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Hagerty names classic cars to buy now, before it’s too late

Monday  20:07,   11 december 2017
Motoring Research

Jump on these hot classic cars nowThe company used data from the 2,000-2,500 auto insurance quotes requests it receives daily to identify which cars are the most in demand. “Seventy-two percent of the quotes that are requested from Hagerty come from [...]

Hundreds of ‘Vettes Gather for the Fall 2017 Corvette Expo

Monday  16:38,   11 december 2017

Whether it's a simple wave of the hand, or chatting at the gas station, Corvette owners appreciate each other's cherished machines.The location at the Loudon Municipal Park offers a spacious layout for the car show, swap meet, car corral,[...]

Rarest of the Rare Muscle Cars Unite Under One Roof

Monday  12:07,   11 december 2017

The rarest muscle cars in the world on display at the 2017 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, including the first 1967 Camaro Z/28 ever built.Being the 50th anniversary of the muscle cars from 1967, 13 of the rarest and most significant first-gen[...]

Cruising in Her 1959 Chevy Corvette

Thursday  05:30,   07 december 2017

She wanted a 1959 Chevy Corvette she could drive and enjoy. After a two-year search, followed by a four-year build that’s exactly what she got.She wanted a Corvette, but not just any Corvette, a C1 Corvette. But not just any year C1 Corvette, a 1959 [...]

Molested low mile 1961 Chevy Corvette met redemption via renovation

Wednesday  19:07,   06 december 2017

This 1961 Chevy Corvette with 37,000 original miles proves low mileage doesn’t guarantee an accident free car.The holy grail for any old car aficionado, whether they be a Studebaker fan or into fancy Cadillacs, is to find an unmolested, low-mileage[...]

A Monster Truck Driver’s Homebuilt 1962 Bel Air

Wednesday  10:53,   06 december 2017

Ex Bigfoot monster truck driver Troy Russell needed a driver, so he found a 1962 Bel Air and turned into a sweet twin-turbo street car that sips gas and is a blast to drive.A few years ago, Troy was in the midst of finishing his Bel Air, the car was [...]

The Winner of Street Rodder’s Triple Crown of Rodding is this 1969 Camaro

Tuesday  17:55,   05 december 2017

There are almost as many moving parts to a car’s story as there are parts to make a car. A great example is John Wilkus of Lakeville, Minnesota, and his Triple Crown of Rodding Best Street Machinewinning 1969 Camaro. The story of John's 1969 Camaro [...]

Mustangs at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals 2017

Tuesday  00:36,   05 december 2017

One of our favorite shows of the year (and by far our favorite indoor show) is the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals.The 2017 show, held November 18-19, was of particular interest to Mustang and Ford fans as it pulled together the Ford Drag Team[...]

Ultrarare 1970 Buick GS455 Stage 1 Four-Speed Convertible Is Driven - a Lot!

Saturday  17:36,   02 december 2017

I knew exactly what it was: a 1970 GS Stage 1 convertible four-speed, Sherwood Green with a black bench-seat interior and black vinyl top. The drivetrain on the GS was completely numbers-matching, right down to the carburetor, distributor, and[...]

My $100 Nissan 300ZX Proves Affordable Barn Finds Still Exist

Friday  23:58,   01 december 2017

I got pretty much the same reaction every time I told someone about my newly-acquired Nissan Z. “With the Diablo headlights? Those are looking good.” No. “The sleek ’70s one? Poor man’s E-Type?” Nope. I got the one that looks like an 8-bit[...]

The SplitRay 1966 Corvette Breaks New Ground for C2 Coupes

Friday  23:56,   01 december 2017

The SplitRay 1966 Corvette built for Dennis Johnson by The Auto Shoppe Raises the Bar for C2 Coupes.There were also times where particular decades (mostly the '70s) subjected the cars to wild modifications including wicked wheel flares, radical[...]

This 1939 Chevy Dirt-Track Racer Was Reborn As A Street Car!

Friday  22:06,   01 december 2017

Many of us have gazed thoughtfully at purpose-built racecars and pondered what it would be like to drive one on the street, but Michael Hunt took it one step further and actually followed through on that crazy idea. Hunt and the guys down at[...]

1942 Willys Packs a Punch with a 398ci Hemi V-8

Friday  22:05,   01 december 2017

When you grow up in a family that’s devoted to hot rods and custom cars it’s easy to see where the influence came from indoctrinating you into the hobby. For Ron Ellis of Wilson, New York, it was commonplace for his family to be on the road to[...]

Totally Custom, Top-Notch Pro Touring 1968 Camaro

Friday  00:36,   01 december 2017

Jim Gloe’s 1968 Camaro was built with top-notch parts and custom fabrication rarely seen in a Pro Touring muscle car.Yes, that's right; Jim's a real nuclear engineer. And that's his real name. But what's important here is that he built a 1968 Camaro [...]

This 1957 Chevy Corvette Takes Its Cues from the Past & Present

Thursday  20:06,   30 november 2017

Custom 1957 Chevy Corvette built by Steve’s Auto Restorations is owned by Don Habben.This '57 is a combination of those previous design cues and some current ones. Those lines, blended with the Corvette knowledge of Steve's Auto Restorations (SAR)[...]