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This Couple Built an Adorable 80-Square-Foot Guest Cabin for Just $700

Friday  20:22,   06 october 2017
Country Living

Welcome to the world's most adorable backyard getaway.Photographer Alla Ponomareva and her husband Garrett constructed this pint-size getaway as a guest house on the grounds of their home in Missoula, Montana. Tiny house builder Derek "Deek"[...]

How To: Protect Plants from Frost

Wednesday  22:35,   04 october 2017
Bob Vila

Unexpected early fall and late spring frosts—periods when outside temperatures go below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit)—often catch home gardeners off-guard, nipping tender fruit buds, cutting short vegetable harvests, and killing houseplants that[...]

Help! How Do You Remove Stains from Stainless Steel?

Tuesday  21:36,   03 october 2017

You love your toaster/food processor/KitchenAid mixer. But those pesky fingerprint marks and ugly brown spots? Not so much. Here, three easy ways to get rid of stains from your stainless-steel appliances. (Psst…these tricks also work to keep your[...]

4 Ways to Cozy Up Your Kitchen for Fall

Tuesday  01:13,   03 october 2017

Grab your hearty soup recipes, decorative pie plates, and favorite cookbooks. Fall is here, and with just a little effort you can get your kitchen ready to make the most of it.Try these four tips to create a cozier kitchen for[...]

Why This 13-Year-Old Built His Own Tiny House in His Parents' Backyard

Monday  22:07,   02 october 2017
Country Living

Talk about having independence!At 13 years old, Luke Thill from Dubuque, Iowa, built the small structure from scratch for only $1,500, which he paid for doing odd jobs including cutting lawns and cleaning out garages, the Miami Heraldreports. Like[...]

Solved! Storage Tank vs. Tankless Water Heaters

Saturday  01:40,   30 september 2017
Bob Vila

If you pore over the energy bill each and every month but rarely give a thought to your water heater, you're missing something critical: there's a direct relationship between the two. Believe it or not, the average household devotes more[...]

Exactly When to Plant Pumpkin Seeds If You Want Your Own Patch by Halloween

Thursday  23:21,   28 september 2017

Having your own little pumpkin garden can be really satisfying, especially if you're pumpkin-obsessed or love anything to do with Fall. Whether you have children or not, you can skip the trip to the pumpkin patch in the Fall and have your very[...]

How To: Unshrink Clothes

Wednesday  23:30,   27 september 2017
Bob Vila

Have you ever reached for a favorite sweater or pair of jeans only to find that its last spin in the hot dryer caused it to shrink? Before you deem it a lost cause and toss it into the donation bin, try the technique here.  Photo:[...]

15 Little Things You Can Do This Fall For A Gorgeous Spring Garden

Tuesday  23:36,   26 september 2017
Rodale's Organic Life

You and your fall garden benefit when you give your plants the same TLC in autumn as you do in spring and summer. Wildlife will find food and shelter, weeds will be easier to control, and plant diseases, as well as pests, will no longer drive you[...]

4 Organization Tricks for Tiny Closets—and Not-So-Tiny Shoe Collections

Tuesday  22:33,   26 september 2017
Architectural Digest

It's easy for the whole house to become one giant shoe storage space. Walk in the door and there are your running shoes; pass the kitchen and you'll spot your favorite slippers; head into your bedroom and oh, there are those heels you wore[...]

The Easiest Way to Rake Leaves

Monday  23:47,   25 september 2017
Real Simple

Ah, fall leaves. Gorgeous as they may be to look at, the chore of removing them from your lawn might be one you don’t look forward to. Luckily, there are some expert tips to guide you. Ah, fall leaves. Gorgeous as they may be to look at,[...]

Pumpkin Planters Are the Ultimate Fall Porch Accessory

Monday  23:21,   25 september 2017
Country Living

These are[...]

Here's How Long You Should Really Be Holding On to That Pumpkin

Saturday  00:06,   23 september 2017

Pumpkins are the ultimate Fall decorating accessory. Whether you're adding them to your fireplace mantle, your front porch, or even your Fall tablescape, pumpkins are a sure sign that the season has officially arrived. If you're a purist,[...]

Matt Damon Bought Brooklyn's Most Expensive Home

Friday  21:36,   22 september 2017

You won't believe the record-breaking price tag on this penthouse.If Damon pays the asking price of $16.645 million (or anywhere close to it), it will be a record-breaking sale in the borough. The next most-expensive property? A $15.5 million[...]

This DIY Millennial Pink Sofa Is Our Favorite IKEA Hack of All Time

Friday  00:50,   22 september 2017
House Beautiful

Wait until you find out how inexpensive this transformation was.Since the Karlstad comes with a removable slip cover and wasn't a huge investment, she knew it was the perfect candidate for an IKEA hack. If you can't find a Karlstad in the clearance[...]