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Trust Me, Your Husband Wants You to Initiate Sex

Friday  01:16,   13 april 2018

Just because he's not, doesn't mean he's not interestedI've talked to a lot of women who have been in long-term relationships about how it's normal to not crave as much sex after you have children. A common thread among all my friends is [...]

Get to Know the Woman Behind the Royal Dream Job: Prince George and Princess Charlotte's Nanny!

Thursday  21:26,   12 april 2018

Does the name Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo ring a bell? She's one of the most important people in Kensington Palace, and as Prince George and Princess Charlotte's nanny, we think she's got the best job of all. Since joining the staff of the[...]

Newborn Nearly Dies in Car Seat After Sitting in Traffic

Thursday  21:05,   12 april 2018

The baby's jaw clenched shut, and her lips turned blue.The couple, who live in Scotland, brought both daughters inside after returning home, but since it was already past Malena's bedtime, they decided to keep Harper in her car seat for another[...]

8 Things College Kids Say They Couldn’t Live Without

Thursday  21:05,   12 april 2018
Reader's Digest

Adhesive wall hangers With the tight space, you’ll want to stay neat. But one of the most important parts of making your space your own means hanging pictures and posters. Brigit Nemitz, a junior at Grace College in Winona Lake, IN, recommends[...]

Is A Man More Likely to Cheat When His Partner Is Pregnant?

Thursday  20:50,   12 april 2018

Tristan Thompson returned to work one day after allegations he cheated on pregnant girlfriend Khloé Kardashian were made public. Dr. Terri Orbuch, a professor at Oakland University and author of 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage to Good[...]

The Everything Guide to Staying Cool at a Summer Wedding

Thursday  20:46,   12 april 2018
The Cut

How to freshen up before photos, shade your guests with marketumbrellas, and take the sweaty dance floor by storm. Cautionary tales from steamy nuptialsVenue: Dobbin St, WilliamsburgDate: July 22, 2017Temp: 91°F“We knew what we were getting into[...]

The 8 Most Important Lies You'll Ever Tell Your Toddler

Thursday  19:50,   12 april 2018

It's not lying when there's survival involved1. The park is[...]

Study Shows That Your Babysitter Could Be Putting Your Sleeping Baby at Risk

Thursday  00:11,   12 april 2018

If you've never stayed up all night watching the baby monitor to make sure your child is breathing, are you even a parent? A recent study in the The Journal of Pediatrics explored the characteristics of more than 10,000 infant deaths[...]

10 Signs You Might Be Dating A Sociopath

Wednesday  23:21,   11 april 2018

When you’re in love, it’s easy to gloss over some of your partner’s less flattering traits. So what is a sociopath exactly? Characteristics include a persistent disregard for right and wrong, a tendency to lie and manipulate others, a lack[...]

A 17-year-old says she was told to put Band-Aids on her breasts after school officials claimed she was distracting male students

Wednesday  22:17,   11 april 2018

According to Lizzy Martinez, she was recovering from a sunburn and did not want her shoulders to be further irritated by bra straps. Instead, Martinez, a junior at Braden River High School in Bradenton, Florida, opted for a gray long-sleeve shirt[...]

The Biggest Findings From a New Study on People Who Cheat

Wednesday  20:45,   11 april 2018
The Cut

And what habits to change if these risk factors feel a little familiar.“I know it’s not okay, and I’m working on controlling the impulse,” he told[...]

Stranger on Plane Adopts Woman's Son After Chance Encounter: 'They Were Meant for Each Other'

Wednesday  19:31,   11 april 2018

'Neither of us should have been on that plane.'“After finally gaining the strength to leave my abusive relationship, I found myself in a very dark and lonely place mentally,” Snipes tells PEOPLE. “I knew I loved this life inside of me, but I [...]

What Is a Hatchelorette and Why Should You Have One?

Wednesday  03:11,   11 april 2018

Mamas-to-be, you're going to LOVE this idea.The baby shower: probably the least exciting 'shower' you'll have. Like a bridal shower or wedding shower, it's basically just another social gathering where your family and friends watch you open[...]

Kate Middleton Has Used Hypnosis to Battle Labor Pains, and Here's Why She'll Do It Again

Tuesday  23:06,   10 april 2018

As Kate Middleton prepares to give birth to her third child in April, it appears as though the Duchess of Cambridge is planning on using hypnosis to help relieve labor pains. If you're wondering exactly what goes into a hypnobirth, you're[...]

The Relatable Way Meghan Markle Found Her Engagement Photographer

Tuesday  22:06,   10 april 2018
The Cut

Finally, an aspect of the royal wedding we can relate to.Meghan Markle’s upcoming royal wedding to Prince Harry will be far from your normal nuptials — he’s a prince, they’re both rich and beautiful, the Spice Girls will be there, and so on — but it [...]