Food You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is to Make Corn on the Cob in a Slow Cooker

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If you want to know how to make tasty corn on the cob in no time at all, follow the steps below. Other Ways to Make Corn on the Cob . Doing this makes removing the corn silk from the cob so much easier . Serve corn on the cob with melted butter or margarine.

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Need to cook corn for a crowd but don’t want to slave over a hot pot of boiling water or a grill?

Luckily, cooking corn on the cob in a slow cooker is an easy and hassle-free to make a classic summer cookout side that will feed a crowd. (Plus, summer corn is so fresh and affordable—how can anyone resist?)


All you need is your slow cooker, corn, aluminum foil, and crushed ice.

1. Start by setting your slow cooker on “high” for 20 minutes to preheat.

2. Meanwhile, wrap each corn cob in aluminum foil with a piece of crushed ice at the end of the cob inside the foil.

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3. Once your cooker is preheated, stack the corn inside and adjust it to the “low” setting. Let the corn cook for at least 2 hours, checking for doneness. The kernels should be tender when pierced with a paring knife. If you’re cooking a lot of corn with very large kernels, it could take up to 4 hours to fully cook.

Once it’s done, serve it the classic way (butter and salt!) or spice things up with some of our favorite ideas below:

Sunny’s recipe calls for a Mexican-inspired combo of Cotija cheese and mayo, but we also love slathering cobs with garlicky soft cheese, or a blend of Frank’s Red Hot sauce, blue cheese, and bacon (because you can and should “buffalo” everything, right?)

Need more inspiration? Here are five more to-die-for corn on the cob recipes.

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Cooking corn on the cob in your crockpot or slow cooker is so easy and the corn turns out perfect every time! Watch this cooking video and make the best Crockpot Corn on the Cob for dinner tonight!

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Once your corn has cooked, you can turn the slow cooker to “warm” if you’re planning on serving it that day. You can serve it warm, directly from the slow cooker, or transfer to a platter when you’re ready to eat.

Otherwise, cooked corn on the cob can be wrapped and stored in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days.

Pro tip: It will last in the freezer for much longer—up to a year, when wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and foil.

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A Better and Faster Way to Shuck Corn .
<p>Say so long to annoying corn silk with this Mad Genius Tip that's so easy, we can't believe we haven't been doing it this whole time.</p>As Food & Wine Culinary Director Justin Chapple points out in the latest installment of Mad Genius Tips, shucking corn isn’t difficult, but it can be tedious. Before cooking it, most people remove the dry husk, leaving behind strands of silk, which stick to everything and are almost impossible to remove from the corn itself.


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