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This story about a missing cat who turned up five years later is an emotional rollercoaster

  This story about a missing cat who turned up five years later is an emotional rollercoaster When Panther the cat disappeared five years ago, his owner assumed he was gone forever. But the missing cat just showed up. Read the story here.These are the stories that stick with people because so many of us can relate to them. When you hear about Chrissy Teigen’s dog dying, those of us who have had dogs immediately slip back into that familiar moment. And even if you grew up without pets, so many of us can relate to the feeling that animals bring us. Joy in a world that is often not joyful.

With your arms around my shoulders and your kiss on my cheek, you taught me that I was valued for my heart—not in the romantic sense, but how big my heart was, my capacity to love.

Then, just a few weeks ago I saw him kiss my best friend . I was so angry that I told one of the teachers at skool. No matter how ya look at it, he abused his position of authority when he kissed you.

a person standing next to a brick wall© Provided by Purple Clover When we were 10 years old, my best friend Sarah and I decided that we needed to "practice kiss" for when we'd be expected to do it in earnest with boys.

I'd already been practicing by myself. I spent hours in private passionately smooching my bedroom wall, my pillow, my hand and my stuffed chimpanzee Zippy. I moaned, groaned and wriggled around. I felt it was important to act as if I were turned on.

Sarah and I sat down to prepare a list of rules. We came up with only one: "No tongue."

The following Saturday, I furiously brushed my long, dark hair and put on a ruffled shirt-and-short set, an outfit I thought made me look cute and girly. I also spritzed on the drugstore perfume my parents let me wear for "special occasions" like bar mitzvahs and family weddings.

How To Cope When You're Always The Third Wheel

  How To Cope When You're Always The Third Wheel They say three's a crowd, and anyone who's ever begrudgingly allowed themselves to be a third wheel would probably agree.Meeting your best friend's significant other for the first, second, or even third time is one thing. But, when your friend is constantly inviting their partner whenever the two of you hang out, you have the right to be a little annoyed — even if your friend insists that their partner is totally the one who's the third wheel here, not you. (function (d, t) { var s = d.createElement(t); s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.async = true; s.

Send to Friend . "Andrew Greene, can you teach me how to kiss ?" "Nothing, just drinking up man," I replied to Luke, one of my best mates. "Woah, this is the first time I saw the man-whore not having girls around!

Well , this is you’re lucky day my friend , because I am an aficionado of the intimate act of the kiss . The flick of the lip, the light suction and the playful nibble, a great kisser is like a jazz player. How to talk to a stunning girl ive never spoken to before.

Sarah and I met at our designated spot: the large rock on the grass in front of one of the buildings in the Bronx housing project in which I lived. It struck us as suitably dramatic.

Volunteering to be "on bottom," I draped my body across the rock and gazed up at the bright, sunny sky. Sarah, her frizzy red hair woven tightly into braids, wore a bright green romper. "It brings out the color of my hair," she said, flinging herself on top of me.

I'd imagined that we would hesitate and fumble, but we got right into it. Sarah's sharp, skinny bones pressed into me. Her lips felt dry against mine. I took a pause to lick my lips. She did the same.

After a few minutes, Sarah sat up and wiped her now-moist mouth. Matter-of-factly, she said, "OK, I'll be on bottom now."

Rats Can Accurately Detect This Disease in Humans

  Rats Can Accurately Detect This Disease in Humans <p>Current methods for detecting TB tuberculosis, one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide, are far from perfect. But rats are coming to the rescue.</p>Inspired by anecdotal reports that TB patients give off a specific odor, a team led by Georgies Mgode from the Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania trained African giant pouched rats to sniff samples of saliva and mucus—known as sputum samples—from 982 children under five infected with the disease. These children had already been given standard smear tests at clinics in the Tanzanian capital of Dar es Salaam.

Fiery relationship: Sir Roger Moore with Italian actress Luisa Mattioll - the third of his four wives. Lana Turner taught me how to kiss . Cut! Honey, you’re a great kisser but when a lady’s over 35, she has to be careful of her neckline. So could you kiss me with the same passion but without the pressure?’

well your mom giving you tips how to kiss isnt weird but if you practiced on her like kissing her like it was your gf then yes its weird. My Sister Offered to Teach me How to Kiss . Should I Accept? My homeschool teacher kissed me .? How do I make time for my friends ?

We reversed positions. We kissed again. I wriggled my torso and Sarah wriggled hers.

What we were doing felt as natural as practicing for an athletic event: how to position our mouths; how to avoid bumping noses; how to move our bodies in ways that were attractive rather than awkward.

It hadn't occurred to either of us that we were doing all this in full view of anyone walking by. It certainly hadn't crossed my mind that my older sister might see us. I still don't know whether someone tipped her off or whether she just happened to be strolling past.

Suddenly, I heard her yelling gleefully, "Lesbos!!! My sister is a lesbo! I'm telling Mommy and Daddy. Daddy's gonna kill you!" And off she ran.

Terrified, Sarah and I leapt up and apart.

My parents, who were fiercely politically progressive, had taught me since I was a toddler to accept and respect people of "all hues and beliefs." However, the one thing about which they weren't tolerant was homosexuality. Even at 10, I sensed they were threatened by something "the establishment" had told them was wrong, although in so many other areas they rebelled against that same establishment.

Watch this deaf puppy use sign language with new owner after being abandoned five times

  Watch this deaf puppy use sign language with new owner after being abandoned five times The little pup was abandoned five times before he was even 1 year old. Why? Because Ivor is deaf.&nbsp;This lovely Staffordshire puppy named Ivor is so cute, you’d think anyone would love to have him as part of the family. But sadly this wasn’t the case – the little pup was abandoned five times before he was even 1 year old. Why? Because Ivor is deaf.

You are reading. Teach Me How To Kiss (boyxboy). Best friends since they waddled in diapers, Finn and Aidan take on their senior year in high school. Enter one hot girl and allow for situation to simmer- and you've got a problem.

oh no here i go, i live in Kensington, my best -guy- friend is called Finn, my biiiitch of a history teacher is called Charlotte, my cousin is called Amelia and my brother is called Aidan lmaooooo. Get notified when Teach Me How To Kiss (boyxboy) is updated.

That afternoon, my father, who was hot-tempered and often violent, was so worried about my Sapphic tendencies that he didn't lay a hand on me. Instead, he and my mother droned on and on (my mother near tears, wringing her hands) about the dangers and unnaturalness of what Sarah and I had done. Feeling completely misunderstood, I sat stoic and silent throughout their lecture.

Sarah and I never "practice kissed" again. It was too dangerous. I resumed kissing my bedroom wall, hand, pillow and the stuffed, furry Zippy.

The following year, I had my first kiss with a boy. He was someone to whom I'd been "assigned" at a party. I wasn't attracted to him. I barely returned his kisses and lay rigid in his arms. A few years later, I kissed someone who genuinely turned me on. My lips and body responded instinctively.

The main outcome of my "makeout session" with Sarah, as it turned out, was to solidify my disappointment in my parents for not being as open-minded and tolerant as they liked to believe they were. (I was thrilled when my mother, much later in her life, grew very close to a gay male couple, and shamefacedly admitted that previously she'd been "closed-minded and intolerant.")

The other outcome was that for many years afterward, until her unexpected death from an aneurysm six years ago, Sarah and I never failed to smile as we reminisced about the day we were "outed" on the rock.

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