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‘A Co-worker Left Me an Anonymous Note … and a Pacifier’

Wednesday  20:11,   04 april 2018
The Cut

This person is not playing by the normal rules.About two weeks ago, I came in to work and found a manila envelope on my desk. It had my name written on the front. I opened it up and was stunned to find a typed note that read “Dear Loud Talker, I[...]

Bad Job Interview? Here Are 6 Signs You're not Getting the Job

Wednesday  17:31,   04 april 2018

Bad Job Interview? Here Are 6 Signs You're not Getting the JobBy Michele[...]

Grandpa's Dying Wish to See His Beloved Dog One Last Time Granted by Hospital

Tuesday  16:10,   03 april 2018

Saying goodbye is never easy. Saying goodbye is never easy, especially during those last precious moments in life when you yearn to tell the people — and animals — you care about just how much they’ve meant to[...]

Google's School Bus Wi-Fi Rollout Means Kids Can Cram Before and After Class

Tuesday  00:57,   03 april 2018

If you’re a kid in one of 16 selected US school districts, get ready to browse the web from the comfort of your seatbelt-eschewing school bus. Google’s latest educational endeavor is an expansion of its Rolling Study Halls initiative, which provides [...]

Okay, So What Exactly Is Passover?

Friday  19:27,   30 march 2018
Marie Claire

Pass the matzah,[...]

This Is What The Most Annoying Co-Workers Have In Common

Thursday  19:45,   29 march 2018

For better or worse, most of us spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our family and friends. Sometimes, that closeness breeds contempt, especially in cases where a colleague has annoying habits or seems totally oblivious to everyone[...]

New Study Finds Many Devoted Pet Parents Don't Drive Safely with Their Pets: Do You?

Thursday  02:15,   29 march 2018

Dogs are members of our family, which means it isn’t odd to find canines hitting the road with their humans.  Dogs are members of our family, which means it isn’t odd to find canines hitting the road with their[...]

She's Not Even My Cat

Wednesday  22:41,   28 march 2018
Purple Clover

(Unsplash) I had planned to have breakfast on the beach with my husband last Saturday when the phone rang. It was my ex-boss, Sara, asking if I could take her 15-year-old cat to the vet. Dolly hadn't eaten in days and seemed very weak. Sara was[...]

Cheetah Cub and Puppy Are the Best of Friends

Wednesday  21:07,   28 march 2018
Inside Edition

The cheetah needed a companion, and Zama was up to the task.The 4-month-cub named Solo was born alone, which is extremely rare for the animal. His mother had trouble producing milk for a single cub so zookeepers Aline Ijsselmuiden and Kyle Macdonald [...]

Can you remember who wrote these famous poems?

Wednesday  17:46,   28 march 2018

From "The Tyger" to "O Captain! My Captain!" – can you guess who wrote these famous[...]

People Can't Stop Laughing At This Photo — Can You Spot The Mistake?

Wednesday  01:40,   28 march 2018

Alaska Airlines posted a beautiful picture to its Instagram feed — but people can't help pointing out a blatant error.At first glance, the pic — which shows two young women relaxing on a beach in Hawaii — appears to depict an idyllic vacation.[...]

Apparently Your Nose Looks Bigger in Selfies, and Here's the Scientific Reason Why

Wednesday  00:22,   28 march 2018
Hello Giggles

It's not in your head — your nose looks bigger in selfies than it does in other pictures and in real life. And it's all thanks to science.Selfies are typically shot just a foot away from their subject — aka, us. At this angle, the base of[...]

Yucky Ducky? Study Reveals Bath-Time Toy's Dirty Secret

Tuesday  23:40,   27 march 2018
Associated Press

Scientists now have the dirt on the rubber ducky: Those cute yellow bath-time toys are — as some parents have long suspected — a haven for nasty bugs. Swiss and American researchers counted the microbes swimming inside the toys and say the murky[...]

'Do Bunnies Lay Eggs?': A Surprising Number of People Don't Know

Tuesday  23:36,   27 march 2018
WISN Milwaukee

Apparently, we need to talk about bunnies. According to Google AdWords, the phrases Do bunnies lay eggs and Do rabbits lay eggs each receive between 1,000 and 10,000 average monthly searches. That's a pretty big number, which leads us to[...]

This insane optical illusion will make you think a doggo is getting thrown out an airplane

Tuesday  22:41,   27 march 2018
Hello Giggles

Skydiving can be a fun activity, but not for a Corgi who has no say in the matter. That's why this optical illusion is super scary.We love optical illusions. And we love dogs. And while we’re not very fond of the idea of a doggo getting thrown[...]