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At $1,800, Could This 1969 Triumph TR6 Project Be The Perfect Cure For Cabin Fever This Winter?

Thursday  16:06,   19 october 2017

We all know that it’s a bad idea to buy someone else’s project, but what about buying your own project?  1/4 SLIDES © Provided by Univision Interactive Media, Inc. 2/4 SLIDES © Provided by Univision Interactive Media, Inc. [...]

Challenger Tucked Away In An Old Body Shop

Wednesday  16:11,   18 october 2017

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T left to sit in old body shop for years. An incredible collection of Mopars tucked away in the hills of Pennsylvania was discovered after the recent Chyslers at Carlisle event. Inside a small, private body shop located[...]

1969 Chevrolet Camaro lives again as a gorgeous restoration

Tuesday  16:21,   17 october 2017

Chevrolet’s Central Office Production Order (COPO) system was originally designed to enable short assembly-line production runs with equipment or paint schemes not normally available to the general public. Think police cars, taxicabs, that sort of[...]

Rescuing a smog-era Nova and giving its engine new life

Friday  18:56,   13 october 2017

Sometimes you just feel sorry for an old car. At that point you have two choices: you can put it out of its misery or you can rescue it. The subject of this tech article is a 1974 Chevy Nova four-door, a car that someone might use as a parts car. It [...]

Thousand of Corvettes come together for America's biggest 'Vette show

Friday  16:55,   13 october 2017

Now in its second year as a four-day event, the 2017 edition of the Corvettes at Carlisle show was another home run for the organizers. Now in its second year as a four-day event, the 2017 edition of the Corvettes at Carlisle show was[...]

This 1974 International Scout II Works As Good As It Looks

Tuesday  15:56,   10 october 2017

A Buggy Lurking Under Classic Binder SheetmetalAs the lust for old iron has grown, International Scouts have joined early Broncos and FJ40 Land Cruisers on the list of popular build platforms. But Dustin Bradford was an International nut before they [...]

This $1.5 Million Lamborghini Miura S Is an Actual Barn Find

Saturday  10:20,   07 october 2017

<p>It's still got a 1971 Rolling Stones tape in the deck.</p>No matter what comes out of Santa'Agata in the next decade, the original Lamborghini Miura S will always be (subjectively) the best looking supercar ever. Often viewed as the[...]

This Mysterious 'Ghost' Jaguar E-Type Is Headed to Auction

Saturday  01:05,   07 october 2017

<p>This Series III E-Type has quite a story to tell.</p>This E-Type (technically an XKE, since it was made for the U.S. market) was built specifically for the family of Graham W. Whitehead, the president of Jaguar Cars North America at the[...]

This Is the Secret Room Where the Ford Model T Was Developed

Thursday  17:45,   05 october 2017
Car and Driver

<p>Big inventions are often created in small spaces.</p>In the northeast corner of the third floor, an L-shaped room measuring 870 square feet has been set aside and refurbished to replicate its state when it was the exact space where the[...]

This Is What a Century of Chevy Trucks Looks Like

Thursday  12:02,   05 october 2017

<p>Check out a gallery of the Bow Tie's defining models and designs</p>Since then, the Bow Tie has sold 85 million trucks in the last one hundred years, and just launched the Centennial Edition Silverado and Colorado to celebrate that[...]

Imagine Scoring Not One But Two Rare Mopars While Still in High School

Wednesday  21:40,   04 october 2017

In the late 1970s, the Denver area was a hotbed of obtainable, topnotch muscle cars. Gas was expensive, insurance was through the roof, and good deals on hot rides could be had if you were willing to seek them out, make an offer, and take a chance[...]

This Wacky 1927 Ford Model T Race Car Is For Sale Right Now

Wednesday  15:58,   04 october 2017

<p>It'd take a top-tier wheelman to corral this thing anywhere near ten tenths.</p>Most people that build race cars will start with a somewhat modern, familiar platform, with a solid aftermarket, and the potential to be fast enough win[...]

2 Trans-Am Icons Found Stashed in the Same Barn: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 & 1970 Plymouth AAR ’Cuda

Wednesday  10:21,   04 october 2017

Matt was driving to Pittsburgh with his father and Frank to look at a 7,000-mile, original paint, 1969 Hemi Road Runner, an old race car with no motor or transmission. "My dad was in the back seat reading the local trader paper. He said to me, 'Hey [...]

Just Listed: Well-Documented 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS

Tuesday  11:01,   03 october 2017

<p>A car that’s remained with the same owner for 30 years</p>The current owner purchased this Fly Yellow 308 from a dealer in 1987, then wearing 17,229 miles on the clock. The car has enjoyed regular exercise during its life in Northern[...]

Low and Mean 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle with Over 640 Horsepower

Monday  17:36,   02 october 2017

Over the years we’ve seen enough Chevelles to last several lifetimes. Like a lot of them, this one’s bagged but has a thoroughly modern engine and brandishes some of the biggest back tires known to man. It signifies a return to Pro Street but with a [...]