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These Incredible Heated Pools Are Made from Shipping Containers

Tuesday  19:22,   25 april 2017
Country Living

The best part: It takes only a few minutes to set one up.We've seen shipping containers repurposed as gorgeous homes in the past, but converting one into an above-ground swimming pool might be the coolest thing ever. With a sleek design that comes[...]

8 Neighborhood Features That Increase Your Home Value

Friday  19:07,   21 april 2017

It’s a good bet that certain home upgrades — the kitchen and master bathroom in particular — will increase the value of your home. But some neighborhood features are so attractive to buyers that they can increase your home’s value too. Here are[...]

You've Never Heard of the Best Place to Live

Thursday  18:36,   20 april 2017
Town and Country

A new ranking proclaims one suburban oasis the top place to live in the United States.It's not the first time the city has received such an honor, though. CNN Money magazine dubbed it the best place to live in America back in 2012, but that ranking[...]

How to Conquer Everyday Clutter at Home

Tuesday  19:16,   18 april 2017
Architectural Digest

News flash: Staying organized doesn’t need to be a constant battle. Wondering how we could streamline our everyday clutter, we went straight to two experts: Barbara Reich, a professional organizer of high-style New Yorkers and author of Secrets of[...]

4 Steps to an Organized Pantry

Monday  18:21,   17 april 2017
Architectural Digest

A kitchen pantry is a blessing for storing extra dishes and linens, bulk ingredients, and those snacks you buy by the case, but it can also be a repository for unnecessary clutter. Clear things[...]

How to Clean Your Outdoor Furniture and Keep It Looking Fresh

Monday  18:21,   17 april 2017
Architectural Digest

Outdoor furniture is built to withstand the elements, but that doesn’t always mean it makes it through the colder months looking any less disheveled. That’s where we come in. All it takes to freshen up your favorite garden or patio pieces after a[...]

11 spring cleaning hacks from Pinterest that are legit super useful

Thursday  19:03,   13 april 2017
Hello Giggles

Pinterest is our first stop when looking for anything and everything trendy and inventive. Street style advice, beauty tips, wedding inspiration, cool…Case in point: turning to Pinterest to learn a few ~out-of-this-world~ spring cleaning[...]

13 Designers Recall Their Craziest Childhood Decorating Experiments

Wednesday  19:25,   12 april 2017
The Wall Street Journal.

Bedazzled windows, clandestine paint jobs and other childhood exploits from kids who grew up to be design pros“Without discussion or permission, I dismantled hundreds of pairs of costume earrings (old inventory from my dad’s retail business),[...]

New Neighborhood? 15 Things To Do Your First Week, Month, And Year

Thursday  18:45,   06 april 2017

After the hard work of finding and moving into the perfect home, you’re finally ready for the best part: exploring your new neighborhood and city! Here’s what you should do in your first week, month, and year in a new place to help make it your home [...]

You Can Buy Johnny Cash's Former Residence for $3.95 Million

Thursday  18:25,   06 april 2017
Architectural Digest

Johnny Cash loved his Tennessee home. This property, located in just north of Nashville in Hendersonville, Tennessee, was where Cash retreated for his detox in the late 1960s and was where Kris Kristofferson famously landed his helicopter in order[...]

Parks of the Future May Include Elevated Walkways Through Trees

Thursday  18:25,   06 april 2017
Architectural Digest

Public parks, especially in urban environments such as New York City, are necessary sanctuaries for local residents.  © Courtesy of Dror Tasked by a Turkish development company, Bilgili Holding, with designing a park in[...]

This is the Easiest Way to Spring Clean Your Hardwood Floors

Monday  18:32,   03 april 2017
Woman's Day

Use these three steps to make them sparkle.You may also want to consider placing a rug over your hardwood floors-especially in highly trafficked areas. This will help protect them, and minimize wear and tear over the years. You'll also want to avoid [...]

This is the Safest (And Easiest) Way to Clean Granite Countertops

Monday  18:32,   03 april 2017
Woman's Day

Here's how to avoid breaking down the countertop's sealant.To clean and polish granite countertops, be sure to use a safe and gentle cleaner designed for the special surface. Michael Dimopoulos, a Thumbtack House Cleaner and the founder of[...]

This Homemade Cleaning Solution is the Best Way to Unclog a Drain

Thursday  22:32,   30 march 2017
Woman's Day

You probably already have all the ingredients.For blocked bathtub or shower drains, follow the instructions above, but place the stopper over the drain once the solution has been poured into the pipe. After the required time has passed, fill the[...]

This Homemade Cleaning Solution is the Easiest Way to Clean Shower Doors

Wednesday  21:07,   29 march 2017
Woman's Day

You only need two[...]