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You Can't Keep a Good Dog Down

Wednesday  18:59,   15 august 2018

Blue is the warmest of pit bulls. Catherine Giles definitely didn't need another dog. Already sharing her sprawling house in Gastonia, North Carolina, with 22 rescue animals (10 dogs and 12 cats), the 53 year-old Giles didn't have the room[...]
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Charlie and Me: How We Finally Fell in Love

Wednesday  18:58,   15 august 2018

Charlie in his natural habitat. When my husband Brandon and I take a walk, I hold Charlie's leash. I feed him, stroke his belly and give him treats. But Brandon is his hero. When he leaves, even for a minute, our loving beagle whimpers in[...]

How long is it safe to leave your dog home alone?

Wednesday  18:58,   15 august 2018

It can be hard to leave our dogs at home when they look up at us with those big, sad eyes. When we have to leave our dogs home alone, bearing in mind that they are animals who need lots of love, affection, food and water, how long is it[...]

5 Dog Food Myths That Aren’t True, According to a Vet

Tuesday  18:47,   14 august 2018

Your dog’s diet affects everything: her coat, her energy and her health. Myth: Grain-Free Diets Are Higher in[...]

A potty-mouthed parrot told firefighters to 'f--- off' after getting stuck on a roof

Tuesday  16:25,   14 august 2018

A parrot stuck on a roof for three days responded rudely to firefighters who attempted to coax her down. Fortunately, Jessie the Macaw returned home to her owner of her own accord on Monday afternoon. If you'd been stuck on a roof for three days,[...]

How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter

Monday  18:06,   13 august 2018

Job searches are rough. First, you’ve got to find a gig that feels like a good fit, then you’ve got to make sure your résumé is up to date and lively, and then there’s the — let’s just call it what it is — dreaded cover letter. You’ve already[...]

You can adopt dogs that failed government training for being too 'nice' — here's how

Friday  18:56,   10 august 2018

Not all canines are cut out to be service dogs. Whether it's their friendly temperament or nerves, many pups get dropped from the program. Thankfully, these dogs are available for adoption.There is something simultaneously adorable and[...]

Shortest (and Longest) Living Dog Breeds in the World

Thursday  23:31,   09 august 2018

While a good diet and regular exercise can lengthen and improve the life of any dog, the sad reality is that compared with humans, dogs do not live as long as people. Another somber truth is some canine breeds live longer than others. When it comes[...]

Why Tiny Dogs Lift Their Legs So High While Peeing

Thursday  19:27,   09 august 2018

They're lovable AND limber.Smaller dogs do tend to lift their legs at a higher angle to achieve a greater “pee height,” animal behavior researcher Julie Hecht writes for Scientific American. These findings, published in the Journal of Zoology,[...]

Costco employees share the 15 things they wish shoppers would stop doing

Thursday  18:15,   09 august 2018

• Costco jobs can be rough sometimes - especially when employees find themselves dealing with difficult members and annoying habits. • Some customers are egregiously rude, while others have habits that are just quietly aggravating. • Blocking the[...]

9 Seemingly Harmless Things You Should Never Have On Your Resume

Thursday  17:37,   09 august 2018

When was the last time you reviewed your resume? According to a recent poll by career site Monster, 39 percent of respondents said they updated their resume the last time they applied for a job; 8 percent said they couldn’t even remember the last[...]

Missing cat reunited with owner after 7 years

Thursday  00:10,   09 august 2018

After seven years away from home, Tigger the cat has finally found his way back, much to the delight of his owner. MSPCA Cape Cod workers scanned Tigger for a microchip when he was dropped off at the shelter on July 31 and quickly called[...]

Dog DNA Parties Becoming New Trend for Owners Looking to Discover Pets’ Heritage

Wednesday  19:35,   08 august 2018

Just like human DNA kits, all you need to do is get a swab of your dog's saliva.DNA tests for people are a worldwide phenomenon with ancestry-tracing TV shows like "Finding Your Roots" and "Who Do You Think You Are?" growing in[...]

This Adorable Chihuahua Didn't Just Have a Birthday Party — She Had a Quinceañera!

Monday  22:26,   06 august 2018

This is not your average dog birthday party!Lupita Conchita, a 2-year-old Chihuahua from Texas recently celebrated her birthday with an unforgettable quinceañera[...]

This Racoon Lives a Life of Luxury After Being Adopted by a Couple When She Was a Baby

Monday  20:06,   06 august 2018

Bethany Swindell, 33, and her husband Russ, 35, of Russellville, Arksansas, rescued the raccoon after she fell more than 30 feet from the top of an oak tree in their garden in June 2016. Although the couple, from Russellville in Arkansas, spotted[...]