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Smart Living Two’s a good boy? Adorable cocker spaniel born with two noses shows off ‘heart-shaped’ double features

20:01  11 june  2018
20:01  11 june  2018 Source:

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a close up of a dog © Provided by Caters News Agency Ltd

Meet the adorable cocker spaniel who was born with two noses.

Curly-haired cocker spaniel Jack, four, was born with a canine form of a cleft palate which left him with two noses.

The pooch’s endearing double features were the first thing his owners Chrissie George, 32, and Colin George, 56, noticed when they went to pick him up as a 13-week-old puppy.

And when Jack, whose snouts are perfect for sniffing out treats, is on walks in his hometown of Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, he gets a lot of attention for his noses – which people say look like a chocolate heart.

Chrissie, a deputy head housekeeper, said: “My brother’s dog had just had a litter of puppies and Jack was the last one left.

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“When we went to see him the first thing I said was ‘wow he’s got two noses’. They are so cute, bless him.

“I never knew Jack’s condition even existed until I saw him – it is very rare. When we took him to the vets even they were shocked by how different he looked.

“Because it’s a form of cleft palate they did some checks to make sure his mouth was all formed properly and it is which was great.

“He does get a lot of attention from people and the first reaction everyone has is to talk about his noses. Lots of people have told us they look like a heart.

“Even at our dog groomers, everyone knows Jack as the dog with two noses.

“We love that there is something a bit different about him. It’s a characteristic so unique to him – I don’t think he would suit a normal nose.

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Cocker Dog Pictures To Warm Your Heart ! Welcome to our correction YOUR Cocker Spaniel photos page! This is where you can show off your best photos of your Cocker Spaniel and tell us all about your faithful hound.

Spaniels come in two types: land spaniels and water spaniels . Keep your English Cocker in good shape by measuring his food and feeding him twice a day rather than leaving food out all the time. Karelian Bear Dog. Keeshond. Kerry Blue Terrier.

a dog sitting in front of a window © Provided by Caters News Agency Ltd

“He doesn’t have any issues because of it, in fact, he’s got a perfect sense of smell. We’re always testing him, hiding his treats and getting him to sniff them out.”

Jack’s duo of noses which are almost a perfect mirror image of each other, are caused by a birth defect also known as a split nose.

Chrissie and Colin had always wanted to get a dog so when they heard about the litter of pups just after moving into their first home the timing was perfect.

The couple fell in love with Jack’s noses from the moment they laid eyes on him and Chrissie urges any other potential pet owners not to be put off from giving cleft palate pups a home.

Chrissie said: “I don’t know if Jack was the last puppy left because of his nose but people can be put off by birth defects like Jack’s.

“I would really encourage more people to take home dogs with cleft palates. At the end of the day it’s not their fault and it doesn’t change who they are, it’s all just superficial.

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  Two’s a good boy? Adorable cocker spaniel born with two noses shows off ‘heart-shaped’ double features © Provided by Caters News Agency Ltd

“We would not change Jack for the world. He is a lovely dog and his two noses just make him even cuter.

“They are a really energetic breed and he is still young so everything is exciting and an adventure. He definitely keeps us on our toes.

“He is such a good boy and he is spoiled rotten.”

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