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Hippies, Crocs, and a Terrifying Cliff—Hiking One of the World’s Deadliest Trails in Hawaii

Saturday  13:06,   23 june 2018

Hawaii’s Kalalau Trail has cost a number of determined hikers their lives over the years, but the breathtaking vistas and pristine nature make it irresistible.This is the kind of scene to which I’d normally never imagine returning. From the Vatican[...]

8 tiny house hotels that are big on personality and charm

Friday  22:51,   22 june 2018

The tiny house movement has spread to hotels. Here are eight places across the United States that are big on charm and personality. They also give curious travelers a chance to test drive what it's like to stay in a tiny house.Guests, however,[...]

Namibia's Skeleton Coast: Explore the 'end of the Earth'

Friday  22:35,   22 june 2018

Namibia's Skeleton Coast blows away preconceived notions about what Africa should be. It's probably as close as we get to the mythical "end of the Earth." But the sand dunes towering a hundred meters (300 feet) behind the shore[...]

Why I Always Travel to The World Cup

Friday  21:35,   22 june 2018

Hint: It's much more than soccer.That cacophony of pure joy left me hooked on traveling for the World Cup. Four years later in 2010, I made the quadrennial pilgrimage to South Africa. In 2014, Brazil. This year–in 2018–I’m heading to Russia. In[...]

What Booking a 'Mistake Fare' Really Means

Friday  20:57,   22 june 2018

The risks and rewards of buying that really, really low-priced flight.Well, that's a bummer. This week, thousands of travelers who bought super-cheap $220 round-trip flights on British Airways from London to Tel Aviv and Dubai had put their[...]

Darren Aronofsky on traveling with Anthony Bourdain

Friday  20:56,   22 june 2018

Darren Aronofsky reflects on his relationship with Anthony Bourdain. The two traveled together for "Parts Unknown" episodes in Madagascar, and, more recently, Bhutan.I was asked to share some thoughts on my time with Tony in Madagascar and [...]

Ditch the Tour Bus with These Three New Adventurous Tour Options

Friday  20:36,   22 june 2018

Why drive when you can float, pedal, or just wander?  Why drive when you can float, pedal, or just wander? The latest offerings from several veteran tour operators let you go beyond the well-trod sightseeing circuit for a more active,[...]

The Great Blue Hole in Belize Is One of the World's Most Gorgeous Mysteries

Friday  20:23,   22 june 2018

The Great Blue Hole of Belize It's pretty great. There’s a spot in the ocean that looks like a portal to another[...]

Couple Gets Engaged After Airline Loses Bag Containing Ring

Friday  19:50,   22 june 2018

The happy couple was reunited with their bags and the engagement ring.According to, Ben Adams and his girlfriend Elizabeth Kahle returned to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on a WOW Airlines flight after a European vacation. Adams’[...]

Pixar Pier Opens at Disney California Adventure this Weekend

Friday  19:27,   22 june 2018

Animation fans will be treated to an unforgettable debut.The newly reimagined land features beloved Pixar stories and characters; the Incredicoaster; Pixar Pal-A-Round attractions; imaginative neighborhoods; Pixar-inspired food; the Lamplight[...]

'Drum tower' collapses at Japan's quake-hit Kumamoto Castle

Thursday  23:31,   21 june 2018

A tower at the historic, quake-damaged Kumamoto Castle in southern Japan -- one of the country's three premier castles and once a major tourist attraction -- has collapsed, an official said Thursday. Heavy rain at the castle -- originally built[...]

Black Tomato Will Plan Your Entire Vacation with the Push of a Button

Thursday  21:40,   21 june 2018

A "Panic Button," to be precise.Would-be travelers can now go to Black Tomato's website where they will find a giant red circle at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, underneath various tabs touting trips types and destinations.[...]

4th of July Travel Weekend to Be the Busiest on the Road, Ever

Thursday  20:49,   21 june 2018


Airlines have an alcohol problem—and some are blaming it on airports

Thursday  20:48,   21 june 2018

One of the few remaining pleasures of commercial air travel is a cold pint post-security or a Bloody Mary to quell in-flight nerves. But for… One of the few remaining pleasures of commercial air travel is a cold pint post-security or a Bloody Mary[...]

This Is the Only U.S. City to Offer Nonstop Flights to 6 Continents Around the Globe

Thursday  20:48,   21 june 2018

When it comes to major airports in the U.S., one city stands out from the rest. Chicago will soon be the only city in the U.S. to offer nonstop flights to six continents (all but Antarctica) when Air New Zealand begins service from O'Hare to[...]