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Mil-Spec Releases Renderings Of Its Newest Hummer H1 Revival

Friday  18:41,   13 july 2018

The Second Edition model gets the slant-back treatment. Mil-Spec Automotive loves the HumVee. To be more specific, the company loves the original H1 – the take-no-prisoners military all-terrain conqueror that was epic for getting soldiers through[...]
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We Sample Three Generations of the Nissan Z

Friday  17:57,   13 july 2018

The 370Z goes on a journey to meet its motorsports pastQuietly, the Nissan 370Z turned 10 years old earlier this spring. No cake, no fanfare—just a reserved press release announcing the perennial sports car will soldier on through the 2019 model[...]

Aston Martin Just Took Its Ill-Fated Cygnet Microcar and Stuffed a V-8 in It

Thursday  23:50,   12 july 2018

The upgrade is the surprising answer to one customer’s surprising question.When new, the Aston Cygnet was generally regarded as an ugly duckling. Dating from the still recent period when Aston had more ambition than development budget, it was a[...]

Why Atlanta Should Be America's Next Major Auto Show

Thursday  22:10,   12 july 2018

Sorry Chicago, But The Wind's Blowing SouthwardHere in the United States, that comes down to just a handful: Detroit (the hub of our domestic automotive industry), Los Angeles (the epicenter of American car culture), and New York (America's[...]

Texas Geniuses Create Dorkiest Vehicle Ever By Turning Postal Jeep Into Star Wars 'Star Destroyer'

Thursday  20:10,   12 july 2018

A group in Texas converted a Jeep into a Star Destroyer, and built a fleet of other Star Wars-themed vehicles to drive along with it. Just. Wow. While browsing for old Jeeps on Craigslists across the country, I spotted a real gem: a 1984 DJ-5M for[...]

You Can Buy Eddie Munster’s Custom Schwinn Stingray and Drag-U-la Replica

Thursday  19:10,   12 july 2018

Kooky-Spooky: Opportunities to own Hollywood kitsch don’t come around often.While the midcentury Southern California car scene suffered no shortage of creatives, hucksters, and raconteurs, few managed to tap into the main artery of the Hollywood[...]

What Your Favorite Import Cars Will Cost After Trump's Tariffs Kick In

Thursday  18:07,   12 july 2018

Would you pay $7,000 more for a Honda Civic Type R? How about $15,000 more for an Audi A7? If your answer is "Hell, no," you're not alone.New cars are expensive, as any loan-seeking, numbers-crunching car shopper will tell you. Huge[...]

1967 Shelby GT350 uncovered

Thursday  03:10,   12 july 2018

Ten years passed before Shane Fowler got the chance to see this 1967 GT350, let alone make a purchase , but now that time had come. He had only heard of the car. Fowler, an endodontist, Mustang collector, and amateur restorer became well acquainted[...]

Why a 10-Speed Transmission Actually Makes Sense

Wednesday  20:56,   11 july 2018

Ten gears seem like too many, but there's logic behind a 10-speed transmission.To talk about 10-speed gearboxes, we must first talk about continuously variable transmissions, or CVTs, the car enthusiast's least favorite transmission. CVTs don't[...]

The Importance of the World's Only 1983 Corvette

Wednesday  20:05,   11 july 2018

All C4 Corvettes built in 1983 were preproduction models, used for testing and then destroyed. But this one slipped through the cracks.One important aspect of that enthusiasm is that the NCM, unlike similar museums in Stuttgart and elsewhere, is not [...]

Torque Converters Explained

Wednesday  19:02,   11 july 2018

<p>A torque converter is one of those parts where most mechanically minded people know what they do, but may not know how they work.&nbsp;<br></p>One of the more complicated systems of a car with an automatic transmission is the torque[...]

Lister Shows The Massive Brakes Of World’s Fastest SUV

Tuesday  21:20,   10 july 2018

This carbon ceramic brake disc should be able to stop the vehicle from more than 190 mph. Long forgotten exotic automaker Lister returned to the automotive scene with the Jaguar F-Type-based Thunder, revealed in January this year, and the[...]

The Yagalet Sports Car Can Hover On Water When You Run Out Of Road

Tuesday  21:20,   10 july 2018

It works as a traditional car, too. The Russian startup Yagalet has a bizarre, new idea about how to make an amphibious car – turn it into a hovercraft. If a floating sports car isn't odd enough, then Yagalet has some even weirder goals because if[...]

Wild Pro Mod Drag Racing Photo Gallery From the Early 2000s

Tuesday  21:18,   10 july 2018

The photos in this gallery were taken in the first three years of the new millennium at NHRA Pro Mod races within national events at Indianapolis, Englishtown, Atlanta, St. Louis, Dallas, and Gainesville. From 1993-2000, the time period that I did[...]

Rare Grabber Green 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Continues to Race Today, but Its Trans-Am History Is Hazy

Tuesday  21:18,   10 july 2018

Ah, there's nothing like a good mystery to get the investigative juices flowing. Listings New Used New & Used Make Acura Alfa Romeo AMC Aston Martin Audi Avanti Bentley BMW Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Chrysler Daewoo Daihatsu[...]