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7 Health Benefits of Tea That You Haven’t Already Heard

Thursday  03:11,   25 may 2017

<p>Aside from green tea, the health benefits of white tea and black tea are plentiful as well. And the same is true with rooibos tea. So what can all of these teas really do for your health? Read on to find out.</p>Aside from green tea, the[...]

The new 3D scanning ShapeScale can measure exactly how you're gaining and losing body mass

Thursday  03:11,   25 may 2017
Men's Fitness

<p>Struggling to stay motivated and consistent with your weight-loss or muscle-building efforts? This device can reveal accurate measurements, visually map your progress over time, and help you achieve your goals.</p>Earlier this month, the[...]

Meet the Woman Who Lost 536 Lbs: 'Just Being Able to Drive or Go Shopping Is Amazing'

Thursday  03:10,   25 may 2017

Christina Phillips was given a second chance at life after undergoing gastric bypass surgery.&nbsp;The My 600 Lb. Life star opens up to PEOPLE in this week’s issue about how drastically her life has changed for the better since dropping nearly[...]

Instagram Is Terrible For Your Mental Health, Study Finds

Thursday  00:12,   25 may 2017
Teen Vogue

Only one of the five major social platforms received a positive rating in a new study (and it wasn't Instagram).CNN reports that the UK's Royal Society for Public Health published a new study on Friday called #StatusofMind that looked at how[...]

Eating This Much Dark Chocolate Per Week Protects Your Heart

Thursday  00:11,   25 may 2017
Medical Daily

Eating up to six servings of dark chocolate per week can protect your heart health.Eating up to six servings of chocolate per week led to a 20 percent lower risk of being diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AF) — a common and dangerous type of[...]

You Asked: What’s the Best Way to Stare at Screens All Day?

Thursday  00:11,   25 may 2017

Screens are no longer optional. If you’re not driving, exercising or sleeping, you’re probably staring at one. Fortunately, there don’t seem to be any long-term vision or eye-health issues related to the dry, achy, itchy sensations you feel after[...]

6 Lower Ab Workouts That Will Strengthen Your Core — No Crunches Necessary

Thursday  00:10,   25 may 2017

Make better use of your gym time and see faster results with these effective exercises. When it comes to lower ab workouts you want to think about two things: strength-building exercises and keeping a neutral pelvis.When your pelvis is[...]

Eating Fiber Could Prevent Osteoarthritis

Thursday  00:10,   25 may 2017
Medical Daily

Diets high in fiber were linked to a reduced risk of osteoarthritis in the knee.It keeps you full, regular and lowers heart disease risk, and a new study adds one more benefit to eating dietary fiber: protection against osteoarthritis. Published in [...]

How to Eat Healthyish at The Movie Theater

Thursday  00:10,   25 may 2017
Bon Appétit

As we all know, the real point of going to the movies is the snacks.Just because I like to veg out in front of the big screen, however, doesn’t mean I opt for typical movie theater concessions. I categorically refuse the too-salty, fake[...]

Can't Do A Headstand? This Move Is Way Easier And Gives You All The Same Health Benefits

Wednesday  20:50,   24 may 2017

Yoga teachers say that spending as little as three minutes a day in an inversion (or upside-down pose) can improve your health and well-being.Yoga teachers say that spending as little as three minutes a day in an inversion (or upside-down pose) can[...]

'She's just fine': Mom says girl recovers after suffering from rare tick disease

Wednesday  18:30,   24 may 2017

An Oregon mom says her daughter was suffering from tick paralysis after she struggled to walk, symptoms that were caught in a now-viral video.Amanda Lewis posted an alarming video on Facebook on May 13 that shows her daughter, Evelyn, struggling to[...]

Do you have to worry about getting botulism?

Wednesday  18:30,   24 may 2017

<p>After hearing the terrible news that one person has died and nine have been hospitalized with botulism, we don't blame you for feeling worried for your own health.</p>According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),[...]

Summer Means Sunscreen: Here’s How to Choose Wisely

Wednesday  18:30,   24 may 2017

The sun is out, which means it’s time to put on that SPF. With Memorial Day approaching, many of us have our sights set on the great outdoors. But whether that happens to be a day at the beach, walk in the park, hike in the woods or lazy afternoon[...]

Are you taking too many medications?

Wednesday  03:06,   24 may 2017
FOX News

Medicine has become synonymous with drug therapy, a situation that is upsetting for patients and health care practitioners alike, and potentially dangerous. This is especially true for elderly patients, many of whom are taking multiple agents from[...]

5 times Cher was the ultimate #fitnessgoals

Wednesday  03:06,   24 may 2017

Did you catch Cher's performance at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night? "I can do a 5-minute plank, OK?" the 71-year-old told the audience. Yep, Cher's doing it right.Yep, 71-year-old Cher can plank longer than most people[...]