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2018 Luxury Touring Motorcycle MSRP Comparison

Friday  21:57,   10 november 2017

2018 Luxury Touring Motorcycle MSRP ComparisonWeighing the bike for the buck of 19 touring[...]

The New Flagship Ducati Panigale V4 Enjoys Twice The Cylinders

Thursday  21:45,   09 november 2017

It looks fast even when it’s standing still. With a displacement of 1103cc, the 90-degree V4 churns out a claimed 214 horsepower at the crank at 13,000[...]

Humanity Finally Wins One as a Human Racer Defeats Yamaha's Robot Motorcycle

Wednesday  22:50,   08 november 2017
Popular Mechanics

A.I. motorcycle racers can't beat our best. Yet.The Yamaha MOTOBOT project began in 2015 with the goal of an A.I. driving a motorcycle "with no modifications made to the motorcycle itself." MOTOBOT controls six actuators on the bike: the[...]

Honda’s liquid-cooled Gold Wing is the first motorcycle with CarPlay

Wednesday  01:36,   08 november 2017
The Verge

<p>CarPlay on two wheels</p>This being a motorcycle, there are some key differences in how CarPlay works. The rider can see it on a 7-inch LCD screen that’s on the small dash between the handlebars. Riders of the $23,500 (and up) Gold Wing[...]

Niken a Go Go: Yamaha’s Radical New Three-Wheeled Sportbike

Wednesday  01:35,   08 november 2017
Car and Driver

<p>Yamaha has been on a product tear over the past few years.</p>Two wheels up front and one in the rear isn’t exactly a new idea. Can-Am’s Spyders offer an open-air experience for those who, for whatever reason, would rather not be astride a[...]

Kawasaki Unveils the Retro-Styled Z900RS

Sunday  10:46,   05 november 2017

<p>The retro/modern motorcycle craze shows no signs of slowing down and that's fine with us.</p>Retro motorcycles are hot right now. With the smashing success of bikes like the Triumph Bonneville and the Ducati Scrambler, just about every[...]

Yamaha's autonomous Motobot can't beat Valentino Rossi... yet

Tuesday  22:00,   31 october 2017

This racing robot can go fast, but Yamaha won't be satisfied until it can outrun a champion.Yamaha's Motobot goals for 2017 are twofold: Achieve a straight-line speed of 200 kph (124 mph) and beat Valentino Rossi -- a seven-time MotoGP champion[...]

Honda’s Neo Sports Cafe concept previews a retro-flavored motorcycle

Friday  17:36,   27 october 2017

Production version debuts next month in Milan.Honda said little about this concept, other than to describe it as a "naked sport model that combines the fun and beauty of a sport bike with a new-generation motorcycle package." The production version[...]

Road-Testing Ducati's Smart, Stylish 2017 Monster 797

Thursday  20:47,   26 october 2017

Ducati's Monster 797 is a great beginner's bike, and suitable for shorter riders, too.That intrusive but common question was asked by a curious passerby in Upper Manhattan as we photographed the gorgeous test Monster 797 in leafy Fort Tryon[...]

This Gorgeous Bespoke Motorcycle Will Set You Back Over $50,000

Wednesday  23:35,   25 october 2017

<p>This Australian-French-Japanese hybrid comes trimmed in crocodile.</p>The Paris-based shop, Blitz Motorcycles, modifies older bikes into scrambler and hooligan-style standards. It works most often with BMW twins, but also a range of[...]

Get Nostalgic With This Retrospective Teaser for the New Honda Gold Wing

Wednesday  23:35,   25 october 2017

<p>We're a step closer to confirmation of a much-needed update of Honda's big touring bike.</p>We’ve speculated about new patents and seen some leaked images, but now we’re a step closer to an actual confirmation from Honda about a[...]

BMW R nineT Pure Review: Purposefully Basic, But With a Whole Bunch of Charm

Wednesday  23:35,   25 october 2017

<p>The entry-level R nineT Pure lacks options, but has personality to spare.</p>The BMW R nineT Pure comes to you bare, but it's not meant to stay that way. The lowest-priced entry in BMW's overwhelmingly attractive retro-modern R nineT[...]

This Family Builds Motorcycles for Charity

Saturday  01:06,   14 october 2017

Meet the father-daughter duo behind GT MotoAround the garage are projects in every stage of construction. On the lift, gathering dust while it awaits completion, is Sofi’s personal single-cylinder hardtail project. Borrowing design elements from the [...]

Let's Have A Close Look At The Hercules W-2000: The World's First Rotary Motorcycle

Tuesday  16:36,   10 october 2017

The rotary-powered Hercules W-2000 motorcycle is real. I know this, because I saw one with my own eyes at Merks Motor Museum in Nuernberg, Germany, and I’m now fundamentally changed because of it. You will be, too, after reading about this amazing[...]

This is the All-New Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

Thursday  17:55,   05 october 2017

<p>American cruisers are getting some serious new competition from across the pond.</p>A couple weeks ago we showed you Triumph’s teaser video for the all-new Bonneville Speedmaster replacing the now-defunct Speedmaster cruiser. The bike was[...]