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18:25  05 october  2017
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Tesla CPO Buying Guide

  Tesla CPO Buying Guide Tesla likes to do everything a little differently. They don’t have dealerships. They don’t have internal combustion engines. They don’t really have door handles (or, at least they don’t until they automatically pop out of the side of the car). The Tesla certified pre-owned program is no different. For instance, each vehicle undergoes a 214-point, seven-hour inspection, and qualifying vehicles get free charging at Tesla’s nationwide network of Superchargers. Read on to learn more about CPO Teslas. Which Used Tesla Vehicles Are Eligible? The Tesla certified pre-owned vehicle limited warranty covers pre-owned vehicles sold by Tesla in the Tesla North America Warranty Region, which comprises all 50 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., and all 13 provinces and territories of Canada. All variants in the Model S family – that’s Tesla’s all-electric luxury sedan – are included. The used inventory on Tesla’s website shows Model S cars available in a range of battery size and drivetrain configurations. The batteries range from 60 to 90 kilowatt-hours, and drivetrain configurations include rear- and all-wheel drive. Tesla even offers their performance-oriented models. Tesla’s battery-powered Model X crossover SUV, which went on sale in 2015, is not yet included in the manufacturer’s used vehicle program. Inspection Process Like other certified pre-owned vehicle programs, the used vehicles Tesla validates receive a full inspection before they’re deemed eligible for resale.

Tesla was a visionary whose many contributions to the world are being celebrated today more than ever. And while his idea of the perfect diet may have been a bit strange, he clearly understood many of the things that 21 st century It didn't go as planned. What Happened to Chris McCandless?

Go to permalink. In the 1930s journalists from publications like the New York Times and Time magazine would regularly visit Nikola Tesla at his home on the And while his idea of the perfect diet may have been a bit strange, he clearly understood many of the things that 21 st century Americans would

  Will Tesla Go Down As the Tucker of the 21st Century? © Andrej Sokolow/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

The history of the automobile is littered with the names of brands that created brilliant vehicles far ahead of their time, yet still fell beneath the ever-grinding march of capitalism. Tucker, DeLorean, De Tomaso—they're just three among many automakers whose visionary products were unable to save them from financial distress that wound up killing or crippling them.



Making the budget balance has always been tough for carmakers, and it's not getting any easier; these days, the high barriers to entry mean even giant multinational automakers have found themselves seeking one another for support. (Just ask Sergio Marchionne, who's been begging someone to merge with or acquire Fiat Chrysler—or even buy up some of its more valuable brands.) For smaller companies, raising the money to compete in this rarefied realm can be all but impossible.

This Tesla Hearse Is An Ideal Use Of An Electric Car

  This Tesla Hearse Is An Ideal Use Of An Electric Car If you think about it, a station wagon designed to haul dead people, slowly and with dignity, from a funeral home to a graveyard, is sort of an ideal use for a Tesla. You know, a hearse. The Tesla Model S is elegant-looking, appropriately and somberly quiet, and the short jaunts to and from local graveyards won’t require any special charging infrastructure. It’s perfect! I guess that’s why this one exists. A reader named Gedeon who lives in Leiden, the Netherlands, sent us these pictures of what looks to be the first Tesla Model S hearse I’ve seen in the wild. It appears to be a RemetzCar hearse, a company in the Netherlands better known for making limousines.

Innovations of the 21 st Century : 10 of the Best Inventions in Recent History. Tesla vehicles boast an 88% efficiency rating compared to 20-25% for traditional gasoline-powered cars. Tesla currently offers a roaster and plans to release a coupe priced under ,000 in 2012.

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Tesla, so far, has largely proven itself the exception to that, ever since Elon Musk took the reins back in 2008 and began leading the company down its current, ambitious path. Under his guidance, Tesla has gone from a small outfit rebuilding Lotus Elises into battery-powered sports cars to an EV goliath, with a market cap rivaling General Motors or Ford and the world's most popular electric luxury cars in the Model S and Model X.

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But in light of the company's admission that it fell well short of its planned Model 3 production number for the third quarter of 2017, it seems a fair time to ask: Will Tesla find itself sharing the fate of, say, the Tucker Corporation?

While the two may differ greatly many ways, there are also plenty of similarities between Tesla and Tucker (as well as between their leaders) that are easy to spot. Like Elon Musk's vehicles, the Tucker 48—also known as the Tucker Torpedo—was very much a car ahead of its time. When it launched in 1948, Tucker's car came with early forms of crumple zones, adaptive headlights, and a padded dashboard—high-tech features for an era when Detroit was still breaking free of the shackles of the World War II era. The subframe holding the engine and transmission was designed to be quickly dropped from the car so a new engine could be swapped in, much like the way the Model S's battery was designed for rapid swapping. Founder Preston Tucker also had plans for other then-futuristic features, such as self-sealing tires, fuel injection, and disc brakes—much as Elon Musk has made his intentions of adding self-driving capabilities to his company's cars.

Porsche Purists Look Away From This Tesla Battery-Powered 911

  Porsche Purists Look Away From This Tesla Battery-Powered 911 <p>This supercharged super Carrera is electrifying.</p>It all starts with a U.K.-based company called Electric Classic Cars. Like the name implies, the firm will take anything classic and bring new life by converting it to battery power. This particular Porsche was restored from the ground up, including re-chroming, bare-metal painting, and have soft-backdated many inefficient parts with more modern and updated features, such as LED headlights. The vehicles also retain a very stock look—Electric Classic Cars even fitted the charging port into the stock fuel filler neck location on this Porsche.

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There are other benefits too, such as emergency power should the grid go down in a storm. SolarCity has big plans, however--aiming to become "the energy company of the 21 st Century ".

Yet in spite of the Tucker 48's advanced features in a post-war market hungry for new vehicles, the car never took off. A bad bout of early publicity brought on by a negative early story on the vehicle hurt the brand's reputation, and a federal investigation into the company only made things worse. Though all charges were eventually dropped, the damage was done; just 50 production Tucker 48s were completed before the company went under due in large part to the flood of bad press.

Tesla's case is admittedly more complex than Tucker's. For starters, Elon Musk's car company has actually managed to crank out a fairly successful product in large numbers. More importantly, Tesla's finances are in far better shape than the likes of most other upstart car companies of the last few decades. (See: Future, Faraday, et. al.) While the company has rarely managed to turn a profit, that's in large part due to the company's aggressive growth strategy, not a failure to sell vehicles; Tesla has placed more than 200,000 electric cars in the hands of customers over the company's lifespan, with most of those sales occurring in the last couple years. And the company's choice of powertrains gives it an advantage many other carmakers of the past haven't had: Electric cars are, by nature, simpler to manufacture than gasoline ones, thereby reducing the complexity. (Still, that hasn't stopped Tesla from falling behind its claimed production goals on more than one occasion.)

Tesla among growing list of corporations aiding Puerto Rico relief efforts

  Tesla among growing list of corporations aiding Puerto Rico relief efforts Puerto Rico remains by some accounts "apocalyptic" following the devastation from Hurricane Maria last month, and President Trump has attacked political leaders on the island territory and the media over Twitter following criticisms of the slow pace of U.S.-backed relief efforts. But Tesla is now sending the U.S. territory hundreds of its battery systems to pair with solar panels and help provide sorely needed electricity. Bloomberg reported Bloomberg reported that Tesla is shipping its Powerwall home battery systems along with employees, who are working with local organizations to identify suitable locations and repairing solar panels.

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"The year 2100 will see eugenics universally established." Tesla went on to comment, "no one who is not a desirable parent should be permitted to produce progeny. ( Tesla did not foresee the anti-gluten mania of the 21 st century .)

So it seems unlikely that Tesla will wind up going down in flames the way Tucker did, considering the strides it's already made. But that's not to say it'll maintain its golden status forever, given the financial strains of the automotive market and the incipient arrival of a host of highly-competitive EVs from other carmakers. Indeed, many other well-known car companies would presumably love nothing more than to snap up Tesla should its value drop to a more reasonable level. (Jaguar-Land Rover parent company Tata, for example, has expressed interest in picking up a new premium automotive make, and it's hard to think of a bigger prize in that realm than the company largely seen as paving the way for Jaguar's own electric luxury vehicles.)

Ultimately, it's impossible for anyone to know where Tesla is headed. Even the gurus of Wall Street are divided; this week alone saw separate financial analysts predicting the company's stock would both rise by 40 percent and fall by 40 percent within the next year. Given the uncertainty in the world these days—especially in the automotive sector—it's not hard to see the company selling its battery tech to Panasonic and its car brand to the likes of Toyota or Tata by the mid-2020s, giving Musk the capital he needs to pursue his many other passions.

Then again, who knows? Elon might just surprise all the cynics all over again.

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