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Why and How I Spike My Own Seltzer

  Why and How I Spike My Own Seltzer <p>I got a seltzer maker as a gift and now I pound room-temperature fizz like it's my job.</p>I haven't drunk a Diet Coke for about a decade, but don't worry—I got my fill. Two to four liters a day for years and years, and plain old Coca Cola before that. Then I got a seltzer maker as a gift and now I pound room-temperature fizz like it's my job. (Which it is sometimes.) The bubbles scratch whatever itch the colas had threaded through my system over the years, and I'm good. Maybe a little bored sometimes, but good.

Even on the ground, compared to a screwdriver or a vodka and tonic, making a Bloody Mary from scratch can be a nuisance. With so many different tastes in the bottles, you have to pick a mix just the way you'd pick a favorite bartender.

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Okay, so Bloody Marys aren't the most challenging cocktail of all time, but sometimes you might not have the time and patience at 11 a.m., when you want to start your day drinking, to go out and buy Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, lime, and all the other spices. Now, thanks to Devil Dave's Bloody Mary Sticks, all you'll need is some V8 (or whatever your tomato juice of choice may be), your favorite vodka, and these ready-to-go packets.

Our lab analysis came back. Vegan & Gluten Free! Plus, our wholesaler mixed our recipe perfectly! Moving forward we hope to secure our Certificate of Vegan Foods, and Gluten Free badges.. We just added a $35 reward tier that gives you 2 boxes of sticks and a tin of Speed Mix! For the #make100 promo. Also you get your name hand carved on a plaque for the Devil Dave's warehouse! Check it out - LINK IN BIO . #bloodymary #bloodymarys #brunchlife #brunchgoals #cocktailtime #drinking #drinkup #drinkstagram #drinkporn #boozybrunch #drinkdrankdrunk #instabooze #daydrunk #mixeddrinks #brunchtime #brunching #hotandspicy #spicyfood #dranks #drunkentomato #cocktailgram #drinkyourveggies #boozybrunch #brunchtime #devildaves#devildavesbloodymarysticks #bloodymarymix #vegan #glutenfree

The Case for Drinking Like a Viking

  The Case for Drinking Like a Viking Find out why you should be drinking the Nordic spirit aquavit, which is finally getting some traction in the U.S.We’re enjoying thimble-sized glasses full of chilled liquor, accompanied by slices of smoked sausage, pickled herring, and bite-size chunks of bagel with lox spread. In between sips, I’m smacking my lips in savory delight. But we’re not drinking tequila, vodka, or even my beloved whiskey.

The Virgin Mary is a great way to enjoy your Bloody Mary without the liquor. Making a virgin Mary from scratch could not be easier . Once you pour the tomato and lemon juices, the other ingredients are simply there to ramp up the taste.

The Bloody Mary is a tomato-based cocktail that was created in the 1920s, and that has since become a staple drink for parties and brunches alike. There are many variations on the Bloody Mary , but the basic cocktail includes tomato juice, lemon juice, hot sauce, spices, vodka, and a variety of garnishes.

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The Bloody Mary sticks, 9 gram packets each made to flavor a 12-ounce Bloody Mary, come in packs of ten, or, for retailers, shelf-ready boxes of twenty. If you're a serious Bloody Mary drinker or about to have a bunch of people over or something, you can also go for the 8-ounce tin, with 25 servings. The mix contains Bloody Mary staples like flakes of horseradish, celery, and Worcestershire sauce, as well as black pepper, garlic, citrus, and spices. Granted, it's not super spicy, which is great for serving it to your least spice-seeking friends, but, if you like your drinks with a serious kick, you may want to add some hot sauce of your own.

Check out the beauty that Bloody Mary Obsessed made for us using Devil Daves Bloody Mary Sticks! Pineapples, yes please! You really can make anything with our bloody mary stick! #Repost @bloodymaryobsessed ??? I finally got to make a #bloodymary with my newest arrival: #devildavesbloodymarysticks ! I had limited resources so I improvised with some fresh pineapple from #hawaii and #skyyvodka pineapple vodka for a tropical bloody!! @devildavesbloodymarysticks made it super easy to make a tasty and fast Bloody Mary! The best part is the real horseradish and it’s #vegan! Help me support them by going to their profile for the link to their #kickstarter that starts TOMORROW!!!!!!!! Also, link to recipe is in my bio!!! . . #bloodymary #bloodymarys #bloodymaryobsessed #questforthebest #recipes #recipe #devildavesbloodymarysticks #pineapple #yummy #tasty #vegan #kickstarterproject #devildaves #bloodymarys #brunchaddict #drink #chilleddills #devildavesbloodymarysticks #kickstarter #seasonings #brunchNYC #drinkstagram #drinkup #brunchaddict

What’s Really in Old Bay Seasoning?

  What’s Really in Old Bay Seasoning? <p>Like the Colonel’s top-secret chicken recipe, Old Bay is extremely guarded about the contents of its lauded spice blend.</p>The spice blend first came to Baltimore in 1939 when spice merchant Gustav Brunn narrowly escaped Nazi Germany and sailed to the U.S. Using a small spice grinder he brought from his home country, Brunn combined 18 spices and herbs to make the now renowned recipe. Though originally branded “Delicious Brand Shrimp and Crab Seasoning" (straight to the point, huh?), he later renamed his product after a steamship line that traveled the Chesapeake between Maryland and Virginia.

Proud Mary , a version of the Bloody Mary , is easy to make either in a larger batch or as a one-off cocktail, says Eric Tecosky of Jones Hollywood. The Bloody Jerry can be enjoyed year round, but is definitely recommended as a great way to start your year.”

There are no real secrets to making a great Bloody Mary and it's actually a very simple drink when you break it down. When making cocktails at home, it's easy to skip the garnish. They're often an embellishment that adds little to the drink.

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There's sort of a Blue Apron aspect to the whole thing, where part of the point, aside from ease and convenience, is to have a Bloody Mary with a wide mix of ingredients without you having to buy whole containers of ingredients you'll never use again. That means no limes rotting in the fruit drawer of your fridge and no spices disappearing into the deepest recesses of your pantry. It's not super cheap—thelowest you can pledge to get any of the mix is $25 for two boxes—but it's definitely cheaper than buying everything separately.

You can pledge now to get your Bloody Mary sticks by 2018 at the product's Kickstarter or learn more at Devil Dave's.

This Map Reveals the Most Popular Cocktails in Every State .
<p>For starters, Manhattans are more popular in Vermont than they are in New York.</p>

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