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Mom Writes Important Message to Parents After No One Came to Her Son’s Party

Wednesday  17:07,   02 november 2016

"Words cannot describe the utter and complete devastation that washed over me."Kristen Layne, the blogger behind Life on Peanut Layne, promised her 9-year-old this would be "his first real party with friends." Mahlon was previously[...]

Parents Receive Brutal Note Shaming Them for Living in a Tiny House

Tuesday  18:56,   01 november 2016

"You guys are the most selfish parents around."Mike and Kelly Brüning, from San Diego, CA, are feeling shell-shocked after receiving an anonymous letter from a neighbor shaming them for the size of their house. According to San Diego's[...]

Here's Why You Should Do Pre-Marital Sex Counseling

Tuesday  16:42,   01 november 2016

<p>You've heard of premarital counseling. But what about premarital sex counseling?</p>As Madeleine Castellanos, M.D., sex expert and author of Wanting to Want: What Kills Your Sex Life and How to Keep It Alive, explains, "The sooner a[...]

The 6 Costs You Should Cover for Your Bridesmaids

Tuesday  16:42,   01 november 2016

It's no secret that being a bridesmaid is an expensive role for your friends to take[...]

23 Years After Vanishing, This Woman's Husband Turned Up Alive — With a Whole New Family

Tuesday  16:35,   01 november 2016

The mystery was solved all thanks to had left everything at home in Indiana, from his coat to his toothbrush to even his passport. He left behind a wife and two sons, only 9 and 6 years old. Police found his car at the airport, [...]

17 Tips to Steer Kids Through the End of the Political Season

Tuesday  16:07,   01 november 2016

Help your kids tune out the noise and tune into age-appropriate resources for political news.Today, when the latest campaign trail gaffe, political scandal, or candidate counterattack goes viral, your kids may hear about it before you[...]

This Is Why There's a Best Man at Weddings

Monday  22:21,   31 october 2016

Hint: it involves[...]

Girl Uses App to Be Kind to Classmate Who Doesn't Speak English

Monday  19:14,   31 october 2016

<p>In these heated and divided times, it's refreshing to hear about a 10-year-old girl bridging divides.</p>Amanda Moore from Temecula, Calif., noticed one of her new classmates at Paloma Elementary was sitting by himself. Though he[...]

4 Most Common Fights Couples Have—And What They Say About Your Relationship

Monday  16:07,   31 october 2016

Every couple has that one issue they always fight about.&nbsp;It's a stressful Tuesday morning and you and your significant other are fighting about the dirty dishes in the sink for the millionth time. It sucks, doesn't it? Every couple has that [...]

Parents Make Elaborate Halloween Costumes for Son With Cerebral Palsy

Monday  16:07,   31 october 2016

This year the seven-year-old is going as the Lincoln Memorial. What started seven Halloweens ago for one family, has turned into yearly elaborate costumes for their son.Seven-year-old Anthony Alfano, who has cerebral palsy, will be dressing as[...]