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These Common Car Buying Myths Refuse to Die

Saturday  00:20,   11 august 2018

The internet has leveled the playing field for car buyers more than ever, but despite a wealth of useful information out there, we still encounter a ton of misconceptions about buying from a dealership. As a professional car buyer, I’m going to[...]
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What is a dealer addendum sticker on a new car?

Thursday  19:26,   09 august 2018

Beware this little[...] survey 2018: Why most parents don't enforce teen driver safety laws

Thursday  18:30,   09 august 2018

Nearly one-quarter of parents surveyed said they don't enforce all teen driving laws for their children. Nearly one-quarter of parents surveyed said they don't enforce all teen driving laws for their[...]

That 'Certified Pre-Owned' Car Might Not Be What You Think

Tuesday  00:10,   07 august 2018

Buying a used car is a great way to get more value for your dollar, and getting a car with a certified pre-owned warranty adds some extra protection. The first thing to remember is that the term “certified” can mean a few different things.[...]

A Beginner's Guide to Car Insurance

Thursday  19:07,   02 august 2018

A Beginner's Guide to Car InsuranceMost people buy car insurance on the fly — probably because you need an auto policy to drive a new ride off the lot. We can't knock a flash purchase. Having insurance right away is important — and not just[...]

Hot Summer New-Car Deals

Tuesday  22:40,   31 july 2018

The countdown has begun to the traditional fall model-year changeover, bringing deep discounts on cars, SUVs, and trucks across the price spectrum. To steer you toward smart buys, our analysts id entified 10 Consumer Reports recommended models with[...]

Can You Lease a Car for Under $100?

Saturday  02:21,   28 july 2018

There are several reasons that you might be looking for a car that costs you less than $100 per month. Leasing is an option, but can you find a car to lease for less than $100 per month? The answer is maybe, but it takes patience, homework, [...]

How to Buy Your First New or Used Car

Saturday  02:21,   28 july 2018

Teens might love the freedom a first car can bring, but it also brings a lot of responsibility. They need to be ready for significant expenses even after figuring out how to pay for the car. Ther e's fuel, maintenance, repairs, insurance, taxes and[...]

How the Fed's Interest-Rate Hike Affects Consumers

Saturday  02:21,   28 july 2018

Consumer Reports has no relationship with any advertisers on this website. The Federal Reserve's latest increase in short-term interest rates will have only a modest impact on consumer borrowing costs. But if the central bank continues to push[...]

How to Do an Initial Car Inspection Before a Test-Drive

Saturday  02:21,   28 july 2018

One of the biggest moments in a new car shopper's journey is the all-important test-drive. But before you slide behind the wheel and take a spin in a potential new vehicle, consider these importa nt tips.Be clear. When you arrive at a[...]

How to Negotiate Car Prices by Email or Phone

Saturday  02:20,   28 july 2018

Save your time—and sanity—and do most of your car shopping from home. Go online to find franchised dealers in your area. Search each dealer's new-car inventory to find out what's on hand as well Save your time—and sanity—and do most of your[...]

Check Out How the Ford Ranger Raptor Is Built

Thursday  02:33,   26 july 2018

In 2010, we got the first Ford Raptor off-road performance truck. Soon after, the Ford Ranger left America. I know people have been hoping that some way, some how, the two would be combined and now you can literally watch that happen. We still have [...]

Spied! Lexus LC F Caught for the First Time

Thursday  02:31,   26 july 2018

More potent LC coupe begins to take shapeResearch the Lexus LC on MSN[...]

Where did Ferrari's new CEO come from? Cigarettes and money

Thursday  02:26,   26 july 2018

He hasn't built Ferraris, but he used to wrap them in tobacco ads.Arguably the most prominent and widely recognized brand/car package was the red, black and white Marlboro logo that encompassed the Ferrari[...]

This Is What The Key For A McLaren Senna Looks Like

Thursday  02:26,   26 july 2018

When people talk about multi-million dollar cars, everyone wants to talk about the speed. Or the luxury. Or the GOOOOOOOLD. But I like the littlest details, the ones most people don’t even think about. Like this, the key fob for the McLaren[...]