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Um, You'll Never Guess When Kids Go To Bed in Italy

Friday  23:15,   20 april 2018

In Italy, a parent's attempt to impose order on the universe with pre-sunset tuck-ins are not only called into question, but they’re also met with a confused, “Ma stai scherzando?” (Are you kidding me?) “Walk into any restaurant in Rome, from[...]

Mother who left her four kids under 12 home alone with a gun while she toured Europe for 11 DAYS is spared jail

Friday  18:40,   20 april 2018
Daily Mail

Erin Lee Macke entered an Alford plea to four counts of child endangerment for going on an 11-day trip to Germany while her children were alone.Erin Lee Macke, 31, entered an Alford plea in February to four counts of child endangerment. Had the case [...]

Michigan couple welcomes 14th son — and wait until you hear his name

Friday  16:25,   20 april 2018

The wait is over for Kateri and Jay Schwandt: It's a boy! (Again!)The proud parents already had 13 sons ranging in age from 25 to 2 when they became pregnant with what they feel will probably be their final[...]

This Dad’s Letter to His Son’s Teacher Is Too Funny for Words

Friday  01:11,   20 april 2018
Best Life

One dad was forced to explain why his son showed up at school wearing the wrong clothes: He can't work a washing machine.Such is the story of Michael Walsh, a father who was forced to write an embarrassing letter to his son’s teacher in which he [...]

8 Issues You Need to Fight About BEFORE You Get Married

Thursday  21:51,   19 april 2018

This may come as a surprise, but fighting is something that happy couples do—and can actually help build a strong marriage. My husband and I had some memorable clashes during our engagement period, which functioned kind of like throwing cargo off a[...]

How Often You Kiss Your Man Reveals How Long Your Relationship Will Last

Thursday  19:11,   19 april 2018

When couples come in to see me for counseling, I ask many of the following questions: How often are you having sex, if at all? What values do you share? How long have you been struggling? However, one of the most important questions I ask is [...]

The Discipline Hack That Actually Got My Toddler to Behave

Wednesday  23:50,   18 april 2018

I only regret not knowing about it soonerI'll be honest, I'm not great at disciplining my toddler. I didn’t babysit much and I never really disciplined kids all that often. So, when it came to my own, I was golden until she turned into a toddler.[...]

The 1 Thing Nobody Tells You About Having a Boy

Wednesday  22:26,   18 april 2018

Almost three years after our daughter was born, we added a son to our family, much to my husband, brother, and father's delight.By all appearances, it initially seemed that this baby wouldn't be much different than his sister. Their first days[...]

5 Dating Mistakes That Keep You From Finding Your Soulmate

Wednesday  19:43,   18 april 2018

<p>This deafening biological clock can wreak havoc on your love life. It fills you with anxiety and fear. And when you’re trying to date from that headspace, you attract the wrong type of guys.</p>"I’m running out of time. I’m 34 and single.[...]

Here’s Why This Mountain-Top Marriage Proposal Is Going Viral

Wednesday  02:30,   18 april 2018
Best Life

One marriage proposal atop New York's Minnewaska state park is going viral, amassing 160,000 likes and 25,000 retweets. Here's why.Here is what Meg[...]

This Trend In Dating Is The 'Worst Decision Any Single Can Make'

Tuesday  20:02,   17 april 2018

“Serendipidating" is an all-too-common dating habit that experts say could cost you a worthwhile partner.&nbsp;Eventually the other person gives up, the conversation sputters out and you’re freed up to look for the next best thing. The only [...]

7 Tips For Dealing With Bed-Wetting

Tuesday  01:36,   17 april 2018

For millions of kids, bed-wetting is a normal part of growing up. According to The Mayo Clinic, bed-wetting affects about one of every four children at age 5, and boys make up two-thirds of this group. While bed-wetting is frustrating, it isn't[...]

Here's how to know when it's time to say 'I love you,' according to relationships experts

Tuesday  01:36,   17 april 2018

It's all about trusting your feelings and knowing your[...]

Mom's Post About Nursery Going Vegan Without Consent Sparks Heated Debate

Tuesday  00:40,   17 april 2018

The UK mom says she felt 'railroaded' by the daycare facility.It's no secret that kids are picky eaters, but who gets to decide what they eat (or don't eat) once they start[...]

Victoria Beckham Answered a Question About Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress

Friday  19:06,   13 april 2018

<p>Her answer was very diplomatic, of course.</p>Host James Corden was quick to grill Beckham about the royal wedding, and while she was more reticent about more questions than others, she did drop a truth bomb about Markle’s wedding dress.[...]