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20 Uses for Dryer Sheets (That Aren't Laundry)

Friday  19:50,   12 may 2017

Don't toss those sheets just because they've been through the dryer—the fresh little squares can be used all over the house. Along with making clothes soft and sniffably fresh, dryer sheets can be used in dozens of ways around the[...]

The Surprisingly Simple Reason We Say ‘Hello’ When We Answer the Phone

Wednesday  21:35,   10 may 2017

It’s pure instinct. When our phones ring—after checking caller ID, of course—we pick up and say, 'Hello?' But if Alexander Graham Bell had his way, we would be saying 'Ahoy' when using his invention.The word 'ahoy' has been around for at[...]

How much do you know about birds?

Monday  22:42,   08 may 2017

<p>Take this quiz to find out how much you know about[...]

The Worst Career Advice We've Ever Gotten

Monday  20:40,   08 may 2017

Five women share what happened when they followed or went against bad work guidance. These days it seems there’s no shortage of helpful career advice. We’re working hard every day to hook you up with some game-changing tips about tricky topics like[...]

Can Pets Detect Human Emotion?

Monday  20:01,   08 may 2017

Can Pets Detect Human Emotion?One of my uncles died recently very unexpectedly, and I naturally felt torrential waves of sadness — sadness for my aunt, who'd been married to this man for 45 years; sadness for my cousins, who adored their father [...]

When Is It Not OK to Let Your Dog Sleep In Your Bed?

Monday  19:45,   08 may 2017

The thought of cuddling up to your pooch in bed might give you the warm and fuzzies, but in certain situations, letting your dog sleep in your bed could do you more harm than good. Let’s start at the very beginning: those super cute puppy days. If[...]

10 Offbeat Holidays to Celebrate in May

Friday  21:53,   05 may 2017

In between May Day and Memorial Day, there are a ton of far quirkier holidays to celebrate.The best holidays encourage you to break some dietary rules and this one might be the best of all because it encourages you to break all of[...]

Cinco de Mayo Quotes, Sayings & Messages

Thursday  23:00,   04 may 2017

Celebrate May 5 with these quotes that show Mexican and American patriotism. Happy Cinco de Mayo!Happy 5 de Mayo! Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day as a lot of people seem to believe. Although it's not Independence Day it is now used as [...]

7 Easy Steps to Make Small Talk (When You'd Rather Be Doing Anything Else)

Wednesday  22:25,   03 may 2017

I had a very awkward encounter at a party recently. I was chatting in a small circle, and a woman was lurking behind me, solo. It was kind of distracting. I wanted to be polite, so I invited her into the group to join our conversation. But I was[...]

Just 10 Minutes of Meditation May Help Anxious People Focus

Wednesday  22:01,   03 may 2017

Researchers say 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation per day can reduce distracting thoughts in people with anxiety.“Mind wandering accounts for nearly half of any person’s daily stream of consciousness,” psychologist Mengran Xu of the University of [...]

22 Fun Activities For Introverts

Wednesday  22:01,   03 may 2017

Introvert problems are a real thing, and while it's not that we dislike people, we just prefer (and need) our alone time.&nbsp;7 interview tips every introvert should know (from[...]

10 Things You Can Do to Relax and De-Stress

Tuesday  22:15,   02 may 2017

Proper stress management is crucial to wellness, but we put it on the back burner more often than not.&nbsp;Proper stress management is crucial to wellness, but we put it on the back burner more often than not. Just because you might not see[...]

5 Productivity Hacks for Working Moms With Long Commutes

Tuesday  20:25,   02 may 2017

How to make the most of your commute.&nbsp;We’ve all been there: You’ve just finished working for the day, and as you’re stepping out of your office, you’re wishing you were home[...]

11 ways you can celebrate an accomplishment without spending lots of money

Monday  21:41,   01 may 2017

The idea of “treating ourselves” is always on our mind. Infusing day-to-day life with something a little celebratory and special is always…But when you’re a boss babe who’s constantly getting things done, it can be expensive to constantly treat[...]

41 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss

Monday  20:05,   01 may 2017

Think twice before repeating any of these to your manager. Your workplace may be casual, and you might be pretty tight with your boss, but that doesn’t mean there are no boundaries. Even if you feel like your boss has become a friend, you should[...]