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The Queen has her actual birthday, on April 21, and an official birthday held on a Saturday in June — thanks to British weather. British weather is the reason why Her Majesty celebrates two birthdays each year. Getty Images.

PASSPORT rules don’t apply to Queen Elizabeth II for one specific reason . The Queen is celebrating her 91st birthday but she can’t prove her age on her passport. Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t have one, nor does she have a license.

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Being the Queen comes with special privileges, like owning 200 of the same handbag, and having not one but two birthdays.

The Queen turns 92 on her actual birthday on April 21, but she also has an official birthday that is celebrated every year on a Saturday in June.

The reason for the second birthday has to do with the weather. Sovereigns whose real birthdays fall in colder months have often celebrated an official birthday on a different date in the hope of good weather for their birthday parade, known as the Trooping the Colour, according to the Royal Family's official website.

Dairy Queen Is Giving Everyone Free Ice Cream Today

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21st April 1926, but for some seemingly bizarre reason , her birthday is celebrated on the first Saturday of June. She has two birthdays !For as long as I’ve been involved with Royal Central

The Real Reason the Queen Has 2 Birthdays . May 25, 2018 by Allie Merriam. 300 Shares. Queen Elizabeth turned 92 years old on April 21, but if you're the monarch of England, you don't get just one birthday: you get two.

Because British weather can be cold on April 21, the Queen celebrates her official birthday in June. The Queen's official celebration usually falls on the second Saturday of June.

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  • For her actual birthday, the Queen typically celebrates in private, according to the Royal Family's website. But there are usually public celebrations as well, which include gun salutes at midday in London's Hyde Park, Windsor Great Park, and the Tower of London.

    For the Trooping the Colour in June, the Queen's birthday becomes a public spectacle. She traditionally parades the streets of London — through Buckingham Palace, The Mall, and the Horse Guards Parade — and makes an appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with other Royal Family members.

    Elizabeth II et al. posing for the camera: Trooping the Colour 2011 (Getty Images) © Provided by Business Insider Inc Trooping the Colour 2011 (Getty Images)

    The elaborate parade dates back to 1660 during the Restoration of King Charles II and became an occasion for honoring both the monarch and the military in 1748, according to a blog post by the historian, author, and royal commentator Dr. Carolyn Harris.

    The Trooping the Colour has been held on the sovereign's birthday since the traditions were combined by King Edward VII in 1901, Harris explained in her blog post. The King, whose birth date was in November, marked his official birthday in May or June, according to the Royal Family website.

    When she turned 90, Her Majesty walked around Windsor, unveiled a plaque on the Queen's Walkway, and lit a beacon followed by over 900 set alight across the UK and the world.

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    Queen Elizabeth’s Eating Habits Prove She’s ‘Very Disciplined,’ Says Chef .
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