Motorcycles Bosch is testing space thrusters that will make your motorcycle safer

04:00  17 may  2018
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Here Is the First New Curtiss Motorcycle since the Company's Rebranding

  Here Is the First New Curtiss Motorcycle since the Company's Rebranding The motorcycle company formerly known as Confederate unveils the new Warhawk.Curtiss Motorcycle Co. is releasing its first new model since it changed its name from Confederate Motors last year. The newly branded company is named after motorcycle and aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss who is often credited with inventing the V-twin motorcycle engine in 1903.

Bosch wanted to develop systems that would make cornering a motorcycle safer . We headed to Bosch ’s enormous skid pad to test the various types of ABS and MSC systems, and each of our fleet of top-shelf motorcycles came equipped with various systems.

Space . Technology. It's not a good situation, and it can be a fatal one, leading to the majority of motorcycle accidents every year. But Bosch is trying to make this fatal tendency a thing of the past.

a motorcycle parked on the side of a road © Bosch

Motorcycle safety technology has come a long way in the last decade or so. Now, most new bikes -- even beginner bikes -- have antilock brakes as an option and an increasing number of motorcycles offer multistage traction control. Hell, you can even buy motorcycle gear with built-in airbags to help soften your crash if the ABS and TC can't save you. Now Bosch wants to take things further by introducing anti-slide technology.

Sounds cool, right? You're motoring along, leaned over in a turn and oh no, someone left a bunch of sand at the apex of the corner. Now your wheels are starting to wash out and you know you're in for a low side crash but all of a sudden, you hear a loud hiss as your bike vents pressurized gas to counteract the slide and help right your bike. You ride off feeling like an idiot and looking like a pro.

Harley-Davidson CEO Reaffirms Availability of Electric Motorcycle in 2019

  Harley-Davidson CEO Reaffirms Availability of Electric Motorcycle in 2019 The dream of an electric Harley-Davidson is alive and well.Normally motorcycle companies like to keep their plans for future products under wraps. However, Harley-Davidson isn’t in a normal position right now. The iconic American brand finds itself with slumping sales, especially in its home market. H-D has fallen behind in marketing its traditionally old-school motorcycles to a younger crowd who can’t get excited about paying a premium price for a bike that looks just like the one their dads rode when they were kids. Part of Harley’s solution to this problem is bringing an electric motorcycle to production.

NASA is made space walks safer is with a device called Simplified Aid For EVA Rescue ( SAFER ). SAFER 's propulsion is provided by 24 fixed-position thrusters that expel nitrogen gas and have a thrust of 3.56 Newtons (0.8 pounds) each.

10: Take a Motorcycle Safety Course. In most states, if you're going to get a motorcycle license, you need to take a skills test . 5: Leave Enough Space . One of the biggest mistakes drivers and motorcycle riders make is not leaving enough stopping distance for bikes.

Yeah, pressurized gas. Think of the way a spaceship maneuvers in orbit. It uses high-pressure gas emitting from a nozzle to provide motive force. The Bosch slide mitigation system works the same way. The system uses a device similar to the airbag inflator in your car to provide an external lateral force when your tires have no more grip to give. The downside to this is that it's a one-shot deal with what will (likely) be an expensive consumable part.

The most exciting part of this technology is the effect it can have on the public's perception of motorcycle safety. If bikes have more active safety equipment like this slide mitigation system, then it's likely that more people would give motorcycles more serious consideration as transportation. More people thinking about motorcycles and riding motorcycles has the knock-on effect of making riding safer for everyone.

Now we need to start beating down Bosch's door to convince them to let us have a go on a bike equipped with this technology.

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Indian Motorcycle Sales Continue to Grow Despite Industry Slump .
Sales and market share are up, but revenue is down for Polaris Motorcycles.The Polaris earnings statement doesn’t give a lot of specific numbers, but it does tell us that Indian Motorcycle grew retail sales by “mid-single digits” in Q2 of 2018 compared to the same time last year while sales of the Polaris Slingshot fell by a similar margin. The result is “low-single-digit” growth for Polaris Motorcycles despite 900cc and above motorcycle sales being down “mid-single digits.” Indian's modest growth means that it's gained a bigger market share in the U.S.


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