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Wicked Custom Ducati Scrambler Going to Auction

Wednesday  18:01,   27 june 2018

 After finishing touring the motorcycle show circuit, the Ducati Scrambler Icon built by famed tattoo artist Grime heads to the Mecum auction block in Vegas.Wicked Custom Ducati Scrambler Going to Auction After finishing touring the[...]
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2018 Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport: Nostalgia isn't overrated

Wednesday  17:54,   27 june 2018

2018 Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport: Nostalgia isn't overratedThe Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport is a motorcycle that, on the surface, doesn't make a ton of sense. It's really expensive at around $15,000, and relatively underpowered, producing just 86 [...]

The Harley-Davidson Eight-Valve Mystery

Wednesday  17:16,   20 june 2018

Did English internal-combustion-engine pioneer Harry Ricardo perfect the eight-valve cylinder head? US motorcycle historian Harry Sucher says he did.What and, equally important, when did Harry Ricardo contribute to The Motor Company’s cylinder-head[...]

2019 KTM XC and XC-F Range First Look

Wednesday  01:56,   20 june 2018

2019 KTM XC and XC-F Range First Look The Ready To Race brand updates it off-road two and four stroke machines for the 2019 model year KTM just announced details and changes for its new 2019 model year off-road range. The 250 XC, 300 XC, 250 XC-F,[...]

Swiss Students Design 250-Mile Range E-Bike

Tuesday  09:00,   19 june 2018

Swiss Students Design 250-Mile Range E-BikeElectric motorcycles are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the global motorcycle market; the silent revolution of the battery-powered motors. With all the models becoming available, we can choose between [...]

Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe Headed for America

Monday  23:30,   04 june 2018

Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe Headed for America After a bit of will they/won't they, Team Green decides to bring its retroed-out retro to American shores When we talked about Kawasaki's Z900RS Cafe last November, we were pretty excited about it.[...]

Curtiss Zeus is Judge Dredd's electric motorcycle

Friday  00:07,   01 june 2018

When Confederate Motorcycles changed its name to Curtiss —Before unveiling the Zeus at this month's Quail Motorcycle Gathering, Curtiss had spoken of unveiling an electric bike called Hercules at the Quail. The Alabama-based company was working with [...]

The Arch Motorcycle LED Taillight Is Gorgeous

Monday  22:50,   28 may 2018

More than legally required[...]

Triumph Issues Recall on 2018 Street Triple Range

Thursday  22:40,   24 may 2018

Triumph Issues Recall on 2018 Street Triple Range Faulty electrical issues prompt Triumph Motorcycles America to recall more than 1,000 machines from the 2018 Street Triple range Triumph is experiencing a stellar couple of years, bucking the general [...]

91-Year-Old Still Touring On Gold Wing Trike

Thursday  22:40,   24 may 2018

91-Year-Old Still Touring On Gold Wing Trike Miriam Berger Laisure seriously brings the whole “giving up riding due to old age” thing into question As many used bike ads will attest, getting older is a reason that most motorcyclists find themselves[...]

Bosch is testing space thrusters that will make your motorcycle safer

Thursday  04:00,   17 may 2018

The German technology firm is attempting to use high-pressure gas that's forced out of a nozzle to help right a sliding motorcycle.Sounds cool, right? You're motoring along, leaned over in a turn and oh no, someone left a bunch of sand at the[...]

2018 Zero SR - A Commuter's Dream Bike

Monday  23:26,   14 may 2018

Electric bike captures the pure essence of motorcycling."I don't reckon you'll make it to Newport and back on that thing," my neighbor told me upon seeing the 2018 Zero SR sitting in my back[...]

Harley-Davidson Shows off New Retro-Inspired Helmets

Monday  23:06,   14 may 2018

Old-school style, new-school protection.The three new helmets are in three distinct styles. There’s the Mason’s Yard Sun Shield three-quarter helmet that is a chin bar away from being a full-face helmet. It has a two-tone brown/cream color scheme.[...]

Ford Filed A Patent For A Motorcycle That Comes Out Of A Car

Friday  04:45,   11 may 2018

Ford might not think it can make a profit off of a Fiesta, but it does seem to like the idea of a motorcycle that pops out of a car’s face. Now, this isn’t something I’d run around the block screaming my head off about, but it is very cool and[...]

Harley-Davidson Q1 Financial Report Has Good News and Bad News

Monday  21:26,   07 may 2018

Revenue is up, sales are down, and market share is just barely over 50 percent.Revenue is up 2.7 percent over last year despite motorcycle shipments going down a fairly significant 9.7 percent. How can you increase revenue with a decrease in[...]