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‘DWTS’ Pro Alan Bersten Reveals He Needed Surgery for Hyperparathyroidism

Tuesday  19:53,   24 april 2018

<p>Alan Bersten started to have sharp stomach pains — and he almost skipped the doctor's appointment that caught his condition. Here's what hyperparathyroidism is.</p>If you’re experiencing pain and it goes away, it’s easy to dismiss[...]

'Part of the cause': To honor daughter, family speaks out about pediatric cancer

Tuesday  19:31,   24 april 2018

After their daughter died of leukemia, this family is raising money and awareness for pediatric cancer research. On April 6, Matt Neumann and Amanda Monteiro said goodbye to their 19-month old daughter, Edie, as she passed away from leukemia. As[...]

Heavy Drinking May Change the Bacteria In Your Mouth and Raise Gum Disease Risk

Tuesday  19:31,   24 april 2018

<p>A new study published Tuesday finds that drinking alcohol may alter some of the approximately 700 types of bacteria in your mouth — and probably not for the better.</p>There’s still quite a bit scientists don’t know about the microbiome:[...]

Drinking too much coffee during pregnancy linked to excess weight gain in children

Tuesday  19:10,   24 april 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

New European research has found that a moderate to high intake of caffeine during pregnancy could be linked to excess weight gain in children.&nbsp;Carried out by a team of Norwegian, Swedish and French researchers, the large-scale study looked[...]

Does alcohol cause PMS?

Tuesday  17:58,   24 april 2018
Relaxnews (AFP)

Researchers reported a link Monday between PMS and drinking alcohol, but could not conclude whether premenstrual suffering causes women to hit the bottle, or the other way round.&nbsp;A trawl of data from 19 studies in eight countries found a[...]

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Narcissist

Tuesday  17:35,   24 april 2018

<p>Certain phrases are more than likely to trigger a tantrum.</p>How to Spot a Narcissist Narcissistic personality disorder can present in various ways. Watch the video to learn how to recognize the telltale signs of the mental condition[...]

'Not anorexia, it's a thyroid issue': Actress shares photo of dramatic weight loss

Tuesday  17:25,   24 april 2018

Actress Jenny Mollen shared a dramatic picture of her weight loss on Instagram to raise awareness about Graves' disease, an autoimmune disorder.Last week, actress Jenny Mollen shared a naked photo of herself on Instagram that quickly went viral. [...]

Washing your romaine lettuce won't eliminate E. coli — here's how to minimize your risk during the current outbreak

Tuesday  17:21,   24 april 2018
Business Insider

Romaine lettuce that was grown near Yuma, Arizona, has been linked to an outbreak of a dangerous strain of E. coli. The CDC wants people to avoid all forms of romaine unless they are certain it didn't come from Arizona.If you've got romaine[...]

The Weird Way Your Dirty House Is Making You Fat

Tuesday  17:18,   24 april 2018
Eat This, Not That!

<p>There’s no need to wait for spring. News like this will give you all the motivation you need to clean like you’ve never cleaned before.</p>It’s time to break out the cleaning[...]

What causes right rib pain? What you need to know about this common ache

Tuesday  01:00,   24 april 2018

If the pain is keeping you from working or enjoying your day, it may be time to see your doctor.It's the rare person who hasn't self-diagnosed various aches and pains. It turns out one of the most popular internet searches is something along the[...]

How Much Does Getting a Tattoo Hurt? The Experts Weigh In

Tuesday  00:30,   24 april 2018

Pain is subjective, but here's how much a tattoo artist says it hurts to get a tattoo done, depending on part of the body, length of the session, and more.If you type in "tattoo" and then the letter "p" on Google, right after "tattoo parlor near [...]

Anna Kaiser Wants You To Stop Fixating On Abs

Tuesday  00:17,   24 april 2018
Women's Health

Yes, Kelly Ripa is her client. If you were to look at celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser’s clients-Kelly Ripa, Hilary Duff, Shakira, not to mention Kaiser herself-the thought “OMG how the eff do I get her abs” would probably cross your mind. But please,[...]

Here's What You Should Know About the Hepatitis A Outbreak in Kentucky and Michigan

Tuesday  00:07,   24 april 2018

Indiana health officials are urging residents who plan on traveling to Kentucky or Michigan to get Hepatitis A vaccines as an outbreak of the virus in the states leads to a mounting death toll ahead of the summer travel season. The Kentucky[...]

There's a science-backed treatment for drug addiction that works — but it's nearly impossible to get

Monday  23:05,   23 april 2018
Business Insider

<p>It's called medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and it involves administering FDA-approved drugs that curb cravings and reduce the excruciating symptoms of withdrawal.</p>A growing cadre of health professionals say we already have a[...]

Is Working Out Braless Bad For You?

Monday  22:40,   23 april 2018

<p>The answer depends on a couple of things.</p>Both choices are less than ideal. All those burpees and jumping jacks sure seem like they would hurt without a bra. But, is it actually dangerous to work out braless if you're in a bind? The[...]