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"Where Should I Keep My...?": Solving the Ultimate Small Space Dilemmas

Monday  19:37,   21 august 2017

Squeeze every last bit of storage space out of your dwelling, no matter its size. When you’re renting, square footage is something to be savored, not squandered. It’s hard enough finding a home for your everyday must-haves, let alone bulky,[...]

You Can Now Rent Elvis Presley's Cliffside Los Angeles Home

Wednesday  18:16,   16 august 2017
House Beautiful

It's fit for a[...]

How often you should clean upholstery — and the right way to do it!

Tuesday  19:37,   15 august 2017

Upholstery needs regular cleaning and our cleaning pro tells you the right way to do it. Does your upholstered furniture look dingy and "tired?" It might need a good cleaning. Upholstery, like carpet, needs regular attention, says Shawn Bisaillon,[...]

Ikea's $10 Kitchen Hack Could Save You $$$

Tuesday  18:48,   15 august 2017

Ikea’s 2018 collection is based around the idea that we need to “make room for life,” which includes many of the Swedish furniture giant’s hallmarks of useful, multi-purpose, and elegant items for your home for not much money. While the list of[...]

This Is the Most Expensive House in America Right Now

Tuesday  18:47,   15 august 2017
Real Simple

A sprawling Bel-Air estate just hit the market for a whopping $350 million, making it the most expensive house in America. If the house’s fictional television owners are any indication, anyone can dream big and become the owner of a grand[...]

It's Official: You Should Never, Ever Microwave Your Sponge

Wednesday  18:32,   09 august 2017
Country Living

There's really only one way to ensure your sponge is clean.Sponges that were "sanitized" in the microwave or dishwasher were just as bacteria-loaded as sponges that were never cleaned at all, according to a new study conducted by German[...]

3 Ways a New Garage Door Can Transform Your Curb Appeal

Wednesday  00:10,   09 august 2017
Bob Vila

 Most folks don’t think about replacing a garage door until they absolutely have to, waiting until it gets damaged or dingy, or stops working altogether. But design-savvy homeowners know the difference that a new garage door makes in an[...]

How to Make Homemade Cleaner With Simple Ingredients

Wednesday  21:45,   02 august 2017
The Family Handyman

Not only will natural cleaners make your life better, they will virtually eliminate that bad smell in the house and they're surprisingly inexpensive to[...]

People Are Seriously Regretting Buying Tiny Houses

Wednesday  18:15,   02 august 2017
Country Living

Turns out, homeowners actually prefer having some space.The online real estate resource polled more than 2,264 U.S. adults about what they wish they had done differently with their current housing. A whopping 44 percent of participants had housing[...]

The 1 Habit That Ensures a Clean, Clutter-Free Closet

Thursday  20:32,   20 july 2017

Before the KonMari method inspired scores of people to get rid of items that didn't "spark joy," I was already constantly overhauling my closet.  Before the KonMari method inspired scores of people to get rid of items that[...]

Bigger Homes and Gardens: Caring for Your New, Upsized Outdoor Space

Thursday  18:45,   20 july 2017

You upsized from apartment to home - now what do you do with that big yard? Ease into yard work like a pro with this expert advice. When Lance Fort upsized from an apartment to a 2,350-square-foot home in Shoreline, WA, a bedroom community just[...]

How to Buy a Shipping Container (for Your Next Home)

Tuesday  18:39,   18 july 2017

Dwell shares insider tips after consulting architects, DIY home builders and shipping container experts from around the world. You’ve decided to join the shipping container revolution. Your plans are drawn up, your site is prepared and your welding [...]

Summer Is the Best Time for These 6 Home Improvements

Saturday  00:10,   15 july 2017
Bob Vila

Photo: If you’ve been thinking about tackling some home improvement projects this summer, don’t delay!  If you’ve been thinking about tackling some home improvement projects this summer, don’t delay! The dog days of summer[...]

The 14-Room House Inside This Rock Has Been Frozen In Time Since the '70s

Tuesday  18:41,   11 july 2017
Country Living

This unique roadside attraction has quite an amazing history.For $7, you can take a 12-minute guided tour and learn all about the cave's quirky history. Then spend some time at the on-site petting zoo, browse the metal and stone sculptures by artist [...]

These Dollar-Store DIY Projects Are Absolutely Brilliant

Tuesday  18:21,   11 july 2017

We love DIY projects as much as the next person, but creating something from scratch doesn't always come cheap. It's easy to get carried away by the promise of Pinterest tutorials. Before you know it, you end up with a load of pricey[...]