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Autos: Classics

The Mystery of the Little-Known 1959 XP-719 Corvette Rear-Engine Prototype

Tuesday  03:57,   10 april 2018

The 8x10 black-and-white glossy was stuck in a folder in the Petersen Photo Archive marked "1959 Corvette." But from its rear-three-quarter view the car looked like no other '59 Corvette we'd seen, more like a cross between an[...]

2017 Ridler Winner is One Heck of a 1933 Ford Roadster

Tuesday  01:47,   10 april 2018

Renaissance is a big word, but it has a powerful meaning. It is the vigorous advancement or rebirth of classical influence in the arts and sciences. That said, check out the images of this car and you will see the meaning in every curve and nuance[...]

There's an All-Original 1970 Plymouth Superbird Headed to Auction

Monday  14:37,   09 april 2018

This is a rare chance to own muscle car royalty.The Plymouth Superbird is muscle car royalty. When it came out back in 1970 with its aerodynamic nose cone, ridiculous spoiler, and a horn that made the same sound as the famous Road Runner cartoon, it [...]

Project '97 Porsche 993

Friday  23:25,   06 april 2018

Why I Modified A Perfectly Stock 993: How an auto writer's air-cooled Porsche keeps him groundedSometimes nostalgia isn't sexy until you've made a career of sampling a steady stream of supercars on the world's greatest race circuits. I'm not[...]

Vietnam Vet Modified 1969 Corvette Stored Over 40 Years

Friday  20:19,   06 april 2018

We've all heard stories of soldiers that went off to war and in their time overseas dreamed of the car they were going to buy when they returned home.John Adornetto turned 21 in 1968, the year he got drafted. Living in Jersey City, New Jersey,[...]

Rare Find: 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass S W-31 Hides in Original Owner’s Garage for 34 Years

Thursday  19:30,   05 april 2018

"I was shocked when I saw it," Jimmy McKeague said. The "it" was a 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Holiday Coupe with the W-31 option. Research oldsmobile cutlass See All Model Years A W-31 is not the same as a[...]

This Guy Built A Skyline-Powered Ford Falcon Out Of Spares And Garbage

Wednesday  21:41,   04 april 2018

The Nissan RB straight-six is one of the most desirable engines of all time. 1/15 SLIDES © Photo: Dillon Merkl The mismatched fender, as it looks after Dillon finished the build. [...]

Building the Ultimate Pro Street Corvette with a Blend of 1963 & 1965

Saturday  00:05,   31 march 2018

New Jersey lawyer Harley Breite has a ragin' GM obsession he just can't shake. From his first ride—a used '74 Firebird—until today, the lure of a hot General Motors ride in his driveway has been an itch he has steadily scratched since[...]

Unbelievable Corvette Barn Find … Not 1 But 2

Friday  23:35,   30 march 2018

<p>When we set eyes on these two cars, we figured there was a story that needed to be shared.</p>We knew from some of the literature that was with the cars that they were both from Pennsylvania. Walker told us that they had been sitting just[...]

Reunited ’69 Dodge Dart

Sunday  23:36,   25 march 2018

In late September of 2001 Tim Winnie and his buddy Gary Klotz took a trip to try and locate a '69 Dodge Dart.The owner claimed that it still had the numbers-matching 340 small-block, four-speed gearbox, interior, and most of the original yellow[...]

Meet Evie, the Electric '57 Ford Fairlane

Wednesday  20:36,   21 march 2018

A bunch of Kiwis decided to mash the past and future together, resulting in this machine.When many hear the names Mercury and Ford Fairlane together, they think of the Fairlane-based Mercury Montclair of the mid-1960s. The Mercury in this story,[...]

Junkyards Are Fascinating, and So Are Their Owners

Tuesday  19:06,   20 march 2018

Junkyards Are Fascinating, and So Are Their Owners From the April 2018 issue Research Research New Used New & Used Make (e.g. Cadillac) Model (e.g. Escalade) Six miles from my wilderness home, I’ve discovered a junkyard with as[...]

1965 Corvette Convertible Bought New Found 45 Years Later by Original Owner

Tuesday  01:16,   20 march 2018

In 1983, when he was 10 years old, Rusty Brock was intrigued with an old color slide he saw of his father's 1965 Corvette his father bought brand new. "Oh, I used to own that car back in the day," George told his son. Research chevrolet[...]

Prototype 1969 Ford Boss Bronco Resurfaces After 40 Years

Thursday  20:25,   15 march 2018

Wes Eisenschenk could hardly believe his eyes when he plugged the serial number into Google in 2016 and found a long missing 1969 Ford prototype. Research ford bronco See All Model Years "There it was, the missing 1969 Ford Boss[...]

Lost for 47 Years, 1969 Chevrolet Yenko Chevelle Comes Out of Hiding & Is Headed for Restoration

Tuesday  23:20,   13 march 2018

The Beatles are famous for singing, "All You Need Is Love."Just ask Rick Nelson and his fiance, Annie Hartweg. They were blessed this year with an early wedding present after communicating with the family of a long-lost 1969 Yenko SC 427[...]