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How To Defend Your Garden From Diseases That Will Ruin Your Soil

Monday  22:36,   11 september 2017
Rodale's Organic Life

The top 10 inches of your garden's soil, where your plants' roots feed and grow, is teeming with bacteria, fungi, and countless other microscopic creatures. Most are beneficial or even essential to keeping your plants healthy. But some are[...]

The Dos and Don'ts of Watering Plants

Friday  20:22,   08 september 2017
Bob Vila

No matter what color your thumb, you likely already know that all plants need water to reach their full potential—after all, that basic knowledge goes back to basic middle-school science class. But what you might not know is that incorrect watering[...]

Grow to love saving your seeds

Friday  01:25,   08 september 2017
Cape Times

Seed saving is precisely that. Gathering seed saves money for the next planting season, and also saves genetic strains that may have originated in family gardens. Gardeners can save seeds from just about anything that produces fruit or[...]

How To: Remove Stickers from Glass

Friday  00:51,   08 september 2017
Bob Vila

Whether it’s a new mirror that you brought home or a wine bottle that you’re using for a DIY, lifting a price tag or label from glass is always tougher than it seems. Thanks to their adhesive properties, stickers are often a pain to peel off any[...]

The Best Home-Cleaning Products Are in Your Pantry

Thursday  19:55,   07 september 2017
Architectural Digest

Forget a trip to Target to stock up on cleaning products, and go no further than your pantry and medicine cabinet. Yes, we're telling you not to run an errand and not to spend money. This is gonna be good. So many of the things we use all the[...]

This Is How You Should Be Storing Off-Season Clothes

Thursday  01:18,   07 september 2017
Reader's Digest

Hauling out a bunch of huge plastic tubs of clothes to make the switch from summer to winter—or the other way around—is no fun. Which is why most people put off the whole clothing storage ordeal as long as possible. But switching those unwieldy tubs [...]

We Kid You Not: Carnations Are Trending

Thursday  00:51,   07 september 2017

Recent history has been unfair to the carnation. Known today as the choice bloom of elementary school “ boy friends” and funeral directors, these guys were actually the height of luxury back in the day.Recent history has been[...]

How to Clean Your Kitchen Faucet Like a Champ

Tuesday  21:38,   05 september 2017

When it comes to kitchen-sink gadgetry, it’s one of the coolest inventions of modern times: the faucet spray head. (Seriously, how else would you clean every nook and cranny of your dishes?) Still, while we wipe the basin religiously, we often[...]

You Can Star In Ikea's Home Makeover Show

Wednesday  00:55,   30 august 2017

Look out East Coast, they're coming for you!Season 4 of their digitally native show Home Tour - dedicated to making American homes a little more Scandinavian (read: minimalist and cool) by using the perfect IKEA pieces - is about to kick off, [...]

How To Get Rid Of Mold And Mildew Naturally

Wednesday  00:48,   30 august 2017
Rodale's Organic Life

It's often damp and wet where I live in Pennsylvania, which means getting rid of mold is the number one challenge in my bathrooms. Adding to that, our water leaves lime deposits, so when I'm ready give my bathrooms a deep, green clean, my[...]

How To: Remove Bumper Stickers

Wednesday  00:47,   30 august 2017
Bob Vila

Whether they represent a sports team, your alma mater, or your favorite political candidate, bumper stickers let you stand out on the road.  Whether they represent a sports team, your alma mater, or your favorite political candidate,[...]

4 Smart Hacks To Deal With Living In A Noisy Area

Friday  23:45,   25 august 2017

This situation isn't hard for urban dwellers to imagine: You've put on the comfiest pair of pajamas and are just about to climb into bed with your favorite book, and that's when it happens: Some jerk honks loudly outside your window, or[...]

The Chic Mobile Bar All Your Outdoor Parties Need

Friday  23:40,   25 august 2017
Town and Country

A restored 1946 vintage trailer adds a whole new element to cocktail hour.Meet Hello Penny Bar, the latest invention that will forever change your outdoor parties. The elegant mobile bar is a converted 1946 vintage trailer that is as fabulous as it[...]

This Man Built His Dog the Coziest Bedroom Under the Stairs

Thursday  23:11,   24 august 2017
Country Living

The story behind the framed family photos will break you. [...]

DIY Outdoor Projects that Add Value to Your Home

Thursday  19:55,   24 august 2017
The Family Handyman

These outdoor projects will increase storage space, improve curb appeal, and add value to your[...]