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Millennials' preferences are leading to major changes in the wedding industry

Wednesday  22:50,   15 august 2018

According to a survey done by The Knot, the number of couples choosing to celebrate in traditional wedding venues such as banquet halls and hotel reception rooms has dropped significantly in the past eight years. Meanwhile, unconventional venues[...]
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'20 years ago we didn't have gender reveals or baby photo shoots!' Parents go viral after posing for brilliant 'empty nest' pictures to celebrate dropping off their youngest child at college

Wednesday  18:58,   15 august 2018

Vicky Piper and her husband, Jeff, did an empty nest shoot after they dropped their final child off at college. Vicky Piper, 48, agreed to do the photo shoot with her husband, Jeff, 50, after he made the hilarious suggestion. He found an[...]

For Online Daters, Women Peak at 18 While Men Peak at 50, Study Finds. Oy.

Wednesday  17:52,   15 august 2018

The study, which looked at nearly 200,000 users, also showed that a man’s desirability increased with greater education. For women, it was another story.In it, Ms. Gadsby takes on the fragility of masculinity — and at one point drills into Pablo[...]

Sneaky Kid Orders $350 Worth of Toys on Her Mom's Amazon Account

Tuesday  21:06,   14 august 2018

The 6-year-old knew to select next-day shipping, tooCaitlin asked her mom if she could go back on Amazon to see when the package would arrive. It's a pretty reasonable request for an excited kid. Even adults refresh their pages constantly to see[...]

Waiting To Meet Your 'Soulmate' Might Be The Reason You're Still Single

Tuesday  17:55,   14 august 2018

If you’re on your own when you would prefer to be sharing life with a partner, I suggest that it is important that you take time to consider what really matters when it comes to that ‘special someone’ — your soulmate, or whatever you prefer to call [...]

Online Daters Tend to Be Interested in Partners 25 Percent More Desirable Than They Are

Tuesday  00:35,   14 august 2018

And sometimes, it pays[...]

This guy's hilarious video nails every parent's frustrations at Disney World

Monday  19:36,   13 august 2018

John Crist, a stand-up comic, perfectly sums up the long lines, heat, fatigue and expensive swag in less than two minutes.In a hilarious video, Crist became every parent who has to deal with the heat, the crowds, the lines, the overpriced souvenirs[...]

Police Had to Rescue Bride Out of Her Flooded Car

Monday  19:31,   13 august 2018

Rain on your wedding day is good luck, right?The call to Bogota, New Jersey Police came around 6 p.m. on Saturday, after rising flood waters had trapped the newly-minted bride and groom at an intersection in Bergen County, New Jersey. While most[...]

Why You Sometimes Feel Sad After Sex, Even When It's Good Sex

Monday  18:00,   13 august 2018

When he was in his early 20s, Los Angeles-based writer Brandon G. Alexander often felt an inexplicable sadness after sex, even when it was “good” sex with people he liked. .“The best way to describe the feeling is empty or sometimes shame, depending [...]

Who Are the Men Taking Their Wives' Last Names?

Friday  00:56,   10 august 2018

Your well educated mate may still want to keep things traditional.And my favorite: When you get married, are you going to take your husband’s last[...]

The Money Lessons I Learned From Calling Off My Wedding

Wednesday  19:41,   08 august 2018

A major life curveball led to a brighter financial future.After seven years with my fiancé, Jeff, I finally realized our relationship wasn’t heading in a positive direction. I was the breadwinner and the responsible one. Jeff could never seem to[...]

Real Brides With Tattoos Share If They Rocked Their Ink or Covered Up For Their Wedding

Wednesday  19:41,   08 august 2018

Tattoos can still be very polarizing.Whether pressured by family, or torn between the “look” they want to achieve, we asked real brides with tattoos to share how they handled their ink on their wedding day. From large colorful sleeves to tiny and[...]

Tim Hortons to install changing tables in men's room after dad's Twitter rant: 'It's 2018; dads change diapers'

Wednesday  19:36,   08 august 2018

Tim Hortons apologized and pledged to install changing tables in men’s rooms after a father was forced to use the women’s room to change his son’s diaper.Chris Webb, a father of two, took to Twitter after he was forced to use the women’s room to[...]

This Is the Ideal Height for Men—According to Online Daters

Wednesday  18:00,   08 august 2018

According to a new survey by eharmony, height isn't as important as you'd expect, and the "ideal height" for a man appears to be shorter than you think.E-harmony, an online dating website that prides itself on a questionnaire that[...]

I Was Kicked Out of My Best Friend's Bridal Party

Wednesday  17:45,   08 august 2018

Three women open up about being asked to resign as bridesmaids.Duffy shared the e-mail on Twitter in the hopes that Jet Blue would refund the flights she'd bought for the wedding she no longer planned to attend, and her now-deleted tweet quickly[...]