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Two fanatics and years of junkyard visits restored this rare 1969 AMC Javelin

Wednesday  21:28,   24 may 2017

When you own an AMC project, you are bound to be a scrapyard junkie. Because of lack of repop and replacement parts, your free time will probably be spent walking the rows of countless salvage yards looking for those few Javelins, Rebels, and AMXs[...]

This 1948 Ford F-6 COE Truck Has Cop Car Underpinnings

Wednesday  19:56,   24 may 2017

Classic pickups had almost as much style as their handsome coupe counterparts, but this one may have a trump card. The 1948 Ford F-6 cabover in question features a classic cool silhouette with a modern architecture, making it a hybrid of sorts that [...]

I Canceled Cable TV and Bought a Muscle Car: Here’s Why

Tuesday  18:37,   23 may 2017

I am guilty of project-car neglect. There's no tear-inducing Sarah McLachlan commercial to that effect, but it, too, is a situation in need of remedy. Too many times, I've brought home a stray vehicle, a model I've always wanted to build—but a[...]

Rare Find: 1955 Chevy Convertible Powered by a 427 Ford Engine

Friday  21:20,   19 may 2017

A lifelong Ford enthusiast, Flip Cooper would gaze upon the iconic 427 SOHC engine on display in his Casper, Wyoming, office, often fuming over the injustice of seeing so many Chevy-powered FoMoCo vehicles at his favorite car shows or in the street[...]

This ’67 Camaro is An Untouched Time Capsule and It Could Be Yours!

Friday  15:11,   19 may 2017

Over a lifetime of appreciating and owning a broad spectrum of classic musclecars, Steve and Mary Heer of Ridgefield, WA settled on the purchase of their latest acquisition in 2014 – a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro hardtop coupe they found nearby in St.[...]

1973 Datsun 240Z - Restoration Refined

Thursday  21:27,   18 may 2017
Super Street Online

True masters who dedicate themselves to the art of vehicle restoration are rareGoing by a name that perfectly identifies what they are, JDM Legends isn't the first shop of its kind, but it certainly lives up to its name by not only importing vintage [...]

Coolest Dad Ever Builds 10-Second Coronet For Son’s Prom!

Thursday  21:15,   18 may 2017

Gregg and Grant Somerville have taken a nice 1968 Coronet and transformed it into a beautiful beast. The state of Florida is filled with lots of sun, lots of beautiful weather, and loads of cool cars. In that respect it can be kind of tough [...]

Collectible Classic: 1948-1990 Citroen 2CV

Wednesday  23:05,   17 may 2017

Of all the post-war solutions to affordable, working-man’s transportation, the Citroën 2CV (known as the Deux Chevaux) is perhaps the most charismatic. Looking like something that might have been invented in a shade-tree mechanic’s garage outside of [...]

Junkyard Jewel

Wednesday  21:52,   17 may 2017

An Unexpected Muscle Car in the Modern Junkyard Visiting a friend’s junkyard in Detroit, we found an unexpected jewel: a 1970 Chevrolet Nova, which seemed out of place among all the new vehicles. It must’ve been someone’s hot rod with all the[...]

This One Car Is All That's Left of an Early 20th Century Michigan Automaker

Tuesday  17:06,   16 may 2017
Road & Track

Meet the final Alpena[...]

A 1970 AWD Ford Mustang Convertible is the Latest Incredible Barn Find

Monday  20:55,   15 may 2017

<p>One of the world's rarest Mustangs has just come out of hiding.</p>If you're confused right now—there's no such thing as a factory AWD Mustang, right?—it's worth revisiting an important but largely-unknown chapter in the model's[...]

Finding Rare Vehicles Under Tarps, Leaves, and Everything in Between

Monday  20:42,   15 may 2017

It wasn’t visible from the road, but there was gold in the backyard of a friend’s grandparent. An M37 Dodge military truck, a Starcraft Motorhome that looked like something out of the Jetsons, and an original-wood Chris Craft boat with a big hole in [...]

This Model A Roadster Pickup Has Plenty of Attitude

Monday  18:46,   15 may 2017

Growing up in the ’60s it was commonplace on Saturday afternoons to hear the introduction for the Wide World of Sports roaring from the TV in the family room announcing the hottest sports from across the globe were ready to roll across the tube. If [...]

A second chance for a vintage Chevy

Friday  21:17,   12 may 2017

Anyone who works on old trucks has to be an understanding sort. After all, you’re dealing with something that has been used, often abused, and most likely neglected, so it takes TLC to bring many of them back to life but the results are always worth [...]

The Vintage Metal of the 30th Annual Seal Beach Classic Car Show

Friday  20:00,   12 may 2017

SEAL BEACH, California — Last weekend we dropped by the 30th Annual Seal Beach Classic Car Show to ogle all the vintage rides, and we were not disappointed. Main Street was crowded with over 550 automobiles from 1979 and older with a couple dozen[...]