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18:57  11 march  2018
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The Fusion Motor Company in Chatsworth California, manufactures "Eleanor" Mustangs that mimic the one from Gone in 60 Seconds. It's safe to say these cars have become one of the most popular movie cars in the world, so much so that "Eleanor" is one of a handful of cars given movie character status. Though it is nothing new to own this piece of tinsel town, Fusion's appointment as exclusive manufacturer takes these cars to the next level.

Car Configurator Quirks

  Car Configurator Quirks The popular shopping tools are fun but imperfectThe Internet is a wonderful tool when it comes to researching a new automobile. Sites like automobilemag.com provide expert opinions. Dealers post vehicles on their website that are available for purchase. Then there's the automobile manufacturer websites, which offer further information. One specific area of the car company websites that I enjoy fiddling with are the configurators. We've all picked a car that we're interested in purchasing—or dream of owning—and selected our preferred color, interior trim, wheels, and options. Unfortunately, there are faults with many of these configurators.


Yoel Wazana, president of Fusion, was inspired to start building these cars because he was a proud owner of an early Eleanor tribute car. He saw where improvements could be made, but his disappointment with the car ultimately lead to him selling it. "I loved the way it looked, but it had many issues," said Yoel. "I like the Eleanor concept but wasn't happy with the execution."

Yoel was later introduced to Denise Halicki through a mutual friend. If the name sounds familiar, she co-produced the film in 2000 and was the wife of the late H.B. "Toby" Halicki, a creator and star in the original Gone in 60 Seconds film from 1974. After Denise saw the capability of Fusion's facility, they were awarded the license to manufacture Eleanors.

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1967-eleanor-mustang-gray-1.jpg© Hot Rod Network Staff 1967-eleanor-mustang-gray-1.jpg Exterior

The cars are all derived from titled 1967-'68 Fastback Mustangs that have California Highway Patrol verified VIN numbers. The unibody is placed on a jig to be squared, and cross-bracing is added in key locations. All of this is done to reduce flexing and stretching of the car's structure, given its greater power and performance capability.

Aesthetics like spoilers and splitters are made from the same pre-impregnated carbon that McLaren uses and they are affixed with the same adhesives. Hoods and decklids can be made from carbon upon request.

Aside from the most popular Pepper Grey and black stripes, a variety of color combinations are available from Fusion. Custom colors are also available.

To keep the theme of modernity going into the small details, all of the lighting in and on each car are LEDs, while still maintaining the vintage look.

Restoration Shop Transforms Ford Crown Victoria into Dodge Charger for General Lee Jump

  Restoration Shop Transforms Ford Crown Victoria into Dodge Charger for General Lee Jump <p>Ford and Dodge parts join forces to make a Frankenstein General Lee</p>Fortunately, there is a hero in the mix of all this and his name is Jamie Smith from Smith Bros Restorations. Rather than wrecking another Charger, Smith decided to take a well-maintained 1999 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor from Portland, Oregon police department and transform it into a 1969 Dodge Charger. Surprisingly their wheelbases are fairly close to one another, close enough to act as a donor chassis for the General Lee. Using body panels from Auto Metal Direct, Smith was able to order all the body work, except the trunk lid and a few other custom parts.


The suspension of these cars is where Fusion spared no expense. Up front is a Detroit Speed Aluma-Frame IFS kit. The aluminum subframe houses a rack-and-pinion steering system and sway bar. Tubular arms and full adjustment are standard with the Speed-Lign system while steel spindles and billet hubs keep the car rolling.

For damping, coilover shocks are standard, with single- or double-adjustable JRi coilovers being optional upgrades. The Eleanor-branded Wilwood brakes are 13 inches front and rear, with six-piston calipers and optional Hydroboost.

The rear end is a limited-slip Ford 9-inch unit from Curie Enterprises with 3.50:1, 3.89:1, or 4.10:1 ratio, depending on the selected drivetrain. Customers have two rear tire options: Z-rated275/45R17Nitto NT555 (standard), or 315/35R17 Nitto NT555 (rear tub required). The front tires are Nitto 245/45R17s.

With all this talk of bodywork and handling, you must be wondering what powerplants are available with this car.

white-face-speedometer.jpg© Hot Rod Network Staff white-face-speedometer.jpg Engine/Transmission

This 1975 Bricklin is a Safe Investment

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  • 5.0L Coyote with 430 hp (supercharged option bumps that to 600 hp)

Roush 427 options:
Carbureted with throttle-body EFI (480 hp)
8-stack Borla fuel injection (560 hp)
Supercharged with fuel injection (750 hp)
Exhaust gasses exit through a full stainless steel system that can be ceramic coated upon request. To keep all of these fire-breathing beasts cool is a 31-inch Ron Davis aluminum radiator, backed by two Spal electric fans.
There are three transmission options available: Ford 6R80 6-speed auto, Tremec TKO five-speed, and T-56 six-speed. You can choose between a steel or aluminum driveshaft.

005-1967-ford-mustang-eleanor-interior.jpg© Hot Rod Network Staff 005-1967-ford-mustang-eleanor-interior.jpg Interior

The interior amenities at the standard level are above par. Flaming River Tilt column, Vintage Air Magnum IV AC, high-quality audio system, and power locks give occupants modern comforts in a classic car. When it comes to options, Fusion can go as nuts as the customer wants. By far, one of the most unique elements to these vehicles is that Fusion will build the car in a right-hand-drive format. The amount of work that goes into that kind of conversion is extensive (which explains the $11,500 price tag), but just the fact that they offer it is awesome!

Recaro bucket seats
4-point harnesses
deluxe leather interior
Dynamat sound deadening
Fusion center console with a touch-screen entertainment system equipped with navigation
power windows
keyless entry
white-faced gauges

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002-shift-knob-gobabygo.jpg© Hot Rod Network Staff 002-shift-knob-gobabygo.jpg Overview

Realistically, it's hard to be wowed by an Eleanor Mustang because there's little to do to make them unique from one another, however, what is impressive about these cars from Fusion is the extent to which they build their cars, and how many individual touches they can install.

Each customer can get a bespoke car that comes not only with a numbered certificate of authenticity but a build book, documenting that car's journey from a shell to driving vehicle. Little things like this go a long way and demonstrate the care that Fusion puts into each build.

The modernity of their operation extends in the way a car is ordered. If you check out their website, you could order your new ride in minutes. This truly takes buying an old car into the future. Prices range between $189,000 and $284,000.

1,000-HP Equus Throwback Is A Corvette With Gigantic Exhaust Tips .
The design blends cues from multiple Corvette generations into one vehicle. Research chevrolet corvette See All Model Years See Pricing Equus Automotive, not to be confused with the Hyundai sedan, aims to be the American equivalent of European aftermarket specialists like Brabus or Alpina, and the firm's latest creation is the Throwback. The custom coupe is a love letter to classic Corvettes with a modern twist. Prices for the Throwback start at $130,000, and the firm only intends to make 25 of them.© Motor1.com 2013 Equus Bass 770 26.09.

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