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In-N-Out sends pun-filled cease-and-desist to brewery planning In-N-Stout beer

Friday  02:50,   17 august 2018

San Francisco’s Seven Stills Brewery And Distillery likes a good gimmick. They have an imperial red ale that’s made with “a sh**load of Swedish Fish in the barrel.” Another pays tribute to, ah, Twins—the movie, not the baseball team. This whiskey[...]
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Forget Taco Tuesday—You'll Want Julia Turshen's Chorizo Tacos Everyday

Friday  01:55,   17 august 2018

Forget Taco Tuesday—You'll Want Julia Turshen's Chorizo Tacos[...]

I Ate All the Things at Guy Fieri's New Disney World Restaurant

Friday  01:10,   17 august 2018

The Food Network star is everywhere—he might as well be here, too.That day, there was a particular buzz surrounding one of the more modest-looking establishments you will find at Disney Springs, tucked just around the back of Planet Hollywood,[...]

Meet the Tiny Place in Scotland That’s Quietly One of the World’s Best Restaurants

Friday  01:10,   17 august 2018

Lonely Plant has listed a small fish and chips shop in Stonehaven Beach in Scotland as one of the best food experiences in the world.Lonely Planet recently released a book called Ultimate Eats, in which they have listed 500 culinary experiences[...]

Taco Bell Is Unleashing Spicy ‘Rattlesnake’ and ‘Reaper’ Nacho Fries

Friday  01:06,   17 august 2018

<p>Taco Bell has announced it will test two new versions of its wildly popular Nacho Fries, and it sounds great.</p>The euphoric land of Nacho Fries is getting an upgrade. Taco Bell announced Thursday that it's ratcheting up the heat on its[...]

Here's Why Bread, Beer, and Pasta May Soon Be Getting More Expensive

Friday  00:15,   17 august 2018

<p>Weather has affected wheat crops across the globe, which means bread, pasta, cakes, even beer, could soon be more expensive.</p>Unusually hot temperatures have been adversely affecting summer crops (such as lemons) here in the United[...]

Make Taco Bell Salt With Leftover Sauce Packets

Thursday  23:55,   16 august 2018

I have a bit of a shameful fast food habit which, not only keeps me grounded and humble, but keeps my packet drawer stocked with only the finest single-serve condiments. McDonald’s is stingy with their sweet and sour sauce, but Taco Bell is[...]

You Must Try This Condiment on Your Next Tomato Sandwich

Thursday  23:01,   16 august 2018

We know. We know. If it's not mayo, we've lost you. We were skeptics too. Then, one day, we opened up our pantry and drizzled a wee bit of honey (Savannah Bee Company, for the win) on thick, juicy slabs of tomato cradled in a piece of[...]

This Is What The Queen Eats Before Breakfast

Thursday  22:10,   16 august 2018

<p>Even queens need a morning pick-me-up</p>The Queen eats breakfast every day at 8:30 a.m. with her husband, Prince Philip. But she doesn't arrive on an empty stomach. In fact, Elizabeth indulges before her morning bath every morning at[...]

Why—And How—You Should Incorporate Roses In Your Diet

Thursday  22:10,   16 august 2018

Your favorite romantic flower isn't just for your garden I've always loved roses in a vase, but recently I've started to add them to just about everything I eat. I make a tea out of dried rose buds, ginger, and cinnamon, a combination[...]

The Peanut Butter Gadget That Changed Jimmy Kimmel's Life

Thursday  22:10,   16 august 2018

The late night host demonstrated the quirky product on last night's show.On last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the late night host took a couple minutes out of his monologue to discuss his dissatisfaction with mixing peanut butter every[...]

Tender, Fluffy Biscuits Without a Drop of Butter or Flour? Yes, Please.

Thursday  19:30,   16 august 2018

My main criterion for judging the deliciousness of a biscuit is whether it’s so warm and buttery, I forget who I was before tasting it. I’ve been lucky to lead a life where many biscuits have met this benchmark of existence-altering butteriness,[...]

Fact: Dry Rubs Are Better Than Marinades

Thursday  18:06,   16 august 2018

There. We said[...]

Burger King Tweeted Something Super Weird & People Are Kind of Concerned

Thursday  17:25,   16 august 2018

Burger King Tweets Confusing Message: Twitter Reacts to Mystery TweetFor a moment on Tuesday, Twitter was normal. It was still a fast-paced and volatile echo-chamber brimming with misinformation and inscrutable hashtags, but at least it was[...]

Magic happens when you combine soy sauce and butter

Thursday  17:25,   16 august 2018

<p>Learn how to make a butter-soy beef stir-fry</p>Umami Issuesis The Takeout’s exploration of cooking food with the rich, savory, mysterious taste sensation known as[...]