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A Better Way to Freeze Bananas For Smoothies, Banana Bread, and More

Wednesday  18:25,   17 january 2018

Don't toss out those overripe bananas! With a couple minutes of prep work, they can be transformed into frozen nuggets of gold, perfect for smoothies. Here's the best way to do it:Start with overripe, spotty bananas (they have much more[...]

Shake Shack Is Finally Headed to the Bay Area

Wednesday  18:25,   17 january 2018

<p>Shake Shack has announced an expansion into Northern California for its first-ever Bay Area restaurants.</p>Shake Shack is kicking off 2018 by announcing an expansion into an area that has been without smashed Double ShackBurgers for too[...]

‘Walking Dead’ Wines Feature Labels That Come Alive When Viewed With a Smartphone

Wednesday  18:24,   17 january 2018
Food & Wine

<p>A special app allows drinkers to view the “augmented reality” feature.</p>Officially-branded wines—whether they’re tied to movies or TV shows or Hello Kitty—are a bit of an odd proposition. Wines are supposed to be about things like terroir [...]

Dream Job Alert: Get Paid to Eat Chicken Nuggets

Wednesday  09:31,   17 january 2018

Love chicken nuggets? This gig’s for you. B&amp;M, a discount retailer in England, is looking for one serious chicken-lover to try out its new line of fresh and frozen nuggets.&nbsp;Love chicken nuggets? This gig’s for[...]

Ben & Jerry's Just Introduced 8 New Items Including Two New Non-Dairy Flavors

Wednesday  09:31,   17 january 2018

After the long weekend, you may be yearning for something to help take your mind off of getting back into the swing of things.&nbsp;Let’s start with what will be most exciting for those who who are obsessed with Ben & Jerry’s previously[...]

The Butterbeer Latte Is Back At Starbucks Under A Different Name

Wednesday  09:30,   17 january 2018

Those who frequent forums devoted to exploring all the so-called "secret" menu items that can be ordered at Starbucks are certainly all too familiar with the Harry Potter-inspired Butterbeer Latte. As tempted as we have been by the idea[...]

17 Cozy Casseroles to Tuck Into All Winter Long

Wednesday  03:40,   17 january 2018

We know you love sheet pan dinners and one-pot wonders, but let’s take a moment to recognize the casserole. From the classic crispy green bean to lasagna warm and weeping with cheese, casseroles perfectly transition from weeknight workhorse to[...]

Albuquerque Restaurant Will Morph Back into Los Pollos Hermanos for Breaking Bad’s Anniversary

Wednesday  02:20,   17 january 2018
Grub Street

The original Twisters location is putting all of the trappings back up.Meaning if you swing by, you’ll see the above instead of[...]

Jennifer Garner's 'Pretend Cooking Show' is making us pretty hungry

Wednesday  01:28,   17 january 2018

Will someone please give this woman an actual cooking show already?Another edition of the actress-turned-home cook's "Pretend Cooking Show" has gone up on Facebook, and this time she took on homemade English[...]

The Game-Changing Tip That Will Shave Precious Time Off of Meal Prep

Wednesday  00:31,   17 january 2018

We're always looking for shortcuts to make our meal-making a little faster, a little smarter.&nbsp;Boiling grains (instead of using the absorption method) is a game-changing time-saver in kitchen. Not only do the grains cook in about half[...]

Drink some of America’s best coffee at this highway coffee roaster

Tuesday  23:25,   16 january 2018

People come to Lexington Coffee Roasters – just off the highway, 15 minutes to the nearest town – for the tasting flights.Normally, highway coffee is meant to keep drivers awake, not something to be savored. Yet, I'm here at Lexington Coffee[...]

The Right Way to Microwave Food So It Doesn’t Explode

Tuesday  20:06,   16 january 2018

<p>Instead of wiping down messes for the umpteenth time, why not prevent the disgusting explosions in the first place?</p>Don’t feel like planning ahead to reheat yesterday’s chicken and veggies in the oven? Can’t stand the thought of having[...]

Krispy Kreme Wants You to Vote for the Next Glazed Doughnut Flavor

Tuesday  20:06,   16 january 2018

<p>Choose from four flavor candidates: Blueberry, Lemon, Caramel, and Maple</p>The events of the past two years have left many people questioning the efficacy of democracy. But at least one group still believes in the enduring power of a vote: [...]

What Is Blonde Espresso? What to Know About This Drink

Tuesday  20:05,   16 january 2018
Spoon University

I consider myself a die hard Dunkin' Donuts drinker, but even I have to admit that Starbucks has always found a way to change the coffee game and stay in the public eye. So it was no surprise when the Seattle-born chain made waves with its new[...]

Drake’s Virginia Black Whiskey Plans to Raise $30 Million Crowdsourcing From Fans

Tuesday  18:58,   16 january 2018
The Daily Meal

When Drake isn’t running through the 6 with his woes, he’s still making money moves. The “Started from the Bottom” rapper launched whiskey label Virginia Black in 2016, and now — in partnership with DeLeón Tequila founder Brent Hocking — fans can[...]