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Anna Kaiser Wants You To Stop Fixating On Abs

Tuesday  00:17,   24 april 2018
Women's Health

Yes, Kelly Ripa is her client. If you were to look at celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser’s clients-Kelly Ripa, Hilary Duff, Shakira, not to mention Kaiser herself-the thought “OMG how the eff do I get her abs” would probably cross your mind. But please,[...]

Here's What You Should Know About the Hepatitis A Outbreak in Kentucky and Michigan

Tuesday  00:07,   24 april 2018

Indiana health officials are urging residents who plan on traveling to Kentucky or Michigan to get Hepatitis A vaccines as an outbreak of the virus in the states leads to a mounting death toll ahead of the summer travel season. The Kentucky[...]

There's a science-backed treatment for drug addiction that works — but it's nearly impossible to get

Monday  23:05,   23 april 2018
Business Insider

<p>It's called medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and it involves administering FDA-approved drugs that curb cravings and reduce the excruciating symptoms of withdrawal.</p>A growing cadre of health professionals say we already have a[...]

Is Working Out Braless Bad For You?

Monday  22:40,   23 april 2018

<p>The answer depends on a couple of things.</p>Both choices are less than ideal. All those burpees and jumping jacks sure seem like they would hurt without a bra. But, is it actually dangerous to work out braless if you're in a bind? The[...]

I Tried Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections on My Stretch Marks — Here's What Happened

Monday  22:26,   23 april 2018

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been known for its use in sports medicine, facials, breast-lifts, O-Shots, and, most recently, stretch mark therapy. Here's one writer's experience with PRP for stretch marks.Let's get one thing straight: I[...]

Fresh Cannabis Leaves May Be the Superfood You're Missing Out On

Monday  20:37,   23 april 2018

Ned Flanders calls it "the devil's lettuce," but apparently fresh cannabis leaves have anti-inflammatory properties (and no, you won't get you high).We know that smoking dried cannabis flower yields a number of benefits - from pain [...]

Study: Meditation Improves Anxiety and Cardiovascular Health

Monday  20:37,   23 april 2018
U.S. News & World Report

The study found that just one hour of meditation helped reduce anxiety and improve heart health.One hour of meditation can ease anxiety and improve cardiovascular health, a study from Michigan Technological University[...]

Bullied for Her Birthmarks, This Woman Is Proudly Showing Off Her Skin in a Campaign About Body Positivity

Monday  20:06,   23 april 2018

<p>"I want to change the concept of beauty," she says.</p>Lots of people have birthmarks—or beauty marks, as they're often called. But Lorena Bolanos was born with several large raised birthmarks covering her face and[...]

Eye Doctors Share 7 Things You Should Absolutely Never Do With Contact Lenses

Monday  20:06,   23 april 2018

<p>Contact lenses are considered medical devices for a reason; using them improperly can potentially affect the structures of your eyes in a big way.</p>Like filing your taxes on time, taking proper care of your contact lenses—and your eyes,[...]

Verne Troyer's death the latest suicide for Hollywood's community of little people

Monday  20:06,   23 april 2018
FOX News

<p>According to the Little People of America, dwarfism is defined as a medical or genetic condition that often carries orthopedic and other medical stresses.</p>Verne Troyer spoke to Fox News in 2011 about a new web series he was developing[...]

Here’s the One Exercise Every Older Person Should Do

Monday  19:40,   23 april 2018
Best Life

A new study published in the Journal of Neuroimaging says that the ancient art of Tai Chi has unexpected physical and psychological benefits in the elderly. Recent scientific research has focused a lot on how to stay sharp in your twilight[...]

Americans are avoiding romaine lettuce after an outbreak — and it reveals one of the most dangerous grocery store habits

Monday  19:16,   23 april 2018
Business Insider

<p>A CDC investigation is putting leafy greens under the microscope.</p>A CDC investigation is putting leafy greens under the[...]

The foods that are the most likely to make you sick, according to the Centers for Disease Control

Monday  19:11,   23 april 2018
Business Insider

<p>You may have read about how tainted romaine lettuce is being investigated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC also keeps tabs on what foods tend to get us sick most frequently. Here are seven common[...]

Abby Lee Miller Updates Fans After Health Scare

Monday  18:35,   23 april 2018
International Business Times

Abby Lee Miller took to Instagram to thank everyone who has shown and expressed their support to her amid her battle with cancer. Abby Lee Miller took to social media to update her fans about her present condition after she was diagnosed with[...]

How much does the FDA really do to promote public health?

Monday  18:31,   23 april 2018
The Hill

From cheering for prescription opioids to its inaction on tobacco harm reduction, ample evidence suggests FDA is not advancing public health. According to its mission statement, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for "advancing[...]