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This Woman Went From Eating Two Dinners a Night to Losing Half Her Body Weight

Wednesday  01:37,   26 april 2017

Up next: Shedding a few more pounds and undergoing skin removal surgery. Jessica Weber has struggled with her weight for almost as long as she can remember. As a kid, the Peru, Illinois, native munched mainly on carbs and starches. Many of her meals [...]

Stress Is the Villain Behind Your Skin-Care Issues

Wednesday  01:37,   26 april 2017

In addition to being bad for your health, did you know that stress is also bad for your skin? As an New York City dermatologist, almost 50 percent of the patients I treat have skin issues that are directly related to stress. In addition to making[...]

The 11 Medical Conditions Aspirin Can Treat

Wednesday  01:36,   26 april 2017
24/7 Wall St.

<p>While many of aspirin’s uses have been known for decades if not centuries, new uses are still being discovered.</p> About half of all Americans between the ages of 45 and 75 use aspirin, according to a recent survey. The drug’s popularity [...]

4 High Sugar Foods You're Probably Eating Right Now

Wednesday  00:25,   26 april 2017
NBC News

You wouldn't expect these foods to contain much sugar, but they do -- and it adds up.If you traded in your Captain Crunch for oatmeal or yogurt long ago and think you're safe, think again. It's not just donuts, muffins and super sugary cereals[...]

Why Walking Makes Us Feel Good

Tuesday  21:55,   25 april 2017
Mental Floss

Scientists say each step we take sends a pulse of blood to the brain, leading to an “overall sense of wellbeing.”It’s no secret that exercise makes us happy. It raises our heart rates and floods our bodies with feel-good hormones. But until quite[...]

New Study Reveals Alarming News About Toddlers Who Use Smartphones

Tuesday  21:36,   25 april 2017
Woman's Day

<p>According to a new study published in Scientific Reports, daily touchscreen use can have some serious effects on the sleeping habits of young children.</p>Researchers found that every hour a child spends on a mobile device could result in[...]

Be skeptical of immune-system 'boosts'

Tuesday  20:56,   25 april 2017

<p>“Boosting the immune system?” Dhar said. “You want the immune system to function at its optimal level. The last thing I would want a patient to do is try to boost it even further.”</p>“Boosting the immune system?” Dhar said. “You want the[...]

This Is What Your Teeth Can Reveal About Your Overall Health

Tuesday  20:56,   25 april 2017

<p>The state of your teeth, mouth and gums can clue your dentist into medical issues, such as heart disease or diabetes.</p>Good oral hygiene saves you from more than just tooth decay, cavities and bad breath. It is critically[...]

65% Of Dieters Lose Weight When They Eat This For Breakfast

Tuesday  20:36,   25 april 2017

Bonus: It's probably already in your fridge.The single food countless nutritionists recommend eating? Eggs. With six grams of protein a pop, eggs will fill you up - and keep you satisfied, which is key - without weighing you down. One study[...]

How Long Can Eggs Be Out of the Fridge?

Tuesday  20:21,   25 april 2017

If you're trying to eat healthy, eggs can be your BFF. But eggs can also make you very sick if you don't store them properly.It's true that keeping eggs in the fridge is a weird American quirk. Plenty of countries sell their eggs[...]

3 Offbeat Plastic Surgery Trends In 2017

Tuesday  19:06,   25 april 2017
Medical Daily

We're not even half-way through the year, but these three procedures are seeing a spike in popularity.Lush, full lips might have been popular in recent years, but in 2017, it’s all about lip reductions. New Beauty reported the trend is mostly[...]

If You've Ever Picked Mold Off Your Bread, This Will Seriously Shock You

Tuesday  19:06,   25 april 2017

<p>While most of us were taught to just cut around the mold and eat the rest in order to not waste food, it's time to stop that bad habit.</p>"We don't recommend cutting mold off of bread, because it's a soft food," Marianne Gravely, a[...]

Is Your Facebook Obsession Feeding a Personality Disorder?

Tuesday  19:06,   25 april 2017
Reader's Digest

Uploading countless selfies, writing intimate status updates, and checking your notifications every other minute seems like just a part of modern day life, right? These are the markers of the relationship we all have with social media now. They are[...]

Is Kombucha Really That Good for You?

Tuesday  19:06,   25 april 2017
Spoon University

Kombucha tea is enjoying its day in the sun here in the U.S., but is it a wonder drink or just a bunch of hype?Kombucha is made by pouring black tea over a bacteria culture made of an older batch of kombucha tea, called the “daughter,” and allowing[...]

Here's more proof exercise is the magic elixir for your body

Tuesday  03:55,   25 april 2017

Doctors don't fully understand why exercise is so good for your body, but they've just found more benefits of working out."Exercise has many, many benefits… I don't know that we fully understand why it has so many beneficial effects for so[...]