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Health & Fit Would You Try KFC’s New Vegetarian Fried Chicken?

16:07  14 june  2018
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KFC ’ s decision to try out vegetarian fried chicken is part of its effort to create more low-calorie meals for customers. British KFCs hope to offer a vegetarian version of the colonel' s famous fried chicken later this year. As part of a countrywide campaign to slim down, KFC UK is heeding the new

KFC is making a vegetarian fried what? Chicken ’t? Vegan ’t? — gar 👌 (@EdgarCabading) June 11, 2018. Print Recipe. Here' s a new dessert to try during this beautiful summer weather Frozen Banana Bomb! At a first glance, you would probably think it' s an ice cream dessert, but the truth is

KFC exterior © Shutterstock KFC exterior While the chicken joint may be debuting a plant-based meal, it's not ditching its famous spice blend.

With White Castle introducing the Impossible Sliders and Bareburger rolling out its Beyond Meat burger, it’s no surprise that Kentucky Fried Chicken is joining the ranks of fast food chains adding a meatless option to their menu. The poultry joint is currently testing out a new vegetarian fried chicken made with the same 11 secret herbs and spices used in the original recipe.

Is KFC’s Vegetarian Fried Chicken Finger Lickin’ Good?

“Development of the recipe is still in its very early stages, and so the options we’re exploring in our kitchen are still top secret,” KFC told FoodBeast in a statement. “Once we’ve perfected the recipe we aim to test with customers this year, and if all goes well, we hope to launch a new vegetarian option in 2019.” While the test launch will take place in the UK, Americans are quite hopeful that, if successful, the plant-based option will make its debut in the states as well. However, the KFC USA team admitted to FoodBeast that there are “no plans related to the UK’s test at this time.” So, we’re still crossing our fingers.

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  This Is the Best Dish To Bring to a Funeral In the South, food is always the answer. No matter the occasion—baby shower, bridal luncheon, birthday party, backyard cookout—the immediate question that follows an invitation is, “What can I bring?” Food is an expression of emotion: love, appreciation, celebration, sympathy. When a Southerner dies, mourners immediately assume their positions in the kitchen, preparing offerings of heartfelt condolence for the deceased’s family the best way they know how: cooking up comforting casseroles, funeral potatoes, and baked hams. When we’re a loss for words, feeding people is our traditional response. So what’s the best dish to bring to a funeral? Offer a platter of classic Southern comfort: fried chicken. The ultimate finger food, fried chicken soothes any Southerner’s soul. You might have trouble finding an empty spot on the dining table when you arrive for the visitation, but room will always be made for this cure-all food. It can be eaten hot during the gathering or snacked on cold the next day (which, arguably, tastes even better). Mississippi etiquette experts Gayden Metcalfe and Charlotte Hays tout fried chicken as one of the top 10 foods to bring to a funeral, and cookbook author Perre Coleman Magness lists fried chicken as the number one in her Southern Sympathy Cookbook. WATCH: Funeral Etiquette Every Southerner Should Know There’s special something about a seemingly ordinary piece of fried chicken. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a fond memory attached to the food, be it a favorite recipe or a loved one who made it; it’s a culinary tie that binds. Fry a homemade batch or pick up a container from your favorite takeout spot—it doesn’t matter. You’ll offer comfort to those who are grieving with a smile and a crispy, golden-brown drumstick.

Would You Try KFC ’ s New Vegetarian Fried Chicken ? While the chicken joint may be debuting a plant-based meal, it's not ditching its famous spice blend.

Vegetarians will soon get an option of their own at Kentucky fried chicken , but there' s a catch. "That' s why we're looking into vegetarian options that would offer the great taste of KFC to new and Merkel expects a 'difficult' G7 meeting Merkel said she will try to discuss problems such as Iran and

Along with rolling out a healthier alternative to ground beef, KFC UK’s goal is to slash their menu items’ calories by 20 percent per serving size over the next seven years in addition to introducing several meals under 600 calories by 2020. The UK-based franchises’ goal is to offer “the great taste of KFC to new and existing customers who are changing their dining habits.” In fact, consumers are demanding vegetarian options now more than ever, with the meat-alternative market growing about 6 percent and vegan orders increasing by 19 percent in 2017. And with Colonel Sanders injecting his famous, secret spice blend into the new veggie offering, we’re sure meat lovers will rave for the meal, too.

We’re hoping that the US-based chicken chain takes a page out of UK’s book and strives to become one of the 20 Fast Food Chains That Will Make You Slim.

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Two years after Kentucky Fried Chicken ( KFC ) announced that it will sell more vegetarian burgers in India, it is looking back at chicken in a big way. Consumers are well-travelled, exposed to global trends, willing to try new food, and seek food that is authentic,” Lluis Ruiz Ribot, chief marketing

Colonel Sanders' fried chicken recipe has won the hearts of many over the years. But up until now, the hype around KFC ' s illustrious menu item was something vegetarians obviously couldn't be apart of. The chain is now giving a new recipe a try , sans chicken .

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