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Drake’s Virginia Black Whiskey Plans to Raise $30 Million Crowdsourcing From Fans

Tuesday  18:57,   16 january 2018
The Daily Meal

When Drake isn’t running through the 6 with his woes, he’s still making money moves. The “Started from the Bottom” rapper launched whiskey label Virginia Black in 2016, and now — in partnership with DeLeón Tequila founder Brent Hocking — fans can[...]

Get Ready For 'Jane Walker' To Stroll Into Johnnie Walker's Scotch Line

Tuesday  18:21,   16 january 2018

Johnnie Walker — originally started by a Scottish grocer — is likely the most popular blended Scotch whiskey in the world. The line is made up of seven blended scotches, from the well-known Johnnie Walker Red to Johnnie Walker Blue, which is so[...]

Cut Your Pizza With Scissors. No, Really.

Tuesday  14:21,   16 january 2018
Food & Wine

<p>New scissors-wielding pizzerias might seem like a trend, but the technique is rooted in tradition.</p>The answer, it turns out, depends on what kind of pizza you're having in the first place. Jim Lahey, who studied baking in Italy before[...]

I Registered for Wedding Gifts at a Liquor Store, and I Regret Nothing

Tuesday  08:20,   16 january 2018
Bon Appétit

Think silver tequila instead of sterling silverware.Deep in the morass of wedding planning, beleaguered by RSVP spreadsheets and vendor contracts, and desperately in need of a drink, I asked my favorite liquor store if I could just register for our[...]

What's Actually in Grape Jelly?

Tuesday  00:55,   16 january 2018

<p>Spread the[...]

Medieval Times Finally Crowned A Queen

Tuesday  00:55,   16 january 2018

We've seen the likes of Cercei, Daenerys, Elizabeth, and Victoria take over as the queens of pop culture in recent years. At last, it looks like the ladies are also stepping onto the throne in another medium: At all nine Medieval Times chains[...]

A Surprising Use for That Grapefruit You Have Sitting Around

Tuesday  00:15,   16 january 2018

<p></p><p>In the midst of winter, lemons, oranges, grapefruits, and limes bring unexpected—but well-received—moments of brightness.</p>The directions read as[...]

The most and least expensive American cities for dining out

Monday  23:56,   15 january 2018

The priciest is going to surprise you (no, it's not New York or San Francisco).The math wizards at CreditLoan crunched a lot of numbers on the Foursquare Menu API, studying thousands of menus in hundreds of cities to determine which[...]

How to Brown Meat So It's Actually, You Know, Brown

Monday  22:02,   15 january 2018
Bon Appétit

No matter what your mom told you, gray taco meat does not count as "browned." Here's how to brown meat so it's crispy and delicious.1) Dry the raw meat on paper towels and let it come up to room temperature. This prevents it from[...]

All Day Cafes Are Changing the Way We Eat Out

Monday  20:49,   15 january 2018
Bon Appétit

How did airy, stylish, veg-centric natural wine–pouring cafés become the iconic restaurant genre of 2018?If I didn’t have so much actual work to catch up on, I could go back to any of these places after nature had flipped her dimmer switch for a[...]

Chain Gets Backlash for Cold-blooded Tipping Policy That Makes Servers Pay to Work

Monday  20:49,   15 january 2018
Grub Street

The legally dubious scheme takes 3 percent of the bill, regardless the gratuity.Its explanation to employees — which the Post got ahold of — says it’s “completely down to” them how much they make. Minus the kitchen’s 10 percent, they keep whatever[...]

Never Make This Mistake When Frying an Egg

Monday  19:31,   15 january 2018
Southern Living

Never Make This Mistake When Frying an EggCooks will differ over how hot to preheat the skillet- some say use a medium-high heat, others say to use the lowest possible heat (this works well if you want a sunny-side-up fried egg.) Both camps agree,[...]

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Cooking Pasta

Saturday  18:46,   13 january 2018
Reader's Digest

To a hungry cook in a hurry, no quick-and-easy meal is quite like plain, old pasta.&nbsp;Sure, the logic makes sense at first. Using a smaller pot means you need less water, which will speed up the boiling process. But this little mistake could[...]

You Can Finally Make That Milk From Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Yes, That One)

Saturday  04:35,   13 january 2018
Food & Wine

<p>Unlike Luke Skywalker, you can have it in milkshake form.</p>Since the Star Wars: The Last Jedi finally hit theaters last month, fans have debated just about every moment within the film. But perhaps the most enduring saga spawned by the[...]

What to Bake This Weekend: Blackout Chocolate Banana Bread

Saturday  04:35,   13 january 2018
Bon Appétit

If you've ever had banana bread and thought it could be vastly improved with lots of chocolate, this is your recipe.Cake is so much better than those things! Chocolaty, chocolaty cake. It looks like chocolaty is spelled wrong but nope, that’s[...]