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How to Cook Salmon So It Always Comes Out Perfectly

Tuesday  19:11,   23 january 2018

Roast, poach, sear, or grill: when it comes to cooking salmon, you've got a lot of options. Buttery, meaty, and full of good-for-you fats, salmon lies in that magical realm of foods that are both healthy and truly delicious. It's also very easy [...]

‘Final Fantasy’ Gets a 30-Year-Old Whiskey For Its 30th Anniversary

Tuesday  19:08,   23 january 2018
Food & Wine

The Final Fantasy franchise doesn’t look like its losing steam anytime soon, so what better way to celebrate its continued success (and our continued obsession) than through some game-inspired whiskey? Universally known for its epic music,[...]

How to Make Homemade Microwave Popcorn in a Paper Bag

Tuesday  17:08,   23 january 2018

Without burning your house down, of course.But I don’t get to the movies that often, and I’m not a fan of pre-packaged microwave popcorn. The fake-butter flavoring leaves a weird, filmy feeling on my tongue, reminding me that I have no idea what’s[...]

Panera Petitions FDA for Clear Definition of ‘Egg’ for Restaurants

Tuesday  17:06,   23 january 2018
The Daily Meal

<p>Currently, chains can get away with using egg substitutes or eggs enriched with other ingredients, while simply listing “egg” on the[...]

People travel from all over the world to eat this one pasta dish

Tuesday  03:45,   23 january 2018

Many argue that the carbonara at Mezza Luna in the small town of Orvieto is the best pasta in Italy.So why clamor for a table here? For a heaping plate of what may well be the best damn pasta in all of[...]

Why Adding Milk To Your Scrambled Eggs Is a Mistake

Tuesday  00:26,   23 january 2018
Southern Living

Breakfast has long been touted as the most important meal of the day. Southern cooks readily agree, having great recipe collections for breakfast casseroles, pancakes, and shrimp and grits.&nbsp;Good quality eggs don’t need a lot of extra[...]

This Secret Technique is the Key to Tender, Juicy Stir-Fry Chicken

Monday  21:11,   22 january 2018
Taste of Home

Velveting chicken is a Chinese technique that keeps meat incredibly tender and juicy. Here's how it works.Velveting chicken. In the cooking world, the term velveting means to "pass through" hot oil or hot water for a brief period of cooking[...]

5 Items to Buy in Bulk (and 4 That Aren’t Worth It)

Monday  21:10,   22 january 2018
Taste of Home

A money-saving expert shares what you can almost always pick up in bulk, plus what you should pick up in smaller quantities to get the most bang for your buck.The trick is always to price shop (calculate the per-ounce price at each store to see[...]

Whole Foods Keeps Running Out of Food

Monday  20:42,   22 january 2018

<p>If you’ve been to a Whole Foods in the past few months, odds are you’ve noticed something strange. More and more regularly, you may have started to find shelves of canned goods or vegetable displays looking bare.</p>If you’ve been to a[...]

Olive Garden Loaded Pasta Chips Are Coming to the Menu, Just In Time For the Super Bowl

Monday  20:41,   22 january 2018
Spoon University

<p>This year, I'm team Olive Garden, because they're taking a classic Italian pasta and making it into[...]

Taco Bell Reveals Why It Took So Long to Get Fries on the Menu

Monday  20:15,   22 january 2018
Food & Wine

Until very recently, Taco Bell stuck to a strict no-fries policy.&nbsp;Until very recently, Taco Bell stuck to a strict no-fries policy. The chain is, after all, hawking re-imagined Mexican (but highly Americanized) dishes like quesadillas,[...]

A Quicker-Than-Quick Bread Way to Use Up Bananas

Monday  20:14,   22 january 2018

<p>It’s easy enough to freeze old bananas and save them for the weekend when I have more time to bake, but sometimes I'd rather just mash them up and turn them into a quick after-dinner snack.</p>I got the recipe for these banana fritters[...]

15 Foods We Don't Buy When Online Grocery Shopping—Only In Person

Monday  19:51,   22 january 2018
Bon Appétit

Don't trust someone to squeeze an avocado for[...]

George Orwell's 11 Tips for Proper Tea Making

Monday  19:07,   22 january 2018
Mental Floss

"I maintain that one strong cup of tea is better than twenty weak ones."So what does it take to make an Orwellian cup of tea? Read[...]

Get a Free Croissant With National Croissant Day Deals

Monday  19:07,   22 january 2018

From Burger King to Pillsbury, get your croissant for less.Find out where to score a deal on a[...]