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Here's What Patients Lie to Doctors About Most Often

  Here's What Patients Lie to Doctors About Most Often Be it an "omission of fact" or a big ol' whopper, here's why you shouldn't lie to your doctor.Going to the doctor can be a stressful experience, so much so that you may feel put on the spot when you get asked an uncomfortable question. In some cases, you might even tell a white lie to try and please them.

Unobvious Signs That Scream We Need to See a Doctor . However, very often they take on the man ’s role in their marriage, and some go so far as to sacrifice their happiness in the name of love. We at Bright Side have compiled a list of 6 things a woman should never do for the man she loves.

Women are less likely to get promoted than men . Jacob Lund/Shutterstock. Thanks to family obligations, a woman ’s career arc often looks very different than a man ’s, and one of the primary ways this shows up is in promotions. Do you know these things to never say to a working mom?

  6 Things Doctors Often Say to Women, But Not to Men © Nomad/Getty Images A man with Dercum's disease, a rare condition affecting mostly women, and involving painful growths of fatty tissue, shares why he thinks women are often unfairly discriminated against by medical providers.

I have Dercum’s disease, an extremely rare condition that is predominantly found in females. I belong to multiple support groups on Facebook, like this one. I have known for a long time that women are treated differently than men are by medical providers, and these differences in treatment (or should I say lack of treatment) are hurtful and dangerous. I am try to offer women who have my rare disease a different point of view, and as I sadly have found, some women are so conditioned to being talked to in a condescending tone, they may not even be aware providers treat them unfairly.

Women still getting 'short shrift' on heart attack treatment

  Women still getting 'short shrift' on heart attack treatment Findings are "incredibly disappointing though not totally surprising" experts say.Women are more likely than men to die within a year after a heart attack. Despite that, women still aren't getting the same care as men upon leaving the hospital after an attack, a new study finds.

It features girls and women of all ages saying the things that only women ever hear, from “You’re gonna distract the boys” to “Can … And when men and boys fail to live up to the masculine ideal, they are often punished for it — made fun of, bullied, and stripped of their value.

Women are aware that guys who run around wearing pink hats and boasting about being a male feminist are, more often than not, just trying to The Grown Man ’s Guide to Flirting on Instagram. How to follow, like, and DM your way to romantic bliss. The 10 Sexiest Things to Say to Her On a First Date.

These are some phrases women have written in to our support groups that doctors have said to them:

1. “It’s just nerves.” This might be true, but not in the demeaning way doctors often say it to women. Just so you know, I have never had a doctor tell me this.

2. “You just need to lose weight.” This is one of the most “empty” things doctors can say, and again, I do need to lose weight, but doctors have never told me so.

3. “You just need to relax.” What does that mean? I see my friends who are women say often tell me a doctor or nurse has said this to them. I’ve never had a doctor say that to me.

4. “Take a hot bath.” How in the world would a doctor say this in response to something that has nothing to do with a woman’s hygiene? Once more, a doctor has never said this to me.

Patrick Dempsey Really Wants You To Get a Checkup

  Patrick Dempsey Really Wants You To Get a Checkup After playing a doctor on TV for 12 years, the heartthrob actor is a now bonafide cancer activist. I was just about to wrap up an interview with Patrick Dempsey when he stopped me to ask a question of his own: "How old are you?" Don't worry, he wasn't mad. The famously handsome Emmy nominee simply wanted to make sure that I had been getting yearly checkups from my doctor, even though I'm still in my twenties. As it turns out, Patrick Dempsey, one of TV's most famous medical professionals, is very into discussing annual checkups. "It’s fascinating, isn’t it?" he told

We are athletes, politicians, doctors , lawyers. But we can do ONE thing that men would never be able to do in a I say strip them of their excess rights and make them equal to men , not above. Men are also dishonest but women tend to be so with those who are close to them and often turn a blind eye

What To Say Instead: "I'm Here To Support You". Often times, the sensation of being utterly alone is the most devastating part of being bullied. A 15-year-old high schooler from Huntington, New York, told Women 's eNews that all the taunting she endures in school is done behind the teachers' backs.

5. “Are you on your period?” I learned early in life, because I grew up with a mom and several sisters, to never ask “are you on your period or are you having PMS?” I think at a doctor’s appointment, this may be a legitimate question if you are seeing a medical provider for something along those lines, but often this is not the intent of doctors when they ask.

6. “When was the last time you had sex?” This one always surprises me that a medical provider would ask this, unless your visit was to the gynecologist. Again, I don’t get asked this often.

As a man, I have never heard or rarely hear most of these things from doctors. I think you can see a pattern. Doctors and medical providers often make women feel that everything they are feeling is somehow “in their heads” and not worthy of a doctor actually looking into their symptoms. I have heard and read multiple times about how a woman was really sick and doctors not taking them seriously caused some very severe medical emergencies. Even the ER staff is guilty of this sexist behavior. I have had friends who miscarried, friends that died from breast cancer, or other cancers that worsened due to a doctor not taking a woman seriously. I guess I should not be shocked, but I am.

Doctors Remove 132-Pound Ovarian Tumor From Patient

  Doctors Remove 132-Pound Ovarian Tumor From Patient The tumor was so heavy the patient required a wheelchair and became malnourished. Doctors at Danbury Hospital in Connecticut removed a 132-pound tumor from a 38-year-old woman, the hospital announced Thursday. The benign mucinous ovarian tumor is believed to be one of the largest known tumors of this kind to have been removed and the patient is expected to make a full recovery.The tumor was removed in a single surgery that lasted five hours and required the expertise of nearly 25 highly skilled specialists.

It found that while men and women lost passion with age, women were often left cold by longer relationships. Ammanda Major said : "Sex is a very personal thing , and talking about it can be embarrassing.

Men , you need to stop saying these things to women . “You are a girl who thinks like a man .” What an honour! Often , women who play/watch sports, listen to death metal or do anything remotely “boyish” have the unique misfortune of receiving this atrocious compliment.

Dercum’s disease, being a disease that predominantly affects women, has taught me a great deal about how women are ignored or not taken seriously. I do my best to point out these types of things when women in support groups write them and might not be aware they are being discriminated against.

If you suspect that Dercum’s disease might be the cause of your symptoms, the following are helpful links with more information: NORD: Dercum’s disease and lipedema.

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