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Why do people fast for Lent?

Thursday  20:21,   02 march 2017

And six other questions you were too embarrassed to ask. Lent is a mystery to a lot of people. Many folks are generally aware that it’s a religious observance that happens every spring and somehow involves people getting ashes smeared on their[...]

Winning ‘Shark Tank’ Secrets That You Can Use in Everyday Life

Wednesday  20:38,   01 march 2017

These "Shark Tank" secrets can help you find success inside and outside the boardroom.If you've ever watched the reality show "Shark Tank," you probably know that success in business takes more than a stroke of luck. If you want to score a [...]

The Guys Finally Making Body Positivity a Thing for Men

Tuesday  22:40,   28 february 2017

We're finally at a point where people aren't ashamed of their stomach rolls and are celebrating their mermaid thighs. This is true body positivity. Hashtags like #effyourbeautystandards and #allbodiesaregoodbodies are wildly popular on[...]

Why Women Aren't Entering the Workforce Like They Were in the '90s

Friday  22:20,   24 february 2017

A new study looks at the trend and the implications for Trump's economic agenda.As Lakshman Achuthan, cofounder of the independent Economic Cycle Research Institute, explained it to me, there are two building blocks to economic growth: the[...]

5 Beliefs That Mess Up Career Success—and How to Change Them

Friday  22:20,   24 february 2017
Working Mother

These negative thoughts get in the way of your career goals. Get rid of them. To achieve the career success, skills and talent are important, but a good mindset may be even more crucial. What's the point of a working mom having great abilities[...]

35 Empowering Feminist Quotes from Inspiring Women

Friday  22:06,   24 february 2017
Harper's Bazaar

Words of wisdom from the trailblazers who make us proud to be women.1) "To all the little girls who are watching, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your[...]

5 Things You Need an Emergency Fund for—And How to Save for Each One

Friday  22:06,   24 february 2017

Here's the thing: Emergencies always seem to happen to other people—until the day you find yourself stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire and a zero dollar balance in you savings accounts. And for this exact reason, it's wise to[...]

13 Rules Regarding Proper Email Etiquette from Around the World

Thursday  20:01,   23 february 2017
Mental Floss

Keep these quirks and customs in mind when messaging people from other cultures.While that ruling may sound like a utopian pipe dream to the many Americans for whom work communication infiltrates early mornings, late nights, and even weekends, it[...]

Study Shows Nice Women Earn Less Than Assertive Ones

Thursday  19:20,   16 february 2017
Working Mother

But You Don’t Have to Be A Nasty Woman To Get What You Want They found similar comparisons for men. The dominant ones were compensated better than their “more conciliatory” counterparts. But sadly, the most assertive woman still made less than the [...]

10 Unique Pets You'll Love Just as Much as a Cat or Dog

Wednesday  22:35,   15 february 2017

10 Unique Pets You'll Love Just as Much as a Cat or DogWhen it comes to pets in the United States, cats and dogs reign[...]

9 Nostalgic Facts About Chia Pets

Wednesday  20:37,   15 february 2017
Mental Floss

Learn how the terracotta figurines made their way from Mexico to your kitchen windowsill.As a kid, you likely honed your green thumb and your pet parenting skills by looking after a Chia Pet. The premise behind the novelty item was simple, yet[...]

9 Victorian Hobbies That Seem Weird Today

Tuesday  19:55,   14 february 2017
Mental Floss

From graveyard picnics to kitten taxidermy.Though they didn’t have access to television or the internet, the Victorians had no problem keeping busy. Some looked to the supernatural realm for fulfillment, while others passed the time scouring their[...]

Stunning photos of women doing 'men's work' shatter gender stereotypes

Monday  21:45,   13 february 2017
Tech Insider

Subjects include a firefighter, geologist, and a truck[...]

5 Surprising Things That Have Broken the Speed of Sound

Friday  23:00,   10 february 2017
Mental Floss

It's not only aircraft that break the sound barrier. Here are a few other items that may surprise you.1. PEOPLEWhen Felix Baumgartner jumped out of a balloon 24 miles above New Mexico in 2012, he broke more than the world record for the[...]

Candice Bergen Just Reminded the Internet She’s the Original ‘Influencer’

Friday  21:30,   10 february 2017

As if the world needed further reason to love Candice Bergen, the 70-year-old actress and former model—who, in her 2015 memoir A Fine Romance proclaimed “I am a champion eater. No carb is safe”—just delivered. Bergen, whose Instagram could,[...]