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‘Fixer Upper’ Star Joanna Gaines Shares a Recipe From Her New Book ‘Magnolia Table’

Tuesday  19:37,   24 april 2018
The Daily Beast

If you loved the hit HGTV home renovation show, you’ll want to pick up this new cookbook.Thanks to the magic of TV, co-hosts Joanna and Chip Gaines have been able to expand their Waco, Texas-based renovation and home-design firm into a constellation [...]

The best method for cooking asparagus is 2,000 years old

Tuesday  17:50,   24 april 2018
The Takeout

I used to think I didn’t like asparagus, but it turned out to be—as these aversions often are—a textural problem. Their stalks would remain fibrous and tough even as half the stalk and the tips turned to mush. My mind was changed a few years ago[...]

The Stovetop Quiche I Made Entirely By Accident Might Just Be My New Favorite Dinner

Tuesday  17:25,   24 april 2018
Real Simple

My kitchen experiments aren't always successful—but this one was a total home run. A frittata is my reliable clean-out-the-fridge, skip-the-trip-to-the-grocery-store dinner. But my frittata plans were foiled the other night when I opened the[...]

Coca-Cola Japan Just Introduced the World’s First Frozen Coke Squeeze Pouches

Tuesday  15:50,   24 april 2018
The Daily Meal

Coca-Cola Japan keeps introducing enviable limited-edition flavors and pushing the technological boundaries of beverage-drinking with wild new soda inventions. According to Sora News 24, Coca-Cola Japan says the frozen Coca-Cola pouches[...]

A Lobster Shortage Is Causing Prices to Skyrocket

Tuesday  15:50,   24 april 2018
Grub Street

Bad weather and high demand have cost prices to double.In short: Federal law caps the number of boats that can enter Maine’s lobster fisheries at this point in the spring. Many boats that could have gone out earlier in the season didn’t because [...]

These 5 Cocktails Will Make You Want To Escape to the Caribbean ASAP

Tuesday  15:41,   24 april 2018
Bon Appétit

These 5 Cocktails Will Make You Want To Escape to the Caribbean ASAPCuraçao—Take a Sip with Sophisticated[...]

Here Are GQ’s Best New Restaurants of 2018

Tuesday  15:30,   24 april 2018
Grub Street

New York is represented by Chez Ma Tante and Cote.The Charter Oak[...]

Nature Valley Explains Why Their Bars Cover You in Crumbs

Tuesday  13:26,   24 april 2018
The Daily Meal

<p>These bars are notoriously a messy choice for a snack.</p>If you’ve ever eaten a Nature Valley bar, you know how messy they are. No matter your precautions, eating one always ends with your clothes, desk, floor, and everywhere else covered[...]

Papa John’s Is Testing Beer Delivery

Tuesday  03:06,   24 april 2018
Food & Wine

<p>It joins Pizza Hut, which began beer delivery in December of last year.</p>In recent years, the battle for diners’ dollars has increasingly switched to delivery: More customers continue to see delivery not just as a convenience but a[...]

How Craft Brewers Are Shaping the Spirits Industry

Tuesday  02:30,   24 april 2018
Food & Wine

<p>The curious minds behind the craft beer revolution are seeking new adventures, and you're about to reap the benefits.</p>Craft beer is at the top of its game. Thanks to an endless stream of passionate producers, it's gone from niche to[...]

Ina Garten's Best Tips from 'Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like a Pro' (So Far!)

Tuesday  00:56,   24 april 2018
Food & Wine

<p>From dinner to dessert, Ina makes it easy.</p>Related video: Should You Wash Chicken Before Cooking It? This Is What Ina Garten[...]

I'm a Mom of 2, and This Is How I Cut My Grocery Bill in Half

Tuesday  00:40,   24 april 2018

When I resigned from my job for family reasons, our monthly budget sliced in half, which meant our grocery bill needed to, too. Grocery shopping on a budget is tough and can be hard to fix after you're so used to spending more. But it's even more[...]

PSA: I Refuse to Meal Prep, but I Still Have Healthy Meals - Here's How

Tuesday  00:17,   24 april 2018

<p>Planning what foods to buy makes for easier meal prep and saves money, but there are other ways to save time throughout the week that don't involve a marathon day of meal prepping.</p>I've never been into meal prepping, so when I first[...]

It's Official: This Is The Best Peanut Butter

Tuesday  00:15,   24 april 2018

It's not necessarily the one you grew up eating.So we set out on a quest to rank 8 of the most popular peanut butter offerings on the market. It’s a tough job (there’s so much protein!), but someone had to do[...]

This Is The Best Way To Cook Salmon

Monday  22:50,   23 april 2018

Trust us, you've got this.It's not only because you need that fish oil - which you do. It's that salmon can be one of the easiest things in the world to cook! The trick is to ditch the skillet (or the grill), and bake it as a big slab. Trust me, [...]