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Chanel's Spectacular Couture Show Took Place Under A Recreation Of The Eiffel Tower

Wednesday  01:55,   05 july 2017

Never one for something understated and subtle, in March, Karl Lagerfeld concluded the Chanel ready-to-wear AW17 show with a life-size shuttle lifting off inside Paris' Grand Palais. This morning, Lagerfeld managed to top that spectacle by[...]

I Want to Wear This Inexplicably Fancy Glitter Eye Shadow Every day

Tuesday  23:55,   04 july 2017

A little bit looks great; a lot looks even better. The glitter isn’t tacky or lurid: your eyes won’t look like disco balls. Thanks to the densely packed texture and the nice selection of colors — from gunmetal gray-blue (Soiree) to a metallic brown [...]

Can we pull off visible boxer shorts under a sheer dress like Jennifer Lawrence?

Tuesday  23:52,   04 july 2017

Whoever said that undergarments were meant to be kept private lied to all of us. Because Jennifer Lawrence just put her Dior…Because Jennifer Lawrence just put her Dior boxers on display, and we can’t get enough of how fashionable it[...]

How Chlorine Is Messing With Your Skin — & What To Do About It

Tuesday  19:50,   04 july 2017

When you’re a kid doing a cannonball into the deep end on a blazing hot July day, the last thing on your mind is whether the chemical used to keep germs at bay may also be doing serious damage to your skin and hair. When you’re a kid doing[...]

THIS Is Why Your Makeup Is Pilling — & Here's How To Stop It

Tuesday  00:51,   04 july 2017

Do you ever find that your foundation balls up on your skin after you apply your favorite sunscreen or face cream? Do you ever find that your foundation balls up on your skin after you apply your favorite sunscreen or face cream? Similar to [...]

Study Says You Feel More Attractive When You Wear This Color

Monday  20:05,   03 july 2017

Looking for a little confidence boost? Slip into something red. (function (d, t) { var s = d.createElement(t); s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.async = true; s.src = '//';[...]

You're Probably Holding Your Handbag Incorrectly

Monday  20:05,   03 july 2017

It's called a clutch for a reason.Trying to enjoy passed hors d'oeuvres while also holding a glass of red wine and a clutch is all but impossible, but don't even think about tucking your handbag under your arm to free up one of your[...]

Celine Dion Wears the Most Delightful Outfit

Monday  19:27,   03 july 2017


The Duchess Of Cambridge Is So Mod In This Adorable New Gucci Dress

Friday  19:21,   30 june 2017

So groovy,[...]

Gigi Hadid Dressed Like Barbie Meets Elle Woods

Friday  00:21,   30 june 2017

Barbie meets Elle Woods meets Lizzie McGuire.Arriving to the launch of her new sunglasses collection in New York, the model looked like an actual Barbie come to life. The eldest Hadid wore a bubblegum pink Kreist pantsuit and pink velvet Aquazzura[...]

THIS is the Surprising Secret to Finding Your Perfect Lipstick Color

Thursday  21:53,   29 june 2017

Grab your gals (both figuratively and literally). Grab your gals (both figuratively and literally). The latest Internet beauty craze has ladies shoving their heads down their blouses at[...]

Kim Kardashian teamed up with *this* beauty vlogger on an epic makeup tutorial

Thursday  21:36,   29 june 2017

The words Kim Kardashian and makeup tutorial go together like peanut butter and jelly. The series of Snapchats posted to Instagram showed the new Morphe eyeshadow palette creator Jaclyn Hill hanging out with Kim Kardashian. Of course, they[...]

This New Fake Eyelash Trend Will Literally Make Your Eyes Sparkle

Thursday  21:26,   29 june 2017

Fake eyelashes can add quite a bit of oomph to the average beauty routine. They plump for volume, extend for length, and darken for a dramatic—and pretty!—look. But this summer’s latest beauty trend goes above and beyond your typical falsies. In[...]

Have You Heard of Melting Lip Powder? Here’s Why We’re Obsessed

Thursday  00:05,   29 june 2017

 The thing that surprised me the most about the lip powders is that they’re not messy to use (as you’d expect from something that’s, um, powdery) and they’re incredibly versatile. I’ve been dabbing both shades on my cheeks and eyelids,[...]

Mila Kunis Just Traded Her Long Hair For L.A.'s Trendiest Cut

Thursday  00:05,   29 june 2017

If you're looking for long beachy hair inspiration, L.A. is no longer the place to find it. The city has officially become the capitol of the bob brigade — starting at the trendiest salons and trickling into the A-list scene. Bella Hadid,[...]