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How To Do High-Fashion When You're Only 5'1"

Friday  01:25,   02 june 2017

Almost every profile on Amina Blue starts with an anecdote about her size. That's because she's only 5'1", yet has walked the runway for Kanye West a whopping five times. Almost every profile on Amina Blue starts with an[...]

Should Men Avoid Wearing Sandals In the City?

Friday  00:20,   02 june 2017
The Wall Street Journal.

Some guys feel the city’s grime creates too much of an ick factor, even in summer. Others defend their right to bare toes.Particularly if he’s socializing, he’d rather friends not see the muck and mire of Manhattan caked on his feet. It’s much[...]

What 5 Women Look Like After Cutting Their Hair

Thursday  23:16,   01 june 2017

'Tis the season for short hair.Given the buzz around this short crop, I had stylist Ryan Austin, from Cutler Salon in Soho, come in and give a few of my coworkers this of-the-moment[...]

7 Shaving Mistakes Everyone Makes

Thursday  23:07,   01 june 2017

There’s more than one way to get burned by your razor.Mistake #1: Not cleaning before[...]

Hair Highlights for Men Are Coming Back

Thursday  22:15,   01 june 2017

By Adam Hurly. I can live happily knowing that most late-90s trends will never (hopefully?) be back in style: JNCO jeans and puka-shell necklaces are still buried in a time capsule. I pray they stay there. I would have said the same for guys getting [...]

Did Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Coordinate Their Latest Looks?

Thursday  21:26,   01 june 2017
Footwear News

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid‘s off-duty looks are always on point. Though Jenner only had Gigi’s sister Bella by her side at this year’s Cannes Film Festival last month, the supermodel duo finally reunited back in New York City looking more in sync [...]

Even Ashley Graham Isn't Always Confident Hitting the Beach in a Bikini

Thursday  20:40,   01 june 2017

You might think that Ashley Graham—the model whose side hustle is designing her own line of swimwear—wouldn't feel anything less than super-sexy when she slips on a suit. But as the swimsuit goddess revealed in a new interview with People, even[...]

The One MAJOR Mistake You Make When Shopping For Swimwear

Thursday  20:21,   01 june 2017

I love shopping for anything and everything — with one exception: swimwear. While colorful one-pieces and bikinis are a fun reminder that warmer weather is here, not every one is flattering for every body. Australian blogger Natasha Oakley always[...]

What ingredients should I be looking for in my sunscreen that are harmful?

Thursday  20:21,   01 june 2017
Hello Giggles

Because we want to enjoy summer to the fullest.You’ve probably heard a few different things when it comes to harmful sunscreen ingredients. We’re going to help you sift through all the information so you can fully equip yourself for the hot summer[...]

This Watermelon Face Mask Has a 5,000 Person Wait List

Thursday  19:56,   01 june 2017
Real Simple

With summer arriving, one of the many things we’re excited about is the fresh fruit that’s back in season-watermelon being at the top of the list. And while we don’t have to sell you on how delicious it is, did you know it’s also great for your[...]

This Is The Most Expensive Bag Ever Sold

Thursday  19:51,   01 june 2017

Last year, news broke that Hermès' storied (and notoriously difficult to obtain) Birkin bags were a better investment that gold. And the latest from the Associated Press is out to support those findings. On Wednesday, Christie's in Hong Kong[...]

The Truth About How Often You Should Wash Your Hair

Thursday  01:20,   01 june 2017

The Truth About How Often You Should Wash Your HairWe’ve always known we need to wash our hair regularly, but it’s so hard to decipher what “regularly” actually means. We consulted hair experts for the ultimate hair-washing[...]

J.Crew Just Lowered Its Prices

Thursday  00:50,   01 june 2017

Good news, J.Crew fans. Soon, you'll reportedly be able to buy those classic sweaters and skirts for less bank. In a new interview with the Wall Street Journal, the company's CEO confirmed that J.Crew is embarking upon a new strategy that[...]

The Longest-Lasting Nail Polish Costs Just $2 a Bottle!

Thursday  00:05,   01 june 2017
Reader's Digest

With the amount of time it takes to book a manicure, you want a nail polish that will hold up to a busy lifestyle. But that does mean you have to shell out big bucks. One Consumer Reports study found that the longest-lasting nail polish on the[...]

6 of the Weirdest Skin-Care Hacks from Reddit Users That You Should Not Try at Home

Wednesday  21:40,   31 may 2017

Ah, Reddit. It's one of our favorite places to get lost on the Internet. No matter what we're searching for — or happen to randomly stumble upon — there's always something totally fascinating (hello, dislodged microbead) and straight-up[...]