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11 Ridiculously Old-Fashioned Etiquette Rules

Wednesday  22:10,   24 may 2017
Town and Country

You won't believe what you weren't allowed to do before noon.I wanted to find out just how serious social norms were during the 19th century, so I picked up The Habits of Good Society: A Handbook of Etiquette for Ladies and Gentlemen, a[...]

I Made a 'Bed' for My Phone, and I've Never Slept Better

Wednesday  21:27,   24 may 2017

I used to sleep with my phone next to my pillow—now, I know that's an easy way to sabotage my sleep.I took to the interwebs to research this "phone bed" idea. It turns out, Arianna Huffington, the newly-tapped Queen of Sleep and author of The[...]

LGBT pride quiz

Wednesday  19:30,   24 may 2017

<p>Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Pride Month is celebrated every June in the U.S. Take our quiz to learn more about the[...]

5 Tips For a Successful Performance Review

Tuesday  22:25,   23 may 2017

Don't fret about your upcoming performance review; see it as a chance for you to speak up and shine. Remember it's always more productive to focus on the positive instead of lingering on the negative. Some prep beforehand will ease your[...]

10 Essential Steps to Take Before a Job Interview

Tuesday  22:24,   23 may 2017

Once you've snagged a job interview, the inevitable nerves that follow can make it difficult to focus on preparation.&nbsp;Once you've snagged a job interview, the inevitable nerves that follow can make it difficult to focus on preparation.[...]

5 Effective Ways to Curb Your Work Anxiety

Monday  22:25,   22 may 2017

5 Effective Ways to Curb Your Work AnxietyDo you feel like you’re about to have a panic attack at work every other day? Are you consistently waking up from anxiety dreams at 4 a.m., then rolling over and checking your work email and never getting[...]

The Best Way to Chill out When You Want to Totally Lose It

Monday  21:55,   22 may 2017
Best Life

Alex von Bidder, the managing partner of the most high-octane stressful restaurant in Manhattan, tells us how to keep calm under duress.“Can you believe he took all the family silver?” Michelle asks her assistant, with fury in her eyes. “He will[...]

10 Things You Should Throw Away Right Now

Thursday  21:06,   18 may 2017

Keeping old or worn household items is a great way to make yourself sick. Toss out those old kitchen sponges and cosmetics[...]

5 Career Tips You Should Always Ignore

Wednesday  21:51,   17 may 2017

5 Career Tips You Should Always IgnoreThere’s no shortage of helpful career advice out there, from what to wear to an interview or how to pump at work. But sometimes it’s just as helpful to hear about what not to do. We all learn from our mistakes — [...]

11 English Words That Make More Sense When You Know Their Arabic Roots

Wednesday  20:17,   17 may 2017
Mental Floss

What kind of mating is a checkmate? What kind of hair is mohair? What does a fanfare have to do with fans? It all makes sense when you go back to the Arabic roots of these words.I happened to solve a lot of these moments of etymological crisis just[...]

How to deal with a gossiping co-worker (without losing your cool)

Wednesday  19:36,   17 may 2017

We spoke to Thomas Farely, known as Mister Manners, as part of our three-day "Manners on the Move" series on TODAY this week. He gave us his best tips for navigating the rocky seas of work.We spoke to Thomas Farley, aka Mister Manners, for [...]

After the Country’s Deadliest Mudslide, This Town Came Out Stronger Than Ever

Tuesday  20:50,   16 may 2017
Reader's Digest

It was the first clear day all month in Darrington, Washington, and most community members were out enjoying the sun. But the heavy rains had already done their damage. As the rain-soaked land turned to liquid, mud and debris shot out, bringing a[...]

The 7 Things Everyone Needs to Get Rid Of to Be Instantly Happier

Tuesday  20:36,   16 may 2017

It’s May. 2017. Holy moly. Spring is officially in full swing, which got me thinking, Does anyone actually spring clean anymore? Let's take a look at what that actually means: “To clean all of a place, especially your house, very well,[...]

How to find out what people really think about you at work

Tuesday  19:41,   16 may 2017
Business Insider

A close friend of mine does this annoying thing where, months after an event, she'll tell me sheepishly that something was off. The dress I wore didn't fit right. Or my hair was sticking up the entire[...]

8 reasons why you should always say 'good morning' to your coworkers

Friday  22:37,   12 may 2017
Business Insider

Whether you're a morning person or not, there seems to be a universal reluctance to greet people first thing. It's very unlikely you meet a person who enjoys saying hello to each one of their coworkers with a smile every morning without fail.If [...]