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LifeStyle: Family & Relationships

Woman 'Miraculously' Becomes Pregnant While Already Expecting

Wednesday  18:37,   16 november 2016

Her experience is being called the world's rarest pregnancy.But then, something unimaginable - and nearly impossible - happened. Hill became pregnant again 10 days after conceiving her twins. Just wait. The Hills' story gets stranger and,[...]

Mom Claims Ghost Appeared in Daughter's Car Selfie to Deliver Warning

Tuesday  21:35,   15 november 2016

There was a devastating accident on the same road, exactly a year before the photo was taken.It wasn't until a month later that this normal day turned into something quite abnormal. Kurtz was looking through the pictures on her camera and spotted a[...]

What You Need to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring Online

Tuesday  19:42,   15 november 2016

<p>If you're committed to ditching store hopping for online browsing, here are 6 things to know before you press the buy now button on an engagement ring you found online.</p>So if you're committed to ditching store hopping for online[...]

Night Janitor Vacuums Art Into the Carpet for Elementary School Students

Tuesday  19:42,   15 november 2016

The kiddos love seeing what design awaits them each morning.The fun artwork is courtesy of Ron Munsey, the night janitor at Woodbury, who takes a few minutes each evening to vacuum images into the rugs. He considers his designs a contribution to[...]

Second Twin Born as Daylight Saving Time Ends Winds Up Older Than Brother

Tuesday  19:42,   15 november 2016

If baby A was born first and baby B was born half an hour later, how is baby B the elder twin? If baby A was born first and baby B was born a half hour later, how is baby B the older twin?That’s the riddle a set of Massachusetts twins born during [...]

Forget Letters, Kids Can Now Call Santa's Phone Number

Friday  20:49,   11 november 2016

It really works,[...]

The 3 Words That Can Add A Spark Back Into Your Relationship

Friday  19:35,   11 november 2016

Can these three simple words really make a difference in your relationship? We put them to the test to find out.I feel myself go into a murderous rage when I'm in the middle of telling my fiancé something, only to have him look up from the video[...]

What Our Kids Need to Learn From Trump Now That He's President-Elect

Thursday  02:56,   10 november 2016

<p>For roughly half of the nation, this morning wasn't the post-Election Day they'd envisioned for themselves or their families. But for parents, there's an obligation today, for the weeks to come, and for the next four years, to talk [...]

The Internet Banded Together to Help Grieving Dad Save His Dead Wife's Lullabies

Tuesday  19:21,   08 november 2016

The widower was desperate to uncover the recorded music so their son could hear his mother's voice.The family's story is heartbreaking - after a routine pregnancy and a normal C-section delivery, Sharry died of an amniotic fluid clot, a rare[...]

7 Things That Should Never Be Said in a Wedding Toast

Saturday  18:49,   05 november 2016

<p>What should be left out? Here are seven things that should never make it into a wedding toast.</p>1. That time your friend got busted for underage[...]

Why Premarital Counseling Is So Important For Engaged Couples

Saturday  18:42,   05 november 2016

What do you think of when you hear the words "premarital counseling?"&nbsp;For many, the traditional Catholic pre-cana comes to mind — a series of meetings with the parish priest, sometimes in a group environment with other couples[...]

Groom Carries Bride Down Aisle After Car Accident Leaves Her In Wheelchair

Saturday  18:42,   05 november 2016

This is true[...]

How Busy Working Mothers Can Keep a Relationship Alive

Saturday  18:14,   05 november 2016

All chores done? Check. Made sure the kids finished their homework? Done. Prepared all your notes for a meeting tomorrow? Ready. Spent quality time with your partner? Whoops. A working mother’s schedule is usually busy enough as it is, but when we[...]

What Happens After You Lose Someone You Love?

Saturday  18:14,   05 november 2016

Three women open up about dealing with grief and loss.This week on the Cosmo Happy Hour podcast, editor Elisa Benson discusses grief and loss with author Nora McInerny Purmort, co-founder and CEO of Rebecca Soffer,[...]

Are You Gaslighting Your Kids? 6 Signs You Might Be

Saturday  17:49,   05 november 2016

Are You Gaslighting Your Kids? 6 Signs You Might BeIn other words, you make them feel, over and over again, like they're going crazy. The word itself comes from a 1938 play called Gaslight, in which a husband dims the gas-powered lights in their[...]