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The World's Most On-Time Airline Is...

Tuesday  20:35,   09 january 2018
Condé Nast Traveler

probably not what you'd expect.According to a report from travel intelligence firm OAG, which analyzed 57 million flight records from 2017, Latvia's airBaltic is the world’s most punctual airline, with an on-time performance (OTP) of 90.01[...]

Airline Passengers Stranded in Boston Told to Delete Videos From Phones or Face Getting Arrested

Tuesday  19:51,   09 january 2018

Passengers made to sit on the tarmac at the airport for two hours say staff ordered them to delete videos of the incident.After would-be passengers of the Toronto-bound Porter Airlines flight learned that their trip would be canceled due to a[...]

Airline Error Results in Woman's Solo Flight

Tuesday  19:51,   09 january 2018

Getting rebooked can have its perks.One woman got an entire flight to herself after a recent rebooking mishap in Rochester, New York. Reddit user shadybaby22 shared her once-in-a-lifetime experience last week after snapping a selfie in front of[...]

Six ways you can get booted from your seat on a plane

Tuesday  18:13,   09 january 2018

Airlines can be pretty persnickety about who they fly and where they seat them. It's in their contracts of carriage: When you buy an airfare, airlines do not "guarantee" a particular seat, schedule or flight. And airlines can be pretty persnickety [...]

When You Complain About These Airlines on Twitter, They Listen

Tuesday  17:25,   09 january 2018

As everyone learned when a passenger was forcibly removed from a United Express flight, social media and the ubiquity of mobile phone cameras have shifted the ground rules for airline customer service. A survey released Tuesday by customer[...]

What Disney Cast Members Are Absolutely Forbidden to Say

Tuesday  16:26,   09 january 2018
Southern Living

There’s a lot that goes into making sure that every person who sets foot inside a Disney Park has a magical time, and a good amount of that responsibility rests on the shoulders of the company’s endless pool of talented employees (AKA cast[...]

Will reclining seats on airlines be retired alongside generous legroom?

Tuesday  16:26,   09 january 2018

This is the latest move in the ‘airline seat battles.’That’s the airline’s way of saying it is removing the capacity for seats to recline on new aircraft. It announced this week it will redesign seating on 35 new A320neos and A321neos it is adding[...]

America's 'Secret' Airline Is Hiring Flight Attendants Willing to Fly to Area 51

Tuesday  13:42,   09 january 2018
Travel + Leisure

Have you ever wanted a job that combines your love of travel with your love of conspiracy theories and mysteries? According to a new job posting on the website AECOM, the government is looking to hire a few new cabin crew members for[...]

Starting Jan. 22, some may need a passport for domestic air travel

Tuesday  04:30,   09 january 2018

Soon, all adult airline passengers will need a REAL ID or a passport — unless they are residents of a state that has been issued an extension. This is the final phase of an Act passed by Congress in 2005, in the wake of 9/11, which aimed to raise[...]

Why You Can't Visit This Indian Island

Monday  22:50,   08 january 2018
Popular Mechanics

An ancient hunter-gatherer tribe untouched by modernity keeps strangers away.The outside world first made contact with the Sentinelese in 1867, when an Indian merchant ship crashed into the island. Their presence was not well received by the locals, [...]

What Travelers Flying Through JFK Need to Know After the Airport's Disastrous Weekend

Monday  22:50,   08 january 2018
Travel + Leisure

New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport has been plagued by a series of incidents, errors, and mishaps over the past few days, delaying passengers, rerouting flights, and causing overall frustration.  New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport has been [...]

10 Trends That Will Make 2018 More Adventurous

Monday  20:05,   08 january 2018

Explorers, get ready to hit the road.Female empowerment, the rise of the “fit-cation” and new trends like “set-jetting” mean more and more people are looking to book their next[...]

Major airline locks up seats

Monday  19:22,   08 january 2018
SF Gate

As British Airways revamps its narrow-body fleet, it is adopting a strategy already in place at ultra-low-cost carriers such as Ryanair in Europe or Allegiant, Frontier and Spirit Airlines in the U.S.: Seats that won’t recline. Actually, a BA[...]

Here Are the Exact Days to Book the Cheapest Flights in 2018

Monday  17:58,   08 january 2018
Reader's Digest

A new year calls for new adventures—but your bank account might not always agree. Want to travel cheap? Forget about booking your flight on a Tuesday. It’s no longer the best day of the week to buy cheap plane tickets, for starters. And as it turns [...]

The Real Reason Why Passports Only Come in Four Colors

Sunday  21:05,   07 january 2018
Reader's Digest

Maybe you have the most powerful passport in the world, or perhaps you carry the rarest. No matter the case, your passport will likely be one of four colors: blue, green, red, or black. What gives?While there are no official rules regarding[...]