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Museum of London displays fatberg on 24-hour livestream

Wednesday  01:11,   15 august 2018

London's famous, festering fatberg lives on — and is getting its own livestream .The Museum of London says a chunk of oil, fat, diapers and baby wipes blasted out of a sewer last year is now part of its permanent collection.The museum said[...]
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Inside the Secret Life of New York’s Grand Central Terminal

Wednesday  01:06,   15 august 2018

Take a look into the past, present, and future of the world-famous train depotWhen it comes to the world’s most majestic train stations, New York’s Grand Central Terminal almost always makes the list. Built in 1913, the Beaux Arts depot is the[...]

Paris encourages tourists to relieve themselves in public with exposed urinals

Wednesday  01:06,   15 august 2018

Paris hatched a pee-brained solution to its public urination problem. The City of Light has installed eco-friendly urinals that offer no privacy on streets and near major landmarks. Called Uritrottoirs, they’re shaped like outdoor garbage bins with[...]

This Is What a Flight Attendant First Notices About You

Wednesday  00:55,   15 august 2018

People fly for all sorts of reasons, and because of this, their moods, their expectations, and their luggage can greatly differ. Flight attendants are certainly experts on the whole process of air travel. They know what to look for, and they know[...]

Yosemite reopens to visitors with smoky air, tight lodging

Wednesday  00:55,   15 august 2018

Yosemite National Park has reopened its scenic valley after a nearly three-week closure but is advising visitors to expect some smoke in the air and limited lodging and food services in the park. Cars packed with visitors lined up at entrance gates[...]

Watch how Yellowstone boardwalks are ‘painstakingly’ made

Wednesday  00:10,   15 august 2018

The iconic wooden boardwalks of Yellowstone National Park lead tourists to some incredible sights in the park's geyser basins and are designed to keep people safe. There are 15 miles of boardwalks to maintain, and while their placements might[...]

Video showing divers riding endangered whale shark described as ‘deeply troubling’

Tuesday  22:26,   14 august 2018

Video footage showing scuba divers riding an endangered whale shark in Indonesia has been circulating via social media, generating harsh criticism among those who believe the divers' actions represent animal cruelty. Whale sharks, the[...]

Japan's Nishinoshima Island Is Younger Than Princess Charlotte

Tuesday  22:26,   14 august 2018

In this week's Maphead, Ken Jennings explores how the tiny island was formed—and continues to grow.The big appeal of geological immensity, to many travelers, is the ancientness it implies. It's impossible to stare down into the Grand Canyon, or[...]

Man Files Lawsuit Against TSA Alleging Screener Fondled Him

Tuesday  22:26,   14 august 2018

The upset passengers said his young daughter and others witnessed the inappropriate patdown.According to the New York Post, 61-year-old Mark Frey was returning to New York from Palm Beach, Florida with his girlfriend and two daughters when a TSA[...]

Southwest to allow only dogs, cats as emotional support animals

Tuesday  20:15,   14 august 2018

Southwest Airlines Co would limit emotional support animals to only dogs and cats on its flights and will allow one per passenger, the U.S. airline said on Tuesday as it updated its service animal policies. The emotional support animal must remain[...]

This is the one thing you should always ask for when ordering hotel room service, according to a chef trained by Gordon Ramsay

Tuesday  18:10,   14 august 2018

British chef Jason Atherton, who trained under Gordon Ramsay, is the owner of a global restaurant empire — and as a jet-setter with good taste, he has some simple advice for getting the most out of your food while you're on the road.British chef [...]

Electric flight is coming, but the batteries aren’t ready

Tuesday  17:33,   14 august 2018

Flying requires an incredible amount of energy, and batteries are too heavyThe concepts under development today look nothing like the retro-futuristic models from the pages of old issues of Popular Science, nor do they resemble the gravity-defying[...]

American Airlines Faces $1M Lawsuit Over Bomb Threat Accusation

Tuesday  13:15,   14 august 2018

The lawsuit was filed in the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia by Debbie Cardarelli, whose husband faced terrorism charges due to false accusations. American Airlines is facing a more than $1 million lawsuit filed by a widow who claimed a [...]

Swim with manatees — legally — in Florida's Crystal River

Monday  22:37,   13 august 2018

On a recent trip with my in-laws, my husband and I decided to do something different, something that would capture the interest of my animal-obsessed sister-in-law. After searching for what seemed like hours on Groupon, we came upon Manatee Tour and [...]

The pillows at Airbnb can tell you all you need to know about how the company is changing for the worse

Monday  20:30,   13 august 2018

I've been an avid user of Airbnb for nearly a decade. In recent years, I've noticed a shift on the platform to a more professionalized service with hosts that operate multiple locations. That shift has had one unintended side effect, from my [...]