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23:11  04 january  2018
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The Freakish 3-Wheel Yamaha Niken Sportbike Looks Unbelievable

  The Freakish 3-Wheel Yamaha Niken Sportbike Looks Unbelievable Yamaha brought something interesting for the Tokyo Motor Show, and it’s a bizarro three-wheeler sportbike. Surely it’s too early for it to be some sort of elaborate April Fool’s joke, right? The bike is called the Yamaha Niken, and it looks like it has a conventional rear end and Yamaha’s liquid-cooled inline three-cylinder engine. But from there it sprouts two sets of forks and two wheels, giving it the look of some kind future chariot.Yamaha says the benefit of the Leaning Multi-Wheeler is that it “reduces the effects of changing ride environments and to deliver a high feeling of stability when cornering.

the 2018 show season germinating, this is a perfect time to reflect on your 2017 experience and how you might use that experience to make 2018 a What is the one obstacle or challenge I overcame this year in my riding ? What is the #1 thing I need to work on to become a better rider in 2018 ?

You want to show up next year trying to top the success of this year and I can show you how in three easy steps you can make 2018 your best year ever . Perhaps you are the woman who wants to have a successful year but you are doubtful because you are brand new and you have no idea what to do or

a man riding a motorcycle down a dirt road in a city: San Francisco is a top destination for motorcyclists. Come get some in 2018.© Provided by Bonnier Corporation San Francisco is a top destination for motorcyclists. Come get some in 2018.

We all yearn for more saddle time, and here’s how to get it



“Drink in your summer, gather your corn

The dreams of the night time will vanish by dawn

And time waits for no one, and it won't wait for me

And time waits for no one, and it won't wait for me

No no no, not for me....”

Time Waits For No One, Rolling Stones

It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll (1974)

For many of you, 2017 was an amazing year on the bike. Several circumstances collided to allow you the time and energy to explore new roads and trails, and you grabbed life by the bars to make it happen. We know this because you shared it all on Instagram.

Honda’s liquid-cooled Gold Wing is the first motorcycle with CarPlay

  Honda’s liquid-cooled Gold Wing is the first motorcycle with CarPlay <p>CarPlay on two wheels</p>This being a motorcycle, there are some key differences in how CarPlay works. The rider can see it on a 7-inch LCD screen that’s on the small dash between the handlebars. Riders of the $23,500 (and up) Gold Wing will have to plug their iPhones in via USB in the trunk of the bike or in the storage compartment up front, according to Road Show,and then are required to pair a Bluetooth headset (either a standalone or one built into their helmet).

Posted on January 2, 2018 January 2, 2018 by Luci17. You will find how to make you happy and healthy in the How To Eat A Balanced Diet by the BBC Good Food article. 4. Learn a New Skill.

Regardless of how you ring in the new year , with lively parties and fireworks, or cosy celebrations at home, there is a recurring theme with every new years celebration, to make the next year the best year . Follow these tips to make 2018 your best year ever .

Some of us were green with envy, while others huddled in our man caves with pals to sketch out a plan for 2018 as the temperature plummeted below zero last week. An obscure Rolling Stones song triggered some ideas of my own. Here are six tips on how to make 2018 your best riding year ever.

Attend An Event In Another State

Old Man Winter came in hard this year, and with spring a long way off, consider booking a flight to ogle custom motorcycles in another state, especially one with warmer temperatures. The visual feast begins soon, so check your calendar and put in for vacation time.

The One Moto Show
Portland, OR
Feb. 9–11

Outlier’s Guild (OG) Custom Motorcycle Show
Los Angeles, CA
March 31

The Handbuilt Show
Austin, TX
April 20–22

The Quail Motorcycle Gathering
Carmel Valley, CA
May 5

Alfa Romeo 4C Stays True to Self for 2018

  Alfa Romeo 4C Stays True to Self for 2018 <p>There are two changes for the 4C in 2018: An optional front fascia with carbon-fiber vents is added, and the interior with black leather seats and yellow stitching is now offered on black, white, and Basalt Gray 4C models.</p>There are two changes for the 4C in 2018: An optional front fascia with carbon-fiber vents is added, and the interior with black leather seats and yellow stitching is now offered on black, white, and Basalt Gray 4C models. Previously, the yellow stitching was only available on cars with Giallo Prototipo (yellow) paint. Apparently, hyperspecific color coordination is not as important these days.

Lets make 2018 the best fucking year ever ! Comment below how you are going to make 2018 the best year ever . I want to know! Written By justin.

So, a good goal would be to say: I’ll write a 60,000-word science fiction novel by December 31, 2018 . Don’t beat yourself up over it. Instead, it’s best to evaluate what went wrong and brainstorm ideas on how to make it better .

Organize A Buddy Trip

If walking around old foundries and abandoned pickle factories looking at other people’s art-project bikes isn’t your thing, consider planning a weeklong trip with riding buddies. Several businesses rent all kinds of bikes to enjoy, so determine what scenery you want to drink in and make it happen. A few recommended destinations include Mendocino, California; Hollister, California; Kern County, California; and Baja, Mexico.

Attend A Major Race

A couple of years ago I started paying Dorna to watch racing on, but nothing beats the real thing. Experiencing the sights and sounds of top-level motorcycle racing in person is priceless, and with Valentino Rossi nearing the end of his racing career, this might be the last year to see him holding fast with Marc Marquez, Andrea Dovizioso, Dani Pedrosa, Johann Zarco, and company. You can piggyback the Handbuilt Show, which runs concurrently in downtown Austin.

BMW Plans World Premiere For L.A. Auto Show; Likely i8 Roadster

  BMW Plans World Premiere For L.A. Auto Show; Likely i8 Roadster BMW isn't willing to reveal the identity of the vehicle just yet, but it does say hint it will be electrified.More BMW's Headed to L.A.

Now that Christmas is over, I wanted to share with you my secret to making 2018 the best year ever . In fact, it was my best year so far, but I’m still committed to making 2018 even better . So how am I going to achieve that?

To put a bow on 2017, reflect on what we want to keep doing more of, do less of, and continue, and to make our next 12 months the most fulfilling ones yet. In the Best Year Ever you’ll discover: HOW to move powerfully into 2018 , and get your family on board…

Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas
Austin, TX
April 20–22
If you have large ambitions, bite the bullet and get on that ferry to the Isle of Man to watch the 111-year race of gladiators.

International Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT)
Isle of Man
May 26–June 8
One major benefit of attending World Superbike in California is the unlimited riding to enjoy before and after the big dance.

FIM Superbike World Championship Laguna Seca
Monterey, CA
June 22–24

Learn A New Skill On The Track Or In The Dirt

Spend the lion’s share of your riding on safe asphalt? Consider taking your passion for speed to a track or in the dirt, where riders of all skill sets and experience have been flocking the past few years.

Former MotoGP and World Superbike racer Colin Edwards puts on a festive motorcycle camp on his property in Texas.

Texas Tornado Boot Camp

Want to learn proper motocross mad skills or get better for flat track? Do it on the famed Calistoga Half Mile in Napa, California.

American Supercamp Fun Track Dayz

Buy Another Bike

There’s always room for another bike, right? Instead of sticking with the same brand or style, consider adding something that takes you places you hadn’t considered before. There’s a treasure trove of information in our Buyer’s Guide to help you count the cost before making a decision.

Rows Come and Go: Lexus Will Offer a Five-Seat Version of the LX570

  Rows Come and Go: Lexus Will Offer a Five-Seat Version of the LX570 Lexus RX buyers have been clamoring for an extra row of seating for years now, and Lexus is finally placating them with the new seven-seat RX L. But apparently those interested in Lexus's biggest SUV, the LX570, have been asking for just the opposite. So Lexus has removed the LX's third row of seats to create a new five-seat version of this Toyota Land Cruiser–based behemoth that begets more cargo space and a lower base price.The change really is as simple as removing the LX570's third-row bench and its accompanying hardware.

If this sounds familiar, make 2018 the year you break this pattern and start having regular check-ins about the state of your union. Talk about how you can best support each other with these goals and what role you can plan in making them a reality.

Instead of dwelling on changes you tried to make this year , you can start thinking of ways to make 2018 your happiest, most successful year ever ! You don’t have to cut out anxiety as a whole, but you should try to limit how much you’re using in 2018 !

Learn How To Maintain Your Bike(S)

A major hurdle for many new riders is feeling overwhelmed by how much maintenance their new bike needs. Stripped down to the basic preventative needs (oil, tires, rotors, brake shoes), taking care of your bike isn’t impossible if you have the right tools and resources. Start with Cyclepedia, an online resource for training videos and service manuals.

If you lack space to work on your bike, seek out one of the many DIY shops across the country. For a nominal hourly rate, you get a lift and access to tools plus assistance from the owner of other customers. My experience at Moto Guild Silicon Valley has been nothing short of a miracle to keep my bikes rolling.

The major caveat to knowing how to maintain your bike is eliminating the fear of getting stranded. Most mechanical issues can be avoided with proper maintenance, and little things don’t have to become big issues.

Your best riding year ever begins today!

A Quick Guide to the Best Fall 2017 Motorcycle Riding Gear .
<p>Riding a lot means testing a lot of gear—here are some of our favorite pieces for the best time of year to be on a bike.</p>As such, we've been riding as much as possible. Especially as temperatures drop, that means testing a bunch of new gear. Here's a quick overview of some of our favorite pieces of kit for the perfect riding season.

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