Home & Garden 3 Simple, Do-It-Yourself Energy Saving Window Tips For Winter

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The One Thing to Do If You Think You're Getting Sick

  The One Thing to Do If You Think You're Getting Sick This one is so simple and it doesn't cost a dime.Your coworker Lucy just had to come to work sick. Now you [insert sniffle, cough, sneeze] think you feel your own cold coming on. But there’s actually a super-simple way to head it off at the pass: You need to sleep.

How do I reuse…? The tips below run the gamut from simple sewing projects to serious home improvement tips . We tried to find money saving tips to fit an array of different skill levels, so there should be winter energy saving tips for everyone!

Winter Energy Saving Tips for your Home. Some of these energy saving tips are free but others will require a small investment. Let the sun do the work for you: Open the curtains on your south facing windows to let in a bit of sunlight.

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Replacement window companies would like you to think that new energy-saving windows are an absolute must if you want to lower your average heating bill or are serious about home weatherization. But if the recession has you cash-strapped, other home weatherization projects, such as sealing air leaks, will save you money right now, without many up-front costs.

No matter what kind of windows your home has, there are easy and inexpensive steps you can take to make them more efficient, cut heat loss (and your heating bill), and make your home more comfortable this fall and winter.

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Christmas music is bad for your mental health, British psychologist says

  Christmas music is bad for your mental health, British psychologist says You may want to think twice before cranking up "Christmas with the Chipmunks": A psychologist says listening to holiday tunes too early could harm your mental health. Stressing before Christmas? Listening to the cheerful, jolly music will not help you relax, a British psychologist said.

Apart from retaining heat, the energy saving tips are simple and are mostly maintenance chores that should be done anyhow. Even if a mean winter is in store, this guide is a great way to stay protected.

Do it Yourself Home Improvement: Home Repair. Read more on Energy Saving Tips . 9 Home Energy Conservation Tips for the Winter .

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Plug Your Leaks

If air can move through or around your windows, it will let in the cold. Even if your curtains don’t flap and the sashes don’t rattle like castanets, you may still have lots of tiny air leaks that can really add up. An easy way to check for air leaks is to light an incense stick, and use the smoke to check for indoor air movement when there is a bit of wind outdoors. Check around the edges of the glass (where the glass meets the wood, vinyl, or metal) to make sure the glazing compound is intact. If not, patch or replace it with a good-quality plastic glazing compound. Replace any cracked panes, too.

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Air can also seep between and around the window sashes. Start by securing the locks, as that may tighten things right up. If it doesn’t stop the leaks, install weather stripping and caulk any cracks in the sash or frame, as well as any small gaps between the frame and the wall. Your local home-improvement store or hardware store has many options for patching, but two of my favorites are Mortite (a removable and low-toxicity weather stripping that looks like coils of gray modeling clay) and 100 percent silicone caulk (which is long-lasting, and doesn’t release poisonous chemical fumes the way less-expensive caulks may).

This is the best way to lose weight in winter

  This is the best way to lose weight in winter Here's why you should ditch the gym and take your workout into the great outdoors this winter. Despite popular belief, your body doesn't go into starvation mode in the wintertime. Outside of the sweets-filled smorgasbord of the holidays, the other major reason that people tend to gain weight in the winter months is that they often spend a lot less time jogging in the park and a lot more time eating cookies on the couch.But we've got some good news. If you do manage to motivate yourself into doing a little outdoor exercise, you'll get way more of a payback for your troubles.

I have 3 simple tips for any homeowner. Turn the switch so your fan rotates clockwise in the winter and then switch it back to counter clockwise in the summer. This simple act of switching your fan switch can save you up to 15% in energy costs!

100 Great Tips for Saving Money. It costs money to heat a home – serious money. Our energy bills tend to go up by about 50% in the winter – and that’s after doing almost everything we can think of to keep things under control.

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Slow Heat Loss

Once you’ve fixed any actual air leaks, you can focus on reducing the amount of hot or cold air that is transferred through the glass and frame.

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Curtains or shades can reduce heat loss significantly by keeping chilled glass and frames insulated from your warmed indoor air. Take advantage of free solar heating by leaving curtains on your south-, east-, and west-facing windows open during the day to let in the heat carried by direct sunlight (shutting them at night), but keep the windows on your north side covered all day to keep heat from escaping. If you want to spend a bit more, insulated shades or curtains are a good investment. But even hanging an old blanket or quilt against a window can make a huge difference. Temporary plastic films may be an effective and affordable option where curtains or shades aren’t workable. Be sure to remove them carefully in the spring, so you can reuse them for at least a second season, and recycle what you can’t reuse.

6 Tips for Overcoming the 'January Blues'

  6 Tips for Overcoming the 'January Blues' <p>Here are my top six tips for overcoming the January Blues</p>This can be an extremely difficult time for many, and sometimes there is no quick and easy fix, particularly if there are more deep-seated, ongoing mental or emotional concerns taking place. I cannot claim that any of these things will heal or cure anything such as this; however, there are some small positive changes we can all endeavor to make to lift our mood just a fraction as we push on into this new season.

Find more energy saving tips at Tips to Lower the Utility Bills in Your Home. It ’s a very innovative way of going. You also can get a five-day forecast. You can even do an energy audit and see how much money you’re actually saving .

9 of the Best Winter Energy Saving Tips . Energy -efficiency is the long-term goal of most property owners because with it comes cost- saving benefits. Most of these simple repairs for air leaks can be done yourself .

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Move Thermostat Settings Down Three Degrees: This is a bit of advice that really works: <a href=Lower your thermostat by three degrees and you will save money on your heating bills. The exact amount varies, but 3 to 4 degrees tends to save you around 10% on a monthly energy bill. That's significant! While three degrees may not be missed once you acclimate, you can always pull on a sweater when necessary.Photo Source: SpeedKingz/Shutterstock" src="/upload/images/real/2018/01/02/move-thermostat-settings-down-three-degrees-this-is-a-bit-of-advice-that-really-works-a-href-https-w_32548_.jpg?content=1" /> 11 Ways to be More Energy Efficient This Winter

If you have storm windows, be sure to install or close them at the start of the heating season, and seal any air leaks they may have, just as you would a normal window. Installing new high-quality storm windows with low-emissivity (low-e) coatings is worth considering if you live in a Northern climate and your windows have single-paned glass, as the cost is lower than replacing the entire window. The final efficiency can be almost as good as installing brand-new double-paned windows.

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Applying a low-e window film can also reduce the amount of heat transfer through glazing. Be sure to get a film designed for your climate. The best low-e films for cold climates are applied on the interior, and are specifically designed to keep heat from escaping. Some films are meant to be removed and reapplied as needed; others go on and stay on. You can apply window film yourself (start by buying enough for just one window to see if this option is workable for you) or have it applied by a professional.

It feels like the flu but isn't: meet the adenovirus

  It feels like the flu but isn't: meet the adenovirus The adenovirus has many of the flu's telltale symptoms but is rarely tested by doctors, leaving patients miserably sick until it passes. Like the flu, the adenovirus can lead to many other illnesses, like upper respiratory infections, pneumonia and bronchitis. But, since there are 52 strains of the virus, it can also lead to other complications like gastrointestinal illnesses, urinary tract infections and pink eye, Live Science reported.

Go green and keep the drafts out and the warm air inside your home with these simple energy - saving solutions. As fun as the holiday season is, it also brings with it unwelcomed guests — and we aren’t talking about your in-laws. For many of us, winter means drafty windows

The simplest thing to do is to remove your garden hose from your outdoor faucet and drain it . Take Control of Your Energy Bills With These Simple Strategies. 9 Tips for a Spring-Clean Home All Winter Long.

a man standing in front of a building© Provided by Rodale Inc. Credit Link:

Replace or Refurbish

Older windows with aluminum or steel frames can be real energy wasters, as metal is very effective at conducting heat. So if you have the budget, it may make sense to consider replacing them with high-quality insulated windows. If you can’t afford to replace all your windows with high-quality windows at once, replace just a few at a time, starting with the side of the house that gets pounded by the winter winds (doing a side all at once keeps things looking nicer from the outside, too).

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If your home has old wooden windows, as in pre-1940s, they are well worth keeping even if they are in rough shape. Fixing up what you already have is a very green and affordable alternative to replacement windows. Windows that old were often made from individual parts that can be repaired or replaced without having to take out the entire window, and doing so will end up costing you less than a complete replacement job. You can boost the efficiency of these older, single-paned windows by adding a storm window or low-e film, which allows you to retain the aesthetic appeal. You can refurbish the windows yourself—visit Historic HomeWorks for how-to videos and locations of workshops near you—or you can pay a local craftsman to do the work for you (which is a good thing for your local economy).

Watch Out for This Little-Known Flu Symptom, Mom Warns

  Watch Out for This Little-Known Flu Symptom, Mom Warns <p>Brodi Willard went on Facebook to warn other parents of a new symptom that might go unnoticed.</p>With a deadly flu season that experts say hasn't yet hit its peak, and has already claimed the lives of about 37 children in the U.S. so far, it's important to keep an eye out for flu-like symptoms that may drag on or worsen and prevent it from spreading. But not all symptoms are obvious, as a mom and registered nurse in Nebraska recently learned.

Winter is upon us and as the cold slowly creeps up, so does our use of energy . It ’s always a hot topic this time of year, “How can I reduce my energy bill?” How to Motivate Yourself : 13 Simple Ways You Can Try Right Now. 20 Quick Time Management Tips to Super Boost Your Productivity.

Energy is expensive and so by learning a few great energy saving tips you will be able to cut down your energy bills. What's more you will also be able to do your bit for the planet. Tip 2: New Windows . Older windows were made with a single pane of glass and are not energy efficient .

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