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The 7 stages of falling in love with someone who’s already in a relationship

Saturday  00:35,   10 june 2017

We often hear people talk, sing, and write stories and poetry about the exquisite pain of unrequited love. But what we don’t…Not only can you not have them for yourself, but you have to see them with their person. And even if you aren’t seeing them, [...]

Should You Discipline Another Parent’s Child?

Friday  22:36,   09 june 2017

It's a sensitive subject, but a parenting expert says the answer is pretty clear. One breezy, balmy New York City summer afternoon, I was walking my then-6-year-old daughter to ballet day camp. On the way, we ran into one of her fellow dance[...]

10 Guys On the Exact Moment Having a Baby Made Them Super Emo

Friday  01:56,   09 june 2017

"I'm pretty sure when she was born my brain melted and my head just evacuated every tear it had. And I never cry."2. "There was a moment where my wife and I had a scare… our baby was fine, but we wound up at the OB and had to get a[...]

The One Thing You Should NEVER Do At A Wedding

Thursday  23:05,   08 june 2017

There are some things most of us just know not to do when a friend gets married: Badger the couple for a plus one when you didn't get one, wear white, get so drunk you end up passing out face-down in a slice of cake. Other parts of 21st-century[...]

The Countries Where Babies Cry The Most

Wednesday  23:40,   07 june 2017

Chart lets you know whether your baby is crying too muchNewborns cry a lot because that’s what newborns do, right? And even though you know newborns cry, it’s still stressful when your baby[...]

Is your child being bullied? Here’s how to help.

Wednesday  21:55,   07 june 2017

Children can develop bullying patterns when they are still in elementary school. These parent-centric techniques can help you teach your young child to cope.While there is a lot of attention devoted to bullying among adolescents, children can[...]

Why Your Kids Should Do Weekly Chores—And Get Paid for Doing Them

Wednesday  19:01,   07 june 2017

Yes, an allowance really is a good idea!There are plenty of benefits that come with assigning household tasks to your children: Not only will you get extra help checking items off your to-do list, you'll also be giving the kiddos a chance to learn[...]

What Parents Need to Do When Their Kid Comes Out as Transgender

Tuesday  22:01,   06 june 2017

Dayton has been advocating for LGBTQ rights since high school, when she did a complete 180 away from her upbringing and founded an alliance group. Since then she has remained vigilantly aware of the social and political issues facing her closest[...]

Why This Expert Says Millennial Parents Have It Harder Than Any Previous Generation

Tuesday  21:37,   06 june 2017

There's a weird thing that can happen when you’re pregnant: Even though you know childbirth is just one day (ish), and parenting lasts a lifetime, you spend the vast majority of your time thinking about and preparing for labor and delivery. I’ve [...]

How "Phubbing"—AKA Phone Snubbing—Is Ruining Your Relationship

Thursday  17:26,   01 june 2017

Instagram can[...]

11 Comics For Couples Who Are Basically Just Two Grown Kids In Love

Wednesday  23:52,   31 may 2017

True love is about the weird little moments you share with your significant other. Just ask 27-year-old illustrator Fishbowl. In her popular comic series “My Giant Nerd Boyfriend,” the Malaysian-based artists documents her adventures with her tall[...]

5 Questions That’ll Bring You Closer to Your Dad

Wednesday  23:21,   31 may 2017

What Is Your First Memory as My Father? It’s gratifying to be told what you can’t possibly recall. It’s gratifying to be told what you can’t possibly recall. My sons, both still young, laugh hysterically at tales of their infancy-their[...]

How To Raise Financially Literate Millennial Children

Wednesday  17:45,   31 may 2017

Here's how to talk to your kids about money, and when it's time to finally cut them[...]

The Most Beautiful Bohemian Baby Names

Wednesday  17:36,   31 may 2017

Picking a baby name for some parents-to-be can prove to be the toughest task - there are just too many to choose from. If you're looking to at least narrow down your search by category, we've compiled our favorite bohemian names that each[...]

What To Do When Your Kid Says Something Wildly Offensive In Public

Tuesday  19:50,   30 may 2017

***ImagePlaceholder*** Dear Because I Said So, How do you teach a kid tact? My son will say things to his grandfather like, "If you're the same age, why are you so much more[...]