Enthusiasts Holley Super Sniper EFI Makes Up To 1,250 HP For Just $1,500

22:18  04 april  2018
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Modified Chevelle Wagon For Sale

  Modified Chevelle Wagon For Sale This long-roof is far rarer than its coupe and convertible siblings.The Chevelle was Chevrolet's mid-sized offering from 1964 to 1977. It slotted between the slightly smaller Nova and the substantially larger Impala in the automaker's lineup. This wagon is from the second-generation of Chevelles which were produced from 1968 to 1972. An enlarged third generation appeared in 1973. GM killed the nameplate after 1977, but the car effectively continues to this day as the Malibu (once the name given to top-trim Chevelles).

Installing a Holley Super Sniper EFI system on an LS-powered 900 rear wheel horsepower 1974 Chevelle.

Holley 's Sniper EFI system was recently released. 00 for the EFI system, or $ 1 , 250 with the in-line fuel pump. He is out over 00.00. Just a word of caution if you have a lot of HP .

The words "budget," "easy" and "900 horsepower" usually don't go together. But in the case of Holley's new Super Sniper EFI system, they do. To mangle the words of Sir Winston Churchill, "Never in the field of drag racing have so many horsepower owed so much to so few dollars."

The Iron Maiden, Part 1

  The Iron Maiden, Part 1 So we excavated an orphan LQ4: a really ancient 1999 version with iron heads. It literally was an orphan because nobody wanted it. Our buddy Bill Irwin found this neglected engine leaking on the floor of a shop in Iowa. It is perfect for a Car Craft build; Bill sored the long block for a demon-of-a-deal at $550. We dubbed it the Iron Maiden. Research Research New Used New & Used Make (e.g. Cadillac) Model (e.g. Escalade) The plan is to burn through a sequence of tests on this cast-off engine with an emphasis on affordability and on making torque and streetable power.

The first 250 -300 miles were amazing as the Sniper EFI worked flawlessly. Pulled out of the gas station and the car was super sluggish. Car was running rough and just not acting the same. Car sat for two day The Sniper is installed very simply as I 've only got it hooked up to an

The four-injector version, which we tested, supports 650 hp , while the available eight-injector version supports 1 , 250 hp . The EFI system really shines in torque production below peak, where it made 15 lb-ft more than the carburetor. Holley 750 Ultra HP . Holley Sniper EFI . 3, 500 .

Holley's Sniper EFI line of throttle body electronic fuel injection systems are designed to be budget-minded carburetor replacement solutions. Now, Holley has extended the Sniper EFI lineup to include the Super Sniper 650 and Super Sniper 1250.

The new Super Snipers are designed for high-horsepower naturally-aspirated, supercharged, and turbocharged applications. They feature either four or eight 100 lb/hr fuel injectors to feed the needs of 650 or 1250 horsepower applications.

And with all Sniper EFI systems, you don't need to be a computer tuning expert to get your turbocharged or supercharged engine running right—all setup and tuning is done via the included handheld controller. Just answer a few questions before the first start-up, and the system tunes itself as you drive. There's even a handy boost control and an adjustable boost air/fuel ratio curve to keep your blown beast in one piece.

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  Giving a Modern Windsor Engine a Vintage Vibe When the Flathead engine was discontinued in 1954 it was no surprise when Ford replaced it with a V-8 engine that featured an overhead valve design. By that time, nearly all the domestic OEs offered an OHV V-8, save Chevrolet who would follow less than a year later. With an initial displacement of 239 ci, ironically the same as the Flathead engines that it replaced, by the mid '50s the Y-block, as it became known, grew to 312 ci, with optionally supercharged arrangements being offered in Ford's flagship Thunderbird model.

Holley Unveils New Sniper EFI – Bolt On TBI Retails For Less Than $ 1 ,000!” Mike Brooks November 5, 2015 at 1 :44 pm. I just fell out of my chair. I bolted one on last year & after answering a few questions- # of cylinders, HP /tork, etc, start5ed right up , coughed a couple of times on first drive but

Holley Sniper EFI Series. You will love what it doesn't have! Sniper 4 Barrel & Super Sniper . Can the sniper EFI work on a small block Chevy with 142 Weiand Supercharger on it. About 500 HP Car is more a driver. some autocross and some drags once in a while.Thanks.

What about nitrous? Well, the Super Sniper can control either "wet" or "dry" nitrous systems as well, including a progressive control strategy and a lean/rich safety cutoff.

The Super Sniper 650 and 1250 can be as simple or sophisticated as you need. Only a few things are required to replace a carburetor with a Super Sniper: battery power, switched power, an RPM signal, coolant temp, wideband O2 sensor, and a high-pressure fuel system. Notwithstanding, the Super Sniper includes plenty of additional inputs and outputs so your muscle machine can enjoy the additional benefits of electronic control. Want an air conditioning idle kick, full ignition timing control, two levels of cooling fan control, or CAN bus gauges? The Super Sniper can do it.

Arguably the most attractive part about the Super Sniper is that for its sophistication and power-handling capability, it is among the most affordable and easy-to-use EFI systems out there. At a street price of just $1,500 for the 1,250hp unit and $1,200 for the 650hp version, we look for the Super Sniper to show up in some pretty serious street machines. With power adders presenting a particularly challenging tuning window for optimum performance, the Super Sniper will no doubt appeal to many racers looking for a competition edge on a budget.

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  Super 8 Has A Custom Jeep In NY That Makes Ronald McDonald Jealous And now for something completely different.The New York Auto Show is always a good time. This year we saw some truly amazing concepts like the Genesis Essentia, and folks simply couldn’t get enough of fresh SUVs like the redesigned Toyota RAV4 and Cadillac’s new XT4. It’s been quite a long time, however, since we’ve seen a hotel chain involved in the show. In this case, long time means never, but never the less, we have this very yellow Jeep Wrangler with the curious name ROADM8. You know, like road mate, as in someone to join you on road trips. But also like Super 8, the hotel chain behind this build.

Anyone ever ran a Holley Sniper EFI on a stock 400? It’s rated for a minimum of 250 hp . Well, just the self-adjusting characteristics during altitude changes is enough reason for me . All by itself.

Holley just brought EFI within range - introducing Sniper EFI ! It’s economically priced so you can have all the benefits of EFI and still have money to finish or upgrade the rest of your ride! Supports up to 650 hp with Four 100 Lb/Hr Injectors!

We traveled to Holley's Bowling Green facility for the skinny on how to install a Super Sniper 1250 on their in-house, turbocharged 1974 Chevelle. The A-body housed a (stock!) 6.0L Gen III truck small-block under the hood with only a turbo-friendly camshaft and appropriate valve springs. Serving as a development mule for various EFI products, the Chevelle wagon already had a full-effort EFI system installed including a Holley VR1 brushless fuel pump and -10 feed lines. Because the combination's 76mm turbo forces 20 psi of boost down the motor's throat, the integrated fuel pressure regulator was removed in favor of a Holley VR series boost-referenced unit. Though a Holley Dominator EFI was already on board to control the ignition and automatic transmission, an MSD 6LS ignition would fit the average enthusiast's ignition needs nicely.

With the Super Sniper 1250 system installed, the turbocharged Chevelle belted out over 900 rear wheel horsepower and over 860 lb-ft of torque with a self-tuning "entry level" EFI system. We love modern technology.

Check out the photos as we hit the high points of converting this car from a carburetor to Super Sniper 1250 EFI.

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