Health & Fit Here's the scientific reason you gain weight in the winter—and how to avoid it

19:06  04 january  2018
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Mom was right: You should really be eating your broccoli

  Mom was right: You should really be eating your broccoli <p>Get your gut health right with the oft-shunned and kid-despised cruciferous vegetable, which offers numerous digestive health benefits.</p>Thankfully, most of us who are dedicated to eating healthy know how to properly prepare the green giant (steaming, roasting, or sautéing) and enjoy its many health benefits. And there are many health benefits to be had from broccoli.

How 'Bright' creates gritty action. Weight gain . In the winter , our natural instinct to maintain body fat is stronger than any other season because that’ s naturally when food is scarce. Here are four other ways to avoid weight gain this season

But contrary to popular belief, there’ s no scientific evidence to prove that we’re biologically predisposed to weight gain in the colder months. Here are three reasons why you ’re more likely to gain weight in the winter and how you can How To Avoid Winter Weight Gain : Cook Meals From Scratch.

Why You Gain Weight in Winter © AMI Why You Gain Weight in Winter

Winter brings an interesting array of challenges each year. Not eating pavement when you walk down any stretch of street or stairs. Leaving the couch to get in your sub-zero run. And, of course, stopping the urge to devour the contents of your pantry and avoid the subsequent weight gain.

That last one’s not your fault. Really. We’ve evolved to develop a subconscious impulse to do exactly that in the winter months, according to research from the University of Exeter. 

Evolutionarily speaking, being overweight has never posed a serious threat to our survival. Being underweight has. In the winter, our natural instinct to maintain body fat is stronger than any other season because that’s naturally when food is scarce. So, more often than not, we fail to pass on sweet, fatty, unhealthy foods

One Gene Might Be the Reason You Can't Lose Weight

  One Gene Might Be the Reason You Can't Lose Weight Personalized diets, even from birth, could be in our future.“Sure, you need to watch your food consumption, but sometimes people can just look at food and get fat,” said Vann Bennett, a biochemist at Duke University.

To avoid this, schedule your exercise just like you would any normal meeting or event. “If it ’ s in your calendar, you know when and how you will get in that exercise,” Roussell says. Here are five simple ways to avoid winter weight gain .

The winter holidays are fast approaching. And with it all the delicious calorie bombs that make the walk to the scale super scary. But this year you are prepared. Here are 17 tips on how to enjoy the cold season and defeat winter weight gain at the same time. A. Conquer overeating. Let’ s be honest here .

In this particular study, researchers used computer modeling to predict just how much fat animals should store in the winter months, assuming natural selection gives animals (including us) an optimal strategy for maintaining the healthiest weight. This model, in turn, predicts how the amount of fat an animal stores should respond to food availability, and the risk of being killed by a predator when foraging for food. 

In short, the computer model shows the animal should have a target body weight that hovers above the level in which it loses weight, and below which it tries to gain weight. But their simulations show there isn’t much of a negative effect on energy stores when a weight surpass this optimal level. What this means is our subconscious controls that fight against becoming overweight are weak and easily overpowered by the immediate reward of tasty food.

How Much Weight Would Santa Gain From Eating Milk and Cookies at Every House He Visits?

  How Much Weight Would Santa Gain From Eating Milk and Cookies at Every House He Visits? Let's hope he's wearing his stretchy pants — and that his reindeer have been working out. On the other hand, we're betting he's body-positive.Dave Consiglio:

If winter can change your daily habits, and if you have already had bad experience with winter weight gain , set motivational plans. When you find yourself combating stress with eating, stop and try to figure out what’ s the reason and how to solve the problem.

How to Avoid Diabetes Complications. How Lemon is useful for healthy diet. Home » Health Tips » What are the Reasons of Gaining Weight in Winter? One should follow diet and health tips to overcome weight gain in winter and also to avoid health complications.

"You would expect evolution to have given us the ability to realize when we have eaten enough, but instead we show little control when faced with artificial food,” lead study author Andrew Higginson said in a press release

But don’t go blaming your inability to hold a New Year’s resolution on evolution—even though the researchers say New Year’s Day is the worst time to start a diet since out body instinctively stores fat to prevent starvation. There are ways to fight against the urge to eat (and eat, and eat…).

Simply being aware of this evolutionary tendency is step one. (Look, you’re halfway there!) “If someone is more conscious that cold weather naturally incites an innate tendency to overindulge it’s less likely to bite them,” says Ann Kulze, M.D., author of Eat Right for Life. “Beyond this first step of awareness, it goes back to the fundamentals of appetite control, like eating healthy, real foods while avoiding foods that drive appetite, exercising regularly, and being mindful during all aspects of eating behavior.  

How Your Home Could Be Making It Harder to Lose Weight

  How Your Home Could Be Making It Harder to Lose Weight Sometimes, it’s best to consider our problems in reverse: Let’s pretend we’re trying to pack on the pounds, in as unhealthy a way as possible.&nbsp;Then they wonder why it's so hard to make any progress. Far too often, we lose battles to our environment but place the blame on our lack of willpower. This is when some parents roll their eyes. "But I have kids," they say. "It's not fair to get rid of everything they like to eat.

You have to workout regularly to avoid the winter weight gain . In Conclusion. There’ s no reason why you can’t maintain your weight during the winter and holiday months. Cut 67,675 Calories From Your Diet With 1 Simple Step. How To Lose Weight In 30 Seconds Or Less.

Probably not. Odds are it 's winter -related fatigue. There are scientific reasons people feel more tired during Here ' s What The Research Says. 3 Ways You 're Sabotaging Your Body's Internal Clock (And Why It 's Making You Feel Terrible). How to Use Heat Therapy for Stamina, Recovery and Health.

Here are four other ways to avoid weight gain this season:

  • Avoid white flour products like white rice, white potatoes, sugar, and sweets since high glycemic carbs can skyrocket blood sugar and insulin, increasing your appetite and promoting the storage of fat. 
  • Instead, fill up on fiber-rich foods such as whole fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans. They can keep hunger at bay, stimulate the appetite-controlling hormone leptin, and keep glucose from flooding your blood stream.
  • Limit sugar, especially in beverages, sugary cereals, and processed foods (like salad dressings, flavored yogurts, and packaged dessert snacks), which can trigger insulin resistance and fat storage.
  • Get more protein into your diet. The most natural way to provide longer lasting appetite control is to consume fish, skinless poultry, nut butters, whole soy foods, dairy products, eggs, and beans, Kulze says. This will prevent the loss of muscle and help you maintain weight loss. 

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Linger over lunch to lose weight: Study suggests .
People who wolf down their food could lose weight simply by chewing longer and pausing between bites, study results suggested Tuesday.&nbsp;Research involving nearly 60,000 Japanese people showed a link between eating slower or faster, and losing or gaining weight.

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