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This Is Where Your Fat Actually Goes When You Lose Weight

  This Is Where Your Fat Actually Goes When You Lose Weight Seems like everyone wants to trim the fat, which why it’s nice to know you can bust belly fat in a single day. And when you do slim down, it might seem like fat has evaporated into thin air and well. It kind of has. “Your body’s’ primary source of energy is glucose, which is stored as glycogen in two places: liver and muscles,” explains Tanya Zuckerbrot MS, RD, NYC-based registered dietician, bestselling author, and founder of The F-Factor Diet. “When your body uses up its glycogen stores it turns to fat for fuel. Fat from food is stored in our body as triglycerides, which are made up of atoms.

Because pets need help staying on track, too! Do you have an amazing recipe, photo, or funny video? Game to switch roles with your spouse? Have you lost more than 100 pounds?

Mark O Connor. Hi Kimberly here is a product that can help your dog lose weight while on walks! check it out http Latest Articles. How to Choose the Best Large Breed Puppy Food and Lower the Risk of Hip Dysplasia. An Insider's Guide to Finding Superior Dog Food Brands.

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Yep, humans aren't the only ones who need to be kept on track!

Just ask Travis Brorsen, the host of Animal Planet's new show "My Big Fat Pet Makeover," who visited the studio with a prime example: Gracie, a chihuahua who used to weigh a WHOPPING 42 pounds!

(FYI: Usual weight of a chihuahua? Eight pounds!)

Thankfully, the animal expert and Gracie's owner, Lisa, have helped Gracie lose 13 pounds. (Woot!) But it was no easy task — and it will continue to take diligence.

And we know Gracie isn't the only pup who could use Travis' knowledge!

Luckily, he was more than happy to share his top tips for keeping your best furry friend in shape — starting with how to determine your dog's body condition score. (It's easier than you think!)

Man Sheds 45 Lbs. After 5 Months of Hiking the Appalachian Trail

  Man Sheds 45 Lbs. After 5 Months of Hiking the Appalachian Trail While many adventurers dream about taking time off work to hike the Appalachian Trail, 27-year-old Jonathan Wooddy actually did it — and transformed his body in the process. The accountant from Arlington, Virginia, traveled the entire trail — 2,190 miles from Georgia to Maine — over five-and-a-half months. The grueling journey, which consisted of walking 12 hours each day up and down mountains, led Wooddy to drop 45 lbs., despite living off “trail food” like Pop-Tarts and peanut butter.

Find out if your pup is overweight and learn how to help your dog lose weight . This site is devoted to the community of dog lovers , dog owners and most of all, our four-legged family members who give us their unconditional love .

Puppy Love : 3 Reasons Why Your New Puppy Needs Professional Grooming 5 July 2016. Making sure your dog gets proper exercise will help him lose weight even faster. Even if you think you're good at guessing how much food your dog needs, always use a measuring cup.

1. Learn Your Dog's Body Condition Score

Like BMI — but for dogs! Take a look at the chart in the video, and you'll be able to determine where your dog stands. (Note: If you run your hands over the sides of your dog, you should be able to feel his rib cage — but you shouldn't be able to see it.)

2. Get That Pup Moving!

Yes, dogs need exercise just as much as we do — and pee breaks don't cut it! Your dog is only exercising when he's moving non-stop, so get him hiking, jogging, going up and down stairs or playing frisbee. (Travis recommends using the FitBark app to help you keep track of your dog's activity.)

3. Measure Out Pup's Food

When you're feeding your dog, be specific! Get out that measuring cup and make sure he's only getting the exact amount he should be getting. (And FYI: If you're using your dog's weight to determine how much you should be feeding him, don't! Use your goal weight for him. That will help him lose the pounds.)

FDA approves diabetes drug that also helps with weight loss

  FDA approves diabetes drug that also helps with weight loss U.S. regulators on Tuesday approved a new diabetes drug that reduces blood sugar levels and also helps people lose significant weight. (Novo Nordisk via AP) TRENTON, N.J. — U.S. regulators on Tuesday approved a new diabetes drug that reduces blood sugar levels and also helps p Danish drugmaker Novo Nordisk said the Food and Drug Administration approved its once-a-week shot for people with Type 2 diabetes. The drug, Ozempic, also known as semaglutide, works by stimulating the body's own insulin production and reducing appetite.

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How can you help your dog lose weight ? Adult dogs don't need puppy food anymore. Your veterinarian can give you specific recommendations for your individual dog 's life-stage and circumstances.

4. Did You Feed Your Dog Today?

Part of the problem might be that you simply can't remember — when you fed the dog, who fed the dog, if you and everyone in the house fed the dog? To keep track, check off a chart — or you can use the nifty little manual tracker Travis uses in the clip.

5. Contain the Situation

And if it all gets too much, it couldn't get any easier than this: measure you dog's food for the day — treats and all — and put it in a container. Give him all the food and nothing more — once it's done, it's done!

A man quit his job to travel across the US with 2 dogs he rescued — and his amazing photos are going viral .
So far, the trio has been to 35 states together and hiked through multiple national park.


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