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18:46  13 january  2018
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Remember, you can always continue cooking , but you can 't undo a mushy noodle. 4. Not salting the cooking water enough! This is, hands down, the biggest mistake home cooks make when cooking pasta .

We spoke with a panel of professional Italian and Italian-American chefs to learn the common mistakes amateur home cooks make when cooking pasta . Under-salting the pasta water is a big no-no: "It should be well-seasoned, like a soup."

  The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Cooking Pasta © Petrut Romeo Paul/Shutterstock

To a hungry cook in a hurry, no quick-and-easy meal is quite like plain, old pasta. Toss together some noodles and sauce, and voila! Dinner is served. There’s just one problem: Most of us don’t have the patience (or time) to wait for the pot to boil. But if you think you can save a few minutes by using a smaller pot, you might want to think again.

Sure, the logic makes sense at first. Using a smaller pot means you need less water, which will speed up the boiling process. But this little mistake could make a big difference for your plate of pasta, chefs say. (That’s not the only kitchen mistake you’re probably making, either.)

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  A Surprising (And Very Welcome) Tip for Better Baked Ziti <p>I developed a qualm about baked ziti: ricotta.</p>In this, I am not alone. There are plenty of other baked ricotta haters out there, and we all share the same complaint: when baked into a pasta, ricotta's silky texture becomes grainy and unpleasant. It takes one of the most beautiful things in the universe and corrupts it, simultaneously ruining both ricotta and baked pasta. This is a heinous crime.

Avoid making the mistakes outlined below, and you ’ll be well on your way to perfect mashed potatoes. 3. Not salting the water Just like when boiling pasta , water used for boiling potatoes should also be salted generously.

That's because there are many common mistakes that can be made when cooking pasta . If you 're not using a sauce like pesto or tomato sauce, add butter or oil to the noodles so you can enjoy it without having big clumps to eat.

First of all, long noodles might not fit in a small pot unless you snap them in half. Some Italians swear that breaking pasta is bad luck, while others say it’s just bad cooking form.

But there’s another reason why you should pay more attention to your water-to-pasta ratio. Adding a large handful of pasta to a small pot of water can cause the water’s temperature to drop fast, and it will take longer to start boiling again. As your noodles sit in lukewarm water, they will begin to get mushy and clump up, Iron Chef Michael Symon told Real Simple.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to this pesky problem. Fill a large pot with five to six quarts of water, adding two tablespoons of salt once it starts boiling. (Here’s why you should never add oil to your pasta water.) Throw in the pasta, and stir it occasionally until it’s done. Then, dig in!

We hate to break it to you, but you’ve been draining pasta wrong your whole life, too.

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<p>Avocados should not be cooked! Seriously, people, the madness has got to stop</p>I must admit that even I have fallen into the trap of cooking perfectly good avocados. My friend has an overly abundant avocado tree and sent me home with a basket of them one day. I never grew tired of eating them in guac, on toast or sliced over salads, but considering I had so many, I thought I might experiment. I put some chopped avocado into a batch of enchiladas, excited to see how their creaminess would add to the dish. So imagine my surprise and disappointment when I took my first bite, my tongue immediately recoiling at the slimy green avocado within.


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