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Dear Baby Connor: Your Coverage Is Denied

Friday  03:17,   20 october 2017
The Daily Beast

“If you decide to have this service you may have to pay it yourself,” the insurer explained to the infant. The letter from the insurance company is addressed to Connor Richardson, aged nine months, who is presently being treated for a rare and[...]

The Truth Behind Reddit’s Biggest Health Claims

Friday  03:15,   20 october 2017
Cooking Light

We searched Reddit for some burning curiosities and floating myths around some of the most popular nutrition ideas. We know that nutrition can be really confusing. So, we searched Reddit (the internet's deepest, darkest hole for questions)[...]

'I knew something wasn't right': Mom's instincts save baby's life

Friday  03:15,   20 october 2017

When Brenda Vronko noticed her baby was moving less in her womb, she worried and went to the hospital. It saved her baby's life."During lunch, she moved like five or six times," Vronko, 37, of Ludington, Michigan, told TODAY. "I wasn't concerned [...]

Kristen Bell’s Go-To Workout Takes Only 15 Minutes

Friday  03:15,   20 october 2017

Here's why the busy mom's quick sprint routine is so effective (because we're all about 15-minute workouts)."I need fast workouts. I don't have an hour and a half—I have 25 minutes, max," Bell recently told SHAPE. "I sprint up my[...]

If You Don’t Eat This One Food, You Could Be More Likely to Go Bald

Friday  02:16,   20 october 2017
Reader's Digest

Put away the wigs, the hair plugs, and the overpriced growth creams. Science may have a more natural solution to this cranial conundrum—without bidding a not-so-fond farewell to your follicles. According to a growing body of research, vegan or[...]

Backyard chicken trend causes spike in infections, 1 fatal

Friday  02:15,   20 october 2017
Associated Press

<p>The popular trend of raising backyard chickens in U.S. cities and suburbs is bringing with it a soaring number of illnesses from poultry-related diseases.</p>For a week, Dan and DeAnna Gabriele thought their son was dying until tests[...]

Man speaks out about surprising breast cancer diagnosis: 'I was embarrassed'

Friday  02:13,   20 october 2017

When his doctor diagnosed him with breast cancer, he was sure it was a mistake. Now, he's sharing his story in hopes of saving others. Click to expand Your browser does not support this video require(["binding"],[...]

Taxing Sugar Leads to Significant Decrease in Consumption, New Study Shows

Friday  02:10,   20 october 2017
U.S. News & World Report

It's more effective than taxing specific products, like soft drinks. Taxing sugar in a range of foods would have a greater impact in reducing sugar consumption and caloric intake than imposing similar taxes on specific products, like soft[...]

The One Thing That Can Make Even the Healthiest Diet Actually Unhealthy, According to Science

Thursday  23:43,   19 october 2017
Reader's Digest

Moderation in all things—that’s the key to health. Yet trying to be moderate about sugar is nearly impossible when food makers stuff it into everything from oatmeal to spaghetti sauce—check out these surprising sources of sugar. Now, you’ve got more [...]

Here’s How to Predict Whether Your Memory Loss Will Be Alzheimer’s

Thursday  23:43,   19 october 2017
Reader's Digest

In our twenties, we find it hilarious when we can’t remember our neighbor’s cat’s name or that adorable actor who starred in that movie—whatever it was called. In our thirties, we jokingly call it “brain freeze.”&nbsp;Well, rest assured: the[...]

The Genius Grocery Shopping Tip That Helped Desiree Eat Clean and Drop 140 Pounds

Thursday  23:42,   19 october 2017

Desiree Hunt started eating clean and learned how to navigate the grocery store like a ninja.&nbsp;Jan. 15, 2012: the date is practically burned into Desiree Hunt's memory, now holding as much significance as a birthday or anniversary. It was[...]

If You Have This Surprising Habit, You Could Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Thursday  23:41,   19 october 2017
Reader's Digest

You’re young, maintain a healthy weight, and rarely drink alcohol or smoke. So there’s no chance you could develop breast cancer, right? Unfortunately, one sneaky habit might put you at risk, too—and you don’t even know it.  Women who[...]

Your Moderate Drinking Is Giving Kids Anxiety

Thursday  21:20,   19 october 2017

<p>It's normal to want to unwind after a long day, but a new study suggests that you might want to think twice before refilling that wine glass if you have kids.</p>It's normal to want to unwind after a long day, but a new study suggests[...]

Do You Have Restless Leg Syndrome Or Are You Just Fidgety?

Thursday  21:02,   19 october 2017

There's probably at least one person in your office who taps their foot or shakes their leg incessantly while they work — maybe it's you<br>Restless leg syndrome is a neurological condition, which means any sensations it causes happen in[...]

Why do your lungs burn after a run in the cold?

Thursday  21:01,   19 october 2017
Men's Fitness

<p>Ever feel like you're ready to cough up your esophagus after a long haul in freezing temps? This is the scientific explanation.</p>But when winter starts creeping in, the air gets frosty and can feel like it’s burning your lungs when[...]