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2018 Audi A4 Ultra Premium vs. 2018 Honda Accord 2.0T Touring: Blurred Lines

Tuesday  23:06,   03 april 2018
Motor Trend

Who builds the better luxury family sedan?With mainstream automakers offering luxury-laden trims while prestige car brands attempt to democratize luxury, we organized four comparison tests to see who does posh better for a capped price of[...]

California will allow fully driverless vehicles to test on public roads

Tuesday  17:37,   03 april 2018

The California DMV has begun issuing permits to allow companies that meet specific requirements to test their vehicles on public roads without human safety drivers.The state of California announced today that it would begin accepting applications[...]

Apple's new patent lets VR zombies chase you in your car

Tuesday  16:43,   03 april 2018

The hardware giant applied for a patent this week that would let passengers in a vehicle experience VR to help alleviate motion sickness and boredom.Apple's concept envisions using a combination of VR headsets, controllers and projectors to immerse[...]

The Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring Is the Anti-SUV Crossover of Choice

Monday  23:25,   02 april 2018

Among a sea of soccer moms and their Suburbans, this SUV delivers standout style.Mazda’s style is unique, there's no denying it. With the company's most recent design refresh, the Japanese carmaker went bold; with that large grille and huge Mazda[...]

2019 Jeep Wrangler Pickup: Everything We Know

Monday  18:26,   02 april 2018
Road & Track

We can't wait for this truck.Jeep hasn't sold a pickup truck since 1992, when the XJ Cherokee-based Comanche went out of production. Since then, Jeep has made many concept pickups to tease us. Now, we know that a JL Wrangler-based pickup is on[...]

2019 Toyota RAV4: 6 Things to Know

Monday  18:16,   02 april 2018
Motor Trend

How Toyota designed and engineered the fifth-gen crossoverOne of the most. anticipated debuts at the 2018 New York auto show was the all-new fifth-generation RAV4, the latest iteration of the vehicle that started the popular small crossover segment[...]

Auto Showdown: 2019 Nissan Altima vs. 2018 Honda Accord

Monday  18:11,   02 april 2018
Motor Trend

Can the Altima take on the segment[...]

These Are The Cheapest And Most Expensive Cars From 2006 To 2016 To Insure

Sunday  11:22,   01 april 2018

Buying a car that’s 10 years old isn’t a huge risk anymore. What’s cheap and what’s expensive to insure? Insurance resource company recently released a list of cars from 2006 to 2016 that it found to be the least and most expensive to[...]

There were 2,000 ways to configure a Ford Fusion. Now there are 36

Friday  23:31,   30 march 2018

While its long-term future remains uncertain, Ford signaled that it isn't givingWhen it hits showrooms in late summer, the 2019 Fusion will be offered in 36 available configurations. That's down from nearly 2,000 for the 2018 model year and a[...]

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Finally Coming to Mazda

Thursday  20:26,   29 march 2018

The 2018 Mazda6 will be the first Mazda to sync up with your smartphone.As one of the only remaining automakers to not offer Apple or Google's smartphone-car integration app, Mazda is joining manufacturing partner Toyota—a company that now promises[...]

2019 Toyota RAV4: How Does It Stack Up Against The Competition?

Wednesday  19:13,   28 march 2018

The new RAV4 may look rugged, but how does it compare to some of its closest rivals? The 2019 Toyota RAV4 is bigger, bolder, and more capable than ever – and it’s making its debut this week at the New York Auto Show. While it shares a number of[...]

2019 Ram 1500: First Drive Review

Tuesday  22:07,   27 march 2018

This popular truck gets improved in every way.Important[...]

2018 Volkswagen Passat GT First Drive: V(olks')-6

Saturday  17:38,   24 march 2018
Motor Trend

Democratizing smooth, linear power in midsize sedansThese days $30,000 doesn't get you a top-shelf midsize sedan. No, today's enthusiastic family-car buyer must budget closer to the national average new-car transaction price of $35,444 to get the[...]

2018 Kia Stinger GT V-6 Review: Korea Builds a Modern-Day Four-Door Muscle Car

Saturday  05:30,   24 march 2018

But like all modern muscle cars, that's not to say it's a slob to drive.You might not think it from the pictures—I certainly didn't at first—but the Kia Stinger GT is a damn fine-looking car. Over the course of a four-hour drive, I got three [...]

2019 Kia Sorento: Refreshed and refined

Thursday  21:22,   22 march 2018

A mini makeover is a good look for Kia’s three-row kid-hauler.Visually, you'll be able to spot the 2019 Sorento thanks to its new grille and updated lighting elements. Full-LED lighting is available on high-end trims, and around back, both the[...]