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What Is Gap Insurance (And Why You May Need It)?

  What Is Gap Insurance (And Why You May Need It)? It helps protect motorists who are "upside down" on a lease or car loan.If you’re buying or leasing a new car or truck these days, you’ll likely be offered – perhaps required to purchase – so-called gap insurance. This type of policy covers the difference between what a given vehicle is worth and what the owner or lessee still owes on it, should it be stolen or become totaled in an accident. For the record, “gap” stands not for the above imparity, but for Guaranteed Auto Protection.

Consider Safety Options for Your Vehicle Most newer vehicles include safety options, such as anti-lock brakes, air bags and automatic seat belts. But auto insurance companies take into consideration extras when determining your costs .

This comparison may save you as much as $ 400 and more on your car insurance . Click Here! to Download the Free PDF eBook. How to Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Costs . How to Get a Good Paying Job Fast.

Spending less, tightening your belt, cutting costs: Call it what you like, but trimming the fat from your budget can feel like going on a diet. It’s restrictive. However, it doesn’t have to be.

One of the best ways I’ve found to save money is to avoid paying more than necessary for services you need. For example, I recently discovered that I was paying too much for auto insurance. By spending a little time getting a better deal, I slashed the premiums for my car (and my husband’s) by $389.

Good driver, bad credit: What makes your car costs so high

  Good driver, bad credit: What makes your car costs so high Car owners with poor credit can pay hundreds — if not thousands — more to drive than those with good credit. This plays out in two important ways: higher rates…To see how much poor credit can cost car owners, NerdWallet looked at auto loan terms and insurance quotes for drivers in different credit tiers.

Retirement Watch » Insurance » Personal & Property Insurance » How to Slash Auto Insurance Costs . The airwaves are full of ads for lower auto insurance costs . But the commercials don’t tell you even half the story.

Can you cut your car insurance costs by investing only 30 seconds of your time? That means if you're currently spending ,000 a year on insurance , you're going to get to keep $ 400 every year. More articles Getting All Of The Discounts Available On A Car Insurance Policy How To Slash Your

Click to read more about 20 common places people lose money.

The best part about it is that I was able to add money back into my budget without having to actually tighten my belt or eliminate things I enjoy. Find out how I cut the cost of auto insurance by nearly $400.

I Shopped Around for a New Insurer

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I thought I had already done a good job of getting cheap car insurance because my previous policy had been with an insurer that offers competitive rates (State Farm). I checked in frequently with my insurer to make sure my husband and I were getting all of the discounts we deserved. Our annual premiums of about $730 each were well below the national average of $907, according to ValuePenguin.

States Where Poor Credit Has the Biggest Impact on Car Insurance Rates

  States Where Poor Credit Has the Biggest Impact on Car Insurance Rates A study finds low credit scores can cost you thousands a year in car insurance, especially in Michigan.A nationwide report by NerdWallet finds that auto insurers widely use consumers' credit histories to determine rates, and those with low credit scores pay an average of $1,270 extra per year in car insurance. Insurers see those with low credit scores as more likely to file claims, the report states.

Follow these tips and you'll slash your auto insurance costs . Related Articles. How To Slash Your Car Insurance Costs Up To 54% In 10 Easy Ste In Part 1, we detailed the first five strategies on how to cut your car insurance costs .

Cheapest might not mean best. Will they pay out if you make a claim ? How financially secure ? This short article covers the things you must consider when shopping for auto insurance . Follow these tips and you’ll slash your auto insurance costs .

But earlier this year, I decided to reshop for homeowners insurance because my insurer didn’t carry a particular type of coverage I wanted. I worked with an independent insurance agent to get me quotes for both home and auto insurance from several carriers. As it turned out, the auto insurance I had wasn’t the best deal.

A study by J.D. Power found that auto insurance customers who reshop policies and switch insurers save an average of $356 on their annual premiums. By reshopping my auto insurance, I found that I could get cheaper coverage from an insurer with a much higher customer-satisfaction rating (Auto-Owners Insurance) than my previous insurer had.

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I Got a Multipolicy Discount

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Reshopping my auto insurance helped me realize I could get a better deal. But I used other strategies to get the cost down even more. For example, I got a multipolicy discount by getting auto, homeowners and umbrella liability coverage through the same insurer. I saved a total of $430 on all three policies by packaging them together.

How My Daughter Saved Us Thousands on Car Insurance

  How My Daughter Saved Us Thousands on Car Insurance A fender bender turned out to be a blessing in disguise.Auto insurance costs vary widely, depending on what vehicle you drive, where you live and work, and many other factors. Here’s what my daughter did after her accident that saved us thousands on our insurance costs, and steps you can take to make sure you’re getting the best auto insurance value, too.

So How Much Does it Cost ? The exact cost of fully comprehensive insurance varies greatly from Adding a fully comprehensive option to that increases the cost by nearly 0. If your car is totaled, you’ll have to pay 0, but your insurance company will pay the other $ 400 to have it replaced.

Auto refinancing rates. Use Calculators. How to cut homeowners insurance costs . Sonya Stinson. May 27, 2010 in Insurance .

I Increased My Deductible

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I also cut auto insurance costs for our vehicles by increasing our deductibles from $1,000 to $2,000. That lowered each of our premiums by about $100.

This is a strategy you should use only if you can afford to pay the deductible when you file a claim. However, you don’t have to increase your deductible as much as I did to see savings. Just boosting it from, say, $200 to $500 can result in a lower insurance rate.

You can set money aside in an emergency fund to have enough cash to cover your deductible. Then you won’t find yourself in a financial pinch if you get in an accident and have to file a claim.

More on Setting Money Aside: 39 Ways to Save for Your Emergency Fund

I Paid My Premium in Full Rather Than Monthly

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Another way to pay less for auto insurance is to pay your premium in full rather than monthly. Insurers typically offer a discount if you pay upfront.

My husband and I saved a total of $175 on our auto insurance premiums by paying them in full. Sure, it’s nice to lessen the blow on your budget by spreading insurance payments over 12 months. But it was worth it to pay the premiums for our two cars all at once to reduce the total amount we had to pay from $1,261 to $1,086 — a savings of about 14 percent.

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Will Trump's tariffs make your car insurance more expensive? .
Will Trump's tariffs make your car insurance more expensive?A White House proposal to raise taxes by up to 25% on imported auto parts would lead to higher costs for auto repairs and auto insurance, representatives from the insurance industry say.


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