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This Is Why People Are So Afraid of the Number 13

Thursday  23:55,   12 april 2018
Reader's Digest

There are plenty of common fears that, even if we don’t have them ourselves, we totally understand: spiders, heights, creepy clowns. And thenWhat makes this number so scary? Well, there’s no single reason behind the widespread fear. Historians[...]

5 Things People With Emotional Intelligence Do When Their Buttons Are Pushed

Thursday  17:22,   12 april 2018

When you clash with difficult people at work, how do you manage your emotions? Do you work with people who display emotional intelligence? Better yet, do you display your own emotional intelligence (EQ) when working with others? I've experienced my[...]

How Often Should You Brush Your Dog's Teeth? Probably More Than You Think

Wednesday  02:05,   11 april 2018

Pet dental health is important, but just how often do you need to brush your dog’s teeth? Ideally, you should be brushing their teeth almost as often as you brush yours.PEOPLE Pet Vet Dr. Evan Antin recommends brushing your dog’s teeth with a pet[...]

Homemade Dog Treats That You Can Eat Too

Tuesday  18:47,   10 april 2018
Spoon University

Some people would say I have an unhealthy obsession with my dog. Preferring to hangout with your dog, spending all your money on your dog, and thinking about your dog all the time is normal! Let me live my life! So, the other day, when I was looking [...]

Meditating every day has done wonders for my anxiety — here's why you should try it

Tuesday  18:02,   10 april 2018

Meditating daily has helped me take control of my panic disorder and has made me feel more at peace with myself.I've struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember. It was only once I was diagnosed with a panic disorder during the fall of[...]

1 in 3 Americans Don’t Know That a Gender Wage Gap Exists, Survey Says

Tuesday  17:16,   10 april 2018

What if you lost 20% of your income? Nearly 75% of adults in the United States say losing 20% of their salary would be a major problem or crisis. Twenty percent is a big deal. Yet right now, women as a whole are paid 20% less than men.[...]

The Gender Wage Gap Is Costing You $1 Million (Yeah, You!)

Tuesday  16:35,   10 april 2018

Every Equal Pay Day, there’s a noisy crowd of naysayers who claim the fight for pay parity is over.Every Equal Pay Day, there’s a noisy crowd of naysayers who claim the fight for pay parity is over — after all, there’s some evidence the gender wage[...]

Sound Healing Is Trending…but Will It Help Me Chill Out?

Tuesday  11:24,   10 april 2018

Sure, some sounds are soothing (like ocean waves or wind chimes) while others are downright jarring (like a traffic jam or your neighbor’s new violin hobby). But can sounds actually heal you? Here’s the scoop on the new trend. What is sound [...]

What You Need to Know Before Getting Your Dog Groomed for Spring

Tuesday  02:17,   10 april 2018

Before you start trimming your canine’s fur, there are some things to know. Lisa Weber, a pet stylist at New York Dog Nanny, has tips for pet parents looking to prep their fur babies for spring. Weber recommends that dog owners routinely trim their[...]

Animal Shelter Employees Sweetly Slow Dance with Puppies and Kittens Waking from Surgery

Tuesday  02:17,   10 april 2018

<p>Singing, cradling and cuddling animals waking up from anesthesia is a soothing way to comfort them.</p>Employees at Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) have developed the habit of singing and dancing with animal residents[...]

What’s the Deal With Chakras (And How Do I Know If Mine Are Blocked)?

Tuesday  02:09,   10 april 2018

You’ve probably come across chakras in your weekly yoga class or favorite meditation app, but you’re not actually sure what they are (or why they matter). Enter our handy guide to these energy centers, including what to do if you suspect that yours[...]

Study Finds That Dogs Obey Women More And Here's Why

Friday  23:50,   06 april 2018

Ever wonder why all the princesses in fairy tales have such a great rapport with animals? A 2017 study that is resurfacing online has concluded that, although we can't actually speak to our furry friends like they do in Disney flicks, in real life, [...]

4 ways to tell if a picture was Photoshopped just by glancing at it

Friday  17:21,   06 april 2018

Whether it's on Instagram or TV, there's always an onslaught of seemingly perfect images. Here's how to tell if something was Photoshopped.Whether we're scrolling through Instagram or watching TV, there's always an onslaught of seemingly [...]

Very Good Puppies Training to Be Assistance Dogs Take Ridiculously Cute Field Trip to Disneyland

Friday  01:27,   06 april 2018

For a brief moment Disneyland, The Happiest Place on Earth, got even more cheer-inducing.&nbsp; For a brief moment Disneyland, The Happiest Place on Earth, got even more[...]

People Who Talk To Their Pets Are Smarter Than Everyone Else, Says Science

Friday  00:42,   06 april 2018

Do you have full blown conversations with your cat when no one’s around? Me too! There ain’t no shame in asking Mr. Sheepie what he thinks of your new outfit and then agreeing with him that you should just be confident and rock it.Have you ever[...]