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‘Whiskey Tequila’ Is a Real Liquor Made by Penthouse (Yes, That Penthouse)

Saturday  03:40,   20 january 2018

<p>Not tequila aged in whiskey barrels—we’re talking about a straight blend of whiskey and tequila</p>Great ideas might not take the world by storm right out of the gate, but true genius can only languish for so long before people take notice. [...]

The world's prettiest Kit Kat bar has finally arrived

Saturday  01:28,   20 january 2018

Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut has teamed up with Nestle to create the world's first candy bar made from ruby chocolate.As if Kit Kat flavors like Sake, Sweet Potato and Strawberry Cheesecake weren't unique enough, Japan has upped the[...]

Green Gummy Bears Are Strawberry-Flavored and Our Minds Are Blown

Friday  21:25,   19 january 2018
The Daily Meal

Gummy bears are not the innocent, adorable snacks that they seem. They’ve been living a lie. The flavors of gummy bears have nothing to do with their colors — and one of our favorite snacks will never be the same. Some candies, like Skittles for[...]

Kate Middleton Refuses to Drink Almond Milk, Warns: ‘Don’t Believe Everything You Read’

Friday  20:59,   19 january 2018
The Daily Meal

<p>The duchess wishes people would read gossip with a grain of salt.</p>When it comes to food and diets, we’re not surprised when celebrities’ habits run a little wild. But in the Duchess of Cambridge’s case, she recently divulged that she[...]

So, Your Sam’s Club Is Closing: Here’s What to Do About Your Membership

Friday  20:59,   19 january 2018
Taste of Home

&nbsp;Fear not: We have all the information you need!Luckily, Sam's Club has a money-back guarantee that states: "If at any time a member is unsatisfied with your Membership, let us know and we will cancel your membership and provide a refund of [...]

Daughter asked Twitter to help save her parents' cafe, and Twitter came through

Friday  19:49,   19 january 2018

Houston teen Jacqueline Garza asked Twitter to help save her parents' restaurant, La Casa Bakery and Cafe, from closing. Twitter said yes.Jacqueline Garza's parents, Trinidad and Ale Garza, opened La Casa Bakery & Cafe in Houston, Texas,[...]

You Can Only Get This Drink at One Starbucks in the Entire World

Friday  14:11,   19 january 2018
Reader's Digest

Looking to jazz up your java? Look no further. This secret Starbucks drink is so good, it might be worth booking a plane ticket for.&nbsp;Called the Espresso Martini, this caffeinated cuppa sports a delicious mix of espresso, vodka, and simple[...]

Buy a Beer and Get a Discounted Ride with Lyft

Friday  11:55,   19 january 2018
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A Beginner's Guide to Types of Tea, Because You Know It's Confusing

Friday  08:40,   19 january 2018

There are really no downsides to getting into tea—it's generally pretty healthy and can be lower in caffeine and better on your wallet than other drinks.&nbsp;There are really no downsides to getting into tea—it's generally pretty healthy[...]

Red Lobster turns 50: Celebrate with Cheddar Bay Biscuits and a year of free food

Friday  00:49,   19 january 2018

In honor of their golden anniversary, Red Lobster is giving away a golden gift card.Red Lobster is one America's most recognizable fast-casual eateries, so it's pretty hard to imagine a time before Endless Shrimp, buckets of snow crab legs and those [...]

Five Alternate Ways to Use a Rolling Pin

Friday  00:49,   19 january 2018

None of which include rolling dough.You know what’s really cool about cooking? There are no rules. You can put mayonnaise in your chocolate cake batter and pickle juice in your pork brine and nobody will bat an eye as long as it tastes good. You can [...]

Things Southerners Do While We Wait for a Table at Cracker Barrel

Thursday  21:36,   18 january 2018
Southern Living

We had a sneaking suspicion that many of us intentionally choose the busiest hours at Cracker Barrel just so we’ll have and excuse to do lots more than peruse the list of country sides. So we polled our Facebook Brain Trust, and sure enough—y’all[...]

Ben & Jerry's Launches Three New Truffle Pints

Thursday  20:31,   18 january 2018

One of each,[...]

Meat that grows on trees: What’s the deal with jackfruit?

Thursday  20:01,   18 january 2018

It mimics BBQ pulled pork shockingly well.Jackfruit, also called fenne or nangka, is the world's largest tree-borne fruit. The individual fruit looks something like an oblong, spiky cantaloupe, and can weigh a massive 80 pounds. The edible part of[...]

McDonald's strikes collaboration with designer Anna Sui for Chinese New Year

Thursday  20:00,   18 january 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

What do McDonald's and fashion designer Anna Sui have in common?&nbsp;The collaboration tries hard to tie in several different ideas: The upcoming lunar new year will usher in the Year of the Dog. Sui, is a popular Chinese-American designer. [...]