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How does salad get triple-washed—and should we wash it again at home?

Friday  19:59,   20 april 2018
The Takeout

<p>With the recent news of an E. coli outbreak traced to romaine lettuce, I’m eyeing my salad greens more suspiciously. Should I be washing them before I use them?</p>First of all, rinsing lettuce won’t remove E. coli, according to Consumer[...]

What's the tastiest use for leftover bacon fat?

Friday  19:52,   20 april 2018
The Takeout

In How Do You Take Yours?, The Takeout solicits staff and outside expertise for secret tips on improving one dish. While The Takeout is collectively an advocate for preparing bacon in the oven—hell, just make it candied bacon while you’re at it—we[...]

This Is America's Favorite Butter

Friday  19:21,   20 april 2018
Food & Wine

<p>Is this the brand you always pick up at the grocery store?</p>Butter: Though it might be trendy at the moment to avoid it for health reasons, it is almost universally considered to be delicious, and ends up on almost all your food. Baking a [...]

This Is the Real Reason Supermarkets Sell Bread in Brown Bags

Friday  18:36,   20 april 2018
Reader's Digest

Paper or plastic? We bet you’re used to hearing this question at the grocery store. In the past few years, more people have been choosing paper at the checkout line to be more environmentally conscious, but one section of the grocery store has been [...]

This Is the Stupidest Mistake You Can Make at Trader Joe's

Friday  18:36,   20 april 2018

<p>Company Secrets Revealed</p>It's hard to go wrong at Trader Joe's with so many solid and affordable options, but there is one mistake you could be making without even realizing it. If you're not asking to try products before you buy them,[...]

Genius Crispy, Fluffy (Vegan) Waffles with a Very Strange Secret Ingredient

Friday  18:15,   20 april 2018

<p>Doing the unthinkable in the name of health led to a totally genius result.</p>And non-moms, stick around—you'll get some really great waffles out of it (and another good reason to call your[...]

UPDATE: National E. coli Outbreak Is Worsening, a Blanket Ban On Romaine Lettuce Is Recommended

Friday  17:36,   20 april 2018
Cooking Light

<p>The CDC and FDA are working together to pinpoint the source of infection in Yuma, Arizona, after a string of cases in New Jersey where people ate salads at Panera Bread.</p>UPDATE: The national recall of romaine lettuce has worsened since[...]

Like Moscow Mules? This Ginger Liqueur Is for You

Friday  16:06,   20 april 2018
Food & Wine

<p>It's not too sweet and almost as boozy as a spirit.</p>Made by French brand Giffard, whose praises we’ve oftensungbefore, “Ginger of the Indies” is a totally distinctive bottle. The liqueur tastes vividly of ginger, with that sharp,[...]

Now Pouring: Disney World Is Offering ‘Millennial Pink’ Wine

Friday  01:40,   20 april 2018

Disney World is cashing in on the “millennial pink” trend with its latest libation.If you’re heading to Disney World anytime soon, you’ve probably done your research on the trendy foods you need to try. But have you made note of the[...]

Here's Why You Should Always Shop at Trader Joe's on Tuesday and Wednesday

Friday  01:10,   20 april 2018

<p>Company Secrets Revealed</p>There are plenty of Trader Joe's fun facts that would make any customer an even bigger fan of the store, and so will these secrets about what it's really like to work there. An employee who describes himself as a [...]

Guy Fieri reveals a surprising secret about 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives'

Friday  00:05,   20 april 2018

The Mayor of Flavortown is always happy to help out a fellow chef.Maybe it's because Guy Fieri's infectious enthusiasm for pretty much everything he puts in his mouth makes viewers hungry,[...]

Giada De Laurentiis opens up about harassment allegations against Mario Batali

Friday  00:05,   20 april 2018

The Food Network star stated that she was very sad but admitted that the news didn't shock her."I keep saying to people, it's time but it's also really sad," she said in a recent interview during Eater's Upsell Podcast. "I did not have those[...]

How to Get Free McDonald's French Fries This Month

Thursday  23:05,   19 april 2018
Food & Wine

<p>Getting your free fries is simple.</p>While the debate over which fast food chain has the best French fries will probably never be resolved, my personal feeling—and I think most people would agree with me—is that McDonald’s ranks in at[...]

Ronald McDonald Has A Different Name In Japan

Thursday  21:55,   19 april 2018

He's started a new life in the Land Of The Rising Sun.Turns out, it's true. It's not like he's assuming a new identity, forced into the Big Mac Protection Program after too many run-ins with the Hamburglar. In Japan, he's very much the same[...]

The One Cooking Rule Julia Child Lived By

Thursday  20:35,   19 april 2018
Southern Living

<p>Julia Child's timeless wisdom will change the way you cook.</p>So off I trudged in January slush for a 7:30am practical on making black eyed peas, something I thought I'd been successfully doing for over a decade. Turns out, flicking[...]