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How to Protect Your Family From E. Coli

Wednesday  03:41,   17 january 2018
Taste of Home

If news of an E. coli outbreak has you feeling anxious, you're not alone. Learn more about it and find out what you can do to avoid getting[...]

Why you should never try to stifle your sneeze

Wednesday  01:40,   17 january 2018
CBS News

A 34-year-old man temporarily lost the ability to swallow after pinching his nose and clamping his mouth while sneezing, doctors report If you've ever tried to stifle a sneeze by pinching your nose and closing your mouth, doctors are offering a[...]

The one delicious food this 102-year-old eats every day for longevity

Wednesday  01:40,   17 january 2018

An Indiana centenarian has a sweet formula for a long, healthy life.An Indiana centenarian has a sweet formula for longevity: A daily dose of[...]

Your toothbrush is probably more disgusting than you thought — here's how often you should replace it

Tuesday  22:04,   16 january 2018
Business Insider

<p>Many aren't changing their brushes often[...]

This Plant Is About to Be Your New Fave All-Natural Antiaging Tool

Tuesday  22:03,   16 january 2018

Meet astragalus. It's a root that tastes slightly sweet, and it can help lower blood pressure and reduce stress (among many other good things).Assuming you haven't been living under a rock for the last 20 years (or more), you've no doubt run[...]

Why the Deadly 2018 Flu Season Could Get Even Worse

Tuesday  22:02,   16 january 2018

The influenza virus that’s sickened millions of Americans is already the most widespread outbreak since public health authorities began keeping track more than a dozen years ago. Now, with the threat of more strains emerging, it might get even[...]

Why I love Whole30 even if it's called the 'worst' diet

Tuesday  22:01,   16 january 2018

The Whole30 diet program is often slammed for being too restrictive and not based on independent science. But it's changed my life.That's why I embraced the Whole30 program, an approach to eating that gets a lot of buzz, but doesn't get a lot of [...]

Obesity Shaved Almost a Year Off U.S. Life Expectancy, Study Says

Tuesday  18:21,   16 january 2018

Rising obesity rates in the U.S. may be responsible for as many as 186,000 deaths per year, according to a new analysis. The U.S. has seen only relatively modest improvements in mortality rates over the past couple decades, despite public health[...]

What Is Concealed Depression and How Can You Spot Its Sneaky Symptoms?

Tuesday  02:07,   16 january 2018

When you think of depression, you may be inclined to picture someone who struggles to get out of bed every morning and is barely able to function.&nbsp;Someone who suffers from concealed depression specifically is programmed to deal with their[...]

Researchers build immune systems for kids with 'Bubble Boy' disease

Tuesday  02:06,   16 january 2018

A new type of gene therapy pioneered at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital appears to build fully functional immune systems in babies.St. Jude researchers recently reported that four months after they were treated, most of the patients[...]

How Waking Up Early in the Morning to Exercise Could Actually Be Counterproductive

Tuesday  02:06,   16 january 2018

Depriving ourselves of sufficient shuteye hurts our chances of success in weight loss and exercise.&nbsp;Better sleep habits rarely come to mind when we start drafting our goals for the new year, but by depriving ourselves of sufficient shuteye, [...]

This Psychotherapist Has Patients Lace up to Help Them Get Back on Their Feet

Tuesday  02:05,   16 january 2018
Runner's World

<p>She isn’t the only therapist seeing results with the unconventional treatment.</p>Nine years ago, Sepideh Saremi barely recognized herself. As the primary caregiver for a family member battling cancer, she was dealing with depression and[...]

Army vet sues VA over scalpel left in body after surgery

Tuesday  02:05,   16 january 2018
Associated Press

It was only discovered years later, after he suffered from long-term abdominal pain. (Courtesy of FAXON Law Group via AP) NEW HAVEN, Conn. — An Army veteran is suing a Veterans Affairs Hospital in Connecticut after he says someone left a scalpel [...]

From Six Double Hamburgers To Mac And (Cashew) Cheese: A Former NFL Lineman Embraces Veganism

Tuesday  02:03,   16 january 2018
Sports Illustrated

Plant-based diets have been embraced by quite a few high profile athletes.&nbsp;Veganism has had quite the PR transformation over the last few years. The more trendy terminology these days is ‘plant-based diet” and it’s been embraced by quite a[...]

6 healthy ways to indulge your sweet or salty cravings

Tuesday  02:03,   16 january 2018

Indulge in these satisfying swaps the next time you have a hankering for something sweet, salty or chocolatey. And you'll feel good knowing that each Joy Food option is less than 200 calories and offers a dose of nutrition to boot. Go ahead… Give[...]