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Ecstatic owner giggles with joy after being reunited with lost puppy

Thursday  20:42,   26 july 2018

By Katy Gill A relieved owner of an escapee puppy couldn’t help but giggle with joy after being reunited with the overly-ecstatic jumping pooch. Joyce Adam’s 12-month-old husky-mix puppy, Daisy, had escaped from her house in Jackson, Mississippi,[...]
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This Lottery Winner Made a Dog House Replica of Windsor Castle and Just Donated It to a Shelter

Wednesday  21:55,   25 july 2018

Windsor Castle Dog House for Royal WeddingThe Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is getting a unique donation: British Lottery winner Susan Crossland is gifting them the “pooch palace” she designed in the style of Windsor Castle so her dog Archie could[...]

Two endangered baby mountain gorillas born in DR Congo's Virunga park

Wednesday  19:10,   25 july 2018

Virunga Park, the nature preserve in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo famous for its endangered mountain gorillas, said Wednesday that a mother had given birth to two babies, bringing to nine the number of infants born so far this year.[...]

April the Giraffe Is Pregnant Again!

Wednesday  17:56,   25 july 2018

The news was announced Wednesday.Animal Adventure Park joined the "Today" show on Wednesday to announce the[...]

World's Smallest Dog, Which Has Been Cloned 49 Times, Appears in Court Amid Breeding Controversy

Tuesday  21:12,   24 july 2018

The courtroom is going to the dogs.The breeder of the 6-year-old Chihuahua has come under fire by one of her customers, who claims the canine she received is not what she[...]

Why you should never let your dog eat a corn cob

Tuesday  20:50,   24 july 2018

This seemingly harmless cookout leftover (that would honestly seem like the perfect chew toy if you didn’t know any better) can wreak havoc on your dog’s GI tract. This article originally appeared on[...]

Mother, 26, reveals the adorable bond shared by her two toddler daughters and their pack of four Samoyed dogs - even teaching one of the girls how to WALK

Tuesday  18:01,   24 july 2018

Being a mother to two young girls under the age of two is hard work already but Perth-based Sarah Hegarty makes it look easy - even with four extra pups in the family.The 26-year-old dog groomer from Perth and her husband Aaron Shaw have expertly[...]

Can You Spot the Differences Between These Four Zebras?

Tuesday  17:21,   24 july 2018

There’s something weirdly identically about these zebras, as they group together in a hilarious spot the difference pose. Amelia, 16, said: "I noticed that many of the zebras were paired up and resting their heads on each other (something[...]

10 Bite-Sized Facts About Shark Week

Monday  23:30,   23 july 2018

Live every week like it’s Shark Week. ” In 2010, Stephen Colbert calledShark Week “one of the two holiest of holidays.” Over the years, several other celebrities have expressed their love of Shark Week.4. PETER BENCHLEY WAS ITS FIRST HOST.In 1994,[...]

More Than 350 Golden Retrievers Get Together to Break Records — and Hearts

Monday  22:05,   23 july 2018

The dogs gathered at an estate in the Scottish Highlands, where the first golden retrievers were bred .To honor this important moment in canine history and to honor the breed’s 150th anniversary, members of the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland[...]

You Should Never Use This to Play Fetch With Your Dog

Monday  21:10,   23 july 2018

Now that the weather is becoming way more bearable for many of us, we're eager to get outside and really enjoy it. One way to do that is to take our pups out to play. If your dog likes to play fetch - as so many of them do - Dr. Rachel Barrack[...]

Here are 10 animals that might have gone extinct without the Endangered Species Act

Monday  19:54,   23 july 2018

The administration has proposed changes to the popular law. America's national bird is one of the ESA's biggest success stories. Last Thursday, the Trump administration announced a proposal to cut provisions in the Endangered Species Act[...]

A dog's howl sounds exactly like Britney Spears' hit song 'Toxic' and people are losing it

Monday  17:56,   23 july 2018

A dog named Riley went viral over the weekend after his owner uploaded a video on Twitter that sounded like the dog was howling the intro to Britney Spears' "Toxic." Fans were amazed at the similarities.Even dogs like to sing along to[...]

Hero Dog of the Mexican Earthquake Gets Her Own Adorable Statue—Photos

Monday  16:56,   23 july 2018

Frida the Navy rescue dog has been commemorated with a statue in an ecological park in Mexico for saving the lives of 12 people in last year's earthquake.Back in September 2017, Mexico City was hit by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, causing the[...]

Not too proud to beg! Dog lovers share hilarious snaps of their pets staring beseechingly at their dinners

Friday  18:26,   20 july 2018

Amused owners around the world have been sharing snaps of their hungry pets begging for a bite of their food - and even the most disciplined dog-lover would be hard-pressed to resist.And it seems amused dog lovers can't resist capturing the moment[...]