75 of these weapons for private consumption. Surprisingly, it's a relative bargain at $1.4 million, considering the older, more exclusive, and ostensibly slower P1 GTR started at a whopping $3 million.

Source: McLaren

McLaren Senna GTR 01© Motor Trend Staff McLaren Senna GTR 01

Prost remembers Senna: The bitter feud that healed .
Four-time world champion Alain Prost tells of the day that everything changed in his relationship with his arch-rival Ayrton Senna, six months ahead of the legendary Brazilian's death at Imola.“I’m not going to celebrate like some people,” says Alain Prost of the anniversary of Ayrton Senna's death at Imola on May 1 1994. “I can answer these questions about him, no problem – he was an exceptional guy – but I just don't see it the same way as the other guys do.

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